Day 358: 3 events for today

Firstly thing to say, Happy wedding anniversary to my Mum and Dad
Second comment, 70 years since the first Atomic bomb dropped in anger, let’s hope there are never any more…
Third comment, 60 and all out…. Oh dear….
I ran tonight with Henry on his bike and Baloo on the lead. It was just 3 miles but we had a stop at Grove shops, for photos of Henry, and chips for the little man. After we got home Samuel and Oliver phoned again, I asked the question, on a scale of 1-10 is it again good, and both times 10…. So they are happy.

Also for those coming next Thursday, it is also the night with the biggest amount of shooting stars…
Day 358

Miles today 3

Miles completed 1177

Miles to go -82

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