Day 356: Phone call

We spoke to Samuel and Oliver tonight. I would like to say they were full of news to tell us and how much fun they are having. But they were so tired, getting two words out of Oliver was hard work… Think it safe to say, they are enjoying them selfs…
Another night time run, there was lots of smoke between grove and wantage, but could not see any fire, then on the way back a fire engine, looking for a fire… Hope nobody is hurt. Anyway the run was a straight forward 3 miles, at a 9 minute pace, nothing special…
Only 9 runs to go, single figures to go…

Here is day 9 blog…

Back to work for one day, then off for a long weekend. Love it. I was asked by Tonya, do you want to go into work, or stay here and do cleaning and jobs, let me think, no it’s ok, I’ll go to work. So dress down Friday, shorts and T shirt…

Late run tonight, must get more organised and run in the morning or have food earlier, running on a full stomach is not good

Day 9

Miles to day 3

Miles completed 29

Miles to go 1066



Day 356

Miles today 3

Miles completed 1171

Miles to go -76

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