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When the days run into other days.

Sometimes I am so busy that I feel sorry for myself. Days all blend together in my overworked mind. During these times of chaos, running is my only freedom. I have been reading a self help book about channeling potential. The author describes a common scene of customers standing in line at a bank. Each person preoccupied with some sort of device. The point of his story was to bring attention to the lack of time that people actually think. The second that boredom sets in, instant entertainment can be found on YouTube, Facebook, or millions of other sites. I always say that running changed my life. Not because I am some ultra health conscious girl now but because I reflect and think about life and problems. On these days that I am a bit overwhelmed with life, running helps me sort out my priorities and give thanks for another day.

Labor Day Weekend Runs

Instead of going to the beach, I stayed home to get work done. Although I regretted it while I was shoveling mulch in the 97 degree heat, I was happy on Monday night when I had a bunch of tasks checked off my list. I started listening to the book “Die Empty”. It is a self help book on doing your best work everyday. I am really enjoying it.

August 28 and 29…One Month

Actually 2 years and one month. I can’t even imagine my life if I couldn’t run. I am always thankful to have the physical ability to run.
I met a 79 year old woman on the trail at 5:15am. She walks her dog 7 miles a day. WOW! It is really dark outside at that time so I run with a flashlight. She doesn’t. She has her dog and a stick.
I hope I am still up and moving at age 79.

Oh my Oh my

I have not forgotten to post. I think about it all of the time. The first week of school….oh my….it is not me! It is having the 3 kids ready and they EXPECT to eat dinner :)
I have been running in the am with Makenzie. I brought a flashlight with us because it is so dark out.
I will add the maps to this post later.

MY goal…be better about the daily post.

Note I turned off my GPS by mistake…so I have 2 entries

August 19-20 Lame Post

I have been driving to Mak’s house to run at 5:30am. It has been the perfect weather to run at that time.

Monday August 18, 2014

An early morning run with Makenzie before we start our first full week of school. We heard this crazy sound like coyotes attacking something…yikes! When it is really dark out, the sound of wild animals is a little bit scary!

A New Week

Another Sunday…a new week.. my first full week back to work. My blogs have been pretty lame. I am working up to “wow, she is amazing” blogs. I am not there yet. Stay tuned. Well my runs….
Friday with Makenzie, Saturday I almost died, Sunday easy run!

Ok…hello…did you read “Saturday I almost died”? Trying to get your attention there. I ran in the afternoon heat after drinking hardly any water. After the run I felt sick and dizzy. I survived…nothing a pizza and water can’t fix.

August 13 and 14

A nice run in the morning with Makenzie gives me the opportunity to talk about what I love….education. The weather is perfect in the morning to run. Summer break is over.

Tuesday, August 12

I was on the floor in pain an hour ago. My stomach was hurting so badly and my body was clammy. I could only think about the things that needed to be accomplished today. Laying down made it worse. I knew if I could just get up and run I would feel better. For people that do not run….this idea would make no sense at all.
I ran…I am better :)
On with the day!

Monday, August 11

Right when I tied my shoes to run the sky filled with black clouds. Seriously? I knew it was about to pour but I also knew I was going to run. I had about 1 mile of dry weather before the clouds could not hold back. I love running in the warm rain but I don’t really like rainy days!