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Day 356 – City of Culture 2013

Headed straight from work towards Letterkenny for the weekend.  I stopped in a petrol station half way down the road to use the toilets to change into running gear as had decided to stop in Derry and do my run along the river before heading on to Letterkenny.  I had not expected the banks of the foyle to be so busy with families and party goers …all out celebrating a music festival for the Summer solstice …it was so busy I didn’t want to run back through the crowds so instead I decided to do the loop known as the ‘2 bridges’ – 6.2 miles later I was back at the car and was pretty happy that I had done the complete circuit.  When I got to Letterkenny I was even happier that I had stopped in Derry to run as it was rally weekend and the town was full of boy racers cruising around town..most are grand but there are always a couple of yahoos ready to abuse 
  • Miles today: 6.2
  • Miles completed: 1180.4
  • Miles to go: (85.4)
  • Days to go: 9
  • Shoes: Adidas Boost

Day 355 – Running after random man..

Not as bad as it sounds ,…but a true sign of how the ‘every day for a year’ is testing me.  I decided to run just circuits around the short 2 bridges but after a loop this man came out of the towpath and started running in front  of me   – he was doing a  decent pace so I decided to follow him …thinking it would be good motivation for keeping me going a bit faster ….then he started to slow down  – so was then a different challenge  – to get my pace right so I didn’t get too close … then he stopped …I nearly ran into him but managed to avoid a collision and run on … if he only knew  – i wondered if he stopped cause he could hear me running behind him and I was pissing him off  – anyway my unaware running buddy for half a mile was no good to me anymore …finished the 3.1 miles all on my own…yes …yes I am crazy.
  • Miles today: 3.1
  • Miles completed: 1174.2
  • Miles to go: (79.2)
  • Days to go: 10
  • Shoes: Adidas Boost

Day 354 – Tow path

Ran down the tow path in lovely evening sun – stopped watch to tie lace and stretch and forgot to start it again so actually ran a bit longer  – but not recorded  – looking at  the garmin map it looks like I ran straight across the river.  I was coming through Belvoir park and next thing a load of orienteering type runners came into the park  …randomly running all around the place  – look like a way to make a run more interesting!
  • Miles today: 3.1
  • Miles completed: 1171.1
  • Miles to go: (76.1)
  • Days to go: 11
  • Shoes: Adidas Boost

Day 353 – Dublin – beautiful evening down by beach

I was working in Dublin today and staying out at Ballsbridge so ran out along the beach.  It was beautiful evening ..lots of people out for running  – there was some sort of running club running circuits … definitely made me think about joining a club  – getting so bored of running by myself.  Anyway was a lovely run.  I do think that running in this part of Dublin will forever be associated with Dad being in hospital nearby …so was thinking about that – hopefully, fingers crossed, triple crossed there will be no more stays in the hospital for him.
  • Miles today: 3.6
  • Miles completed: 1164.9
  • Miles to go: (69.9)
  • Days to go: 12
  • Shoes: Adidas Boost

Day 352 – Dream Big

  • Miles today: 3.5
  • Miles completed: 1161.3
  • Miles to go: (66.3)
  • Days to go: 13
  • Shoes: Brooks Ravenna 3

Ran through the Ormeau Park this evening  – Thinking of the G8 and Obama’s speech  – like or dislike his policies – the man spoke a lot of sense about Northern Ireland today and trying to inspire the young people to continue to strive to make this a better place to live ..for everyone.  One of the things said in the speeches was not to forget where you come from and always give back to that community …it resonated with me.

Day 351 – Two weeks to go – Happy Father’s Day!

CW and I drove to Cavan today to catch up with Dad, Mum and my Granny for lunch.  Was a bit of trek for lunch but was really glad we did it as it was nice to spend a little bit of Father’s day with Dad.  Ran when I got home  – tried to persuade CW to join me but to no avail…the couch was more appealing!  So I trotted down the tow path for a 3 miler followed by icing of leg and deep heat rub!
  • Miles today: 3.0
  • Miles completed: 1157.8
  • Miles to go: (62.8)
  • Days to go: 14
  • Shoes: Brooks Ravenna 3 – reverted to Brooks for a while to see if leg gets any better….it didn’t help

Day 350 – Back in Belfast

Back in Belfast and after catching up on some sleep I went for a run this evening in some very light rain… It was quite nice actually …. not cold and just some light drizzle  – I ran through the park and it is so green at the moment it is really beautiful  – after the short bout of  sun we had, followed by a good doze of rain, everything is growing like crazy.
I really enjoyed the run  – my leg is still sore though so taking it easy still. 
  • Miles today: 3.7
  • Miles completed: 1154.8
  • Miles to go: (59.8)
  • Days to go: 15
  • Shoes: Adidas Boost

Day 349 -morning jog in Spain

Knowing that I wasnt going to get home until well after midnight I knew that I had to run early before checking out and going to the office.  When I work up I felt really tired after a really long day yesterday  – it was definitely one of those mornings when I groaned and felt like rolling over and ignoring the fact that I needed to run…I even thought about about how I could squeeze a run in later in the day …between finishing at client and going to the airport ….or in the airport …. or even could i leave it until after I arrived home…luckily I got up  – it was a lovely sunny morning  – it was  a little slow  but good steady 3 miles.  I even saw a  shell marker on the road which marks the Camino De Santiago  – it must be the route that leaves Barcelona towards Santiago  – I did the Camino back in 2001 so it was great to see and think that I may have ran a very small part of the Camino out of Barcelona!

Arrived home in Belfast just at about 4am  – so glad I had done my run for that day!

  • Miles today: 3.0
  • Miles completed: 1151.1
  • Miles to go: (56.1)
  • Days to go: 16
  • Shoes: Adidas Boost

Day 348 – Barcelona

Lovely run …if not a little lost run in the outskirts of Barcelona.  I had been up since 4.30am so was a bit tired  but after a day in the office I was glad that this challenge meant that I had brought running gear and meant that I got out in the evening sun to take in a little of the area that we are staying in.  It made the lovely dinner we had in the local square taste even better…

  • Miles today: 3.0
  • Miles completed: 1148.1
  • Miles to go: (53.1)
  • Days to go: 17
  • Shoes: Adidas Boost

Day 347 – running out the stress

WEdnesday evening and off to Spain for work tomorrow so was trying to get run in before heading to Dublin Airport.  Headed down the tow path and was great to get the head cleared after a pretty stressful day work wise.

  • Miles today: 3.4
  • Miles completed: 1145.1
  • Miles to go: (50.1)
  • Days to go: 18
  • Shoes: Adidas Boost