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Day 45 Welcome Home

Ahhhh done at 6am….Lets start this day!
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Day 44 Sleepy Head

I moved Stella in my bed before I went to run at 5:30am. This is proof she takes up the whole bed.

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Day 43

So hot that I had to stop and rest for a couple seconds.
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Today: 3
To Date: 129

Day 42 Hurry Up and Run

This who was waiting for me when I got done running!
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Today: 3
To Date: 126

Day 41 Friday…Sleeping in

I had to run after work because I wanted to sleep a bit in the morning. But before I run….eat….not good!

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Today: 3
To Date: 123

Day 40

Up early…shining bright.

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Long may you run!
Today: 3
To Date: 120

Day 39 Always Busy

My mornings are busy from the time I wake up until…hmmmm….the day ends. This smile is what makes my mornings wonderful, no matter how busy they are!
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Today: 3
To Date: 117

Day 38

A dark and quiet morning!

Today: 3
To Date: 30 x 3 + 8 x 3 = 90 + 24 = 114

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Day 37 Labor Day

Unbelievable amounts of rain last night left the river to overflow and creep onto the running path.

photo (15)

Long may you run.
To Date: 111

Day 36 Back in the Saddle Again


I could never convince her to get on her bike. She was terrified. Today I tried again…..3 miles :)


Long may you run!
Today: 3
To Date: 108