Day 349: The last run in Wales….

We woke up today with a bright yellow round thing in the sky, yep that right the sun…With the tent warming up, all doors opened up and relax in the warm weather, well I say warm, still very windy..

After a late breakfast and shopping trip we headed off to Clyne valley country park, for and afternoon of orienteering.. We walked 3 1/2 through a lovely park, but may not have been wearing the correct clothes as going through nettles, thorns and brambles in shorts and tee shirts was not a good idea. But the boys did well and found all the markers….
Tonya dropped me of at one end of the beach, or up the road from the beach, where i headed back to our campsite. A wonderful last run in Wales, and the very beach were it all started for me 349 days ago…. Only 15 runs left…
Day 349

Miles today 3

Miles completed 1149

Miles to go -54

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