Day 347: Rain is an understatement…

We were woken this morning by heavy rain hitting the tent, well when I say we, Tonya and I, the boys kept on sleeping… First job was to make sure the tent was secure so out in the rain, checking guy ropes and pegs, all ok so retrieve milk for breakfast. All of this was done by 7am! Strange holiday.. The boys finally woke up at 8.30 and had breakfast then waited for the rain to stop, which by 11.30 it hadn’t so we all went back to sleep…
Lunch at 1pm and still raining,  after lunch LC2 lots of water shoots and slides,  to keep the boys happy. This gave me time to run.
Bonus no rain, Baloo and I had a lovely 4 mile run along Swansea sea front, a cool breeze so relaxing and dry….

Sat watching the boys in the pool and enjoying a latte, 


looking forward to fish and chips and you have guessed it, raining again. ….

Day 347
Miles today 4
Miles completed 1143
Miles to go -48

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