Day 364: Life begins at 40!!!

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The plan for tomorrow night is as follows:
Meet at Grove Rugby Club at 7pm, Cane Lane, Grove, Oxfordshire, OX12 0AA. We will be starting the run at 7:15 sharp, as the rugby team are joining the run and need to get back at they are training. I have done the run tonight and can confirm it is 3 miles, so don’t worry that’s all we are doing!! Below is a map showing the route and also tonight’s run showing it as well. We will have to cross some roads, the first on has a pelican crossing, the others crossing don’t so please take care. Also there will be some children running and some more senior runners, who’s eye sight may not be very good, (I have been told I will be in this category by tomorrow night!!) Seriously please the children at these crossing points, it is not a race, just three miles. When we return to the club, the bar will be open so time for a drink or three, apart from the rugby team, who will be training…..


If you are not up for running, please do come down and watch us off, have a drink and watch us back in, then have another drink
Tonight was very hot but felt ok, then met up with Mum and Dad where we headed to the pub, for a lovely steak
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See you tomorrow night..

Day 364

Miles today 4

Miles completed 1197

Miles to go -102

This will be the run for tomorrow night:

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