Day 362: Running gear

If anyone is thinking of running everyday for a year, here is the equipment I used:
Three pairs of trainers

Six pairs of socks

A wide range of knee supports

Ice packs, deep heat, deep freeze, ibuprofen cream

Four pairs of shorts

One pair of running legs

Ten running tops

One running jacket

Two phones, (dropped one while running)

One phone holder

Two pairs of sun glasses

Tried a number of hats but none really worked

Two pairs of gloves
Possible a dog to run with… He can be a pain but has been good company.

So if you want to take up the challenge that is what I have required to run everyday for the last 362 days…
Tonight I ran to the rugby club and then ran a 3 mile route, going to run a different route tomorrow and confirm the route for Thursday. Very warm for running Baloo was very hot when we finished…

Day 362

Miles today 4

Miles completed 1190

Miles to go -95

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