Day 348: TFFT

Last day of decorating before Kate came home. Was cracking on with glossing when Russell offered to take all the kids down the park with him and his lot, what a legend. I finished off the room, started to tidy up and went for my run. That was a tough one, utterly exhausted. When he dropped the kids off Russell then helped me get all the heavy stuff back in the room, double legend. Then Troy came round later and helped move the rest of the stuff in and tidy up. Between those two and Tony they’ve been a real God send sorting out the room, especially when they have had their own kids to sort out (did I mention that all their wives were also on this holiday?).

Turns out their flights have been delayed and they won’t get back till 4:30am. That’ll learn ’em, going off and galavanting in Portugal.

Miles 3.04
Miles so far 1177.05
Miles to go -82.05
Trainers Nike Finishers

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