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Sunday August 10, 2014

Another day of rain…seriously! So I waited until later to run. Stella and Dave came along with Bronx for a walk. When I returned home I had a chance to meet a lot of the neighbors. WHat a great place to live. Everyone outside for a walk. Everyone so friendly.

It was a great night.

All Work…. 2 weeks down

All work while it is sunny and when I have time for fun…it pours! Anyway my Thursday and Friday run was squeezed in between doing something for my children. I really think that I have driven over 1,000 miles in the past couple days.
Saturday was different because I wanted to quit. I knew I wouldn’t but I wanted to. I ran in the ran and listened to depressing music as I ran. Quite lame.

2 Early Days

Oh my….where is my summer vacation? Two days of driving to my old neighborhood so that I could run with Makenzie! Worth it :)

Day 8 Finally!

I got to run with my friend, Makenzie today. Every school day last year we met half way between our houses to run together. The 3 miles went by so quickly because we were solving every education problem and planning her wedding. This summer has been different. We have both been busy, I moved, we both traveled. But today we were back! Again….solving the problems in education!

One Week

A quiet run on the path. I was pretty lazy all day after returning from the beach…running felt good.

Day 5 and 6- Running at the Beach

It would have been way more fun at the beach if it did not rain and storm the WHOLE entire time.
I had to run between thunderstorms….my mom did not want me to run in the thunder :)

Day 4- 7-31-14

I ran after a huge piece of wood fell on my forearm while I was packing our beach stuff. I had to run or I was going to cry.

Day 3 7/30/14

I have joined the 1095 Miles FB group and I have enjoyed reading the post. My run was boring again today due to having to be up so early and ready to go to Meredith College to present. I hit the stop on endomondo 2 times by accident and had to stop and figure out what was going on. I was getting frustrated because I had to be showered and ready to go at 6:30am…but I love to present to passionate teachers. It restores my hope in humanity.
Running everyday now is so instilled in what I do that I will not be able to stop. I remember James’ response when I told him I was going to go on for year 2. He told me that he didn’t keep going after year 1 in fear that he would never be able to stop. I know that I will run everyday until I can not physically run.
My advice to anyone that want to take this on:
Do not think about the numbers when you run; how far you ran, how many days it has been, how many more days to go, etc. Just run. The moment that I was able to clear my mind of the numbers, it never became something I had to do, it was something I wanted to do.

Miles Today: 3
To Date: 9

Long may you run!

Day 2- 7/29/14

I woke up early to get a run in before I had to go present 2nd grade math at a two day workshop. It was so dark that I hesitated to go outside. I drank a cup of coffee first and then made my way out to a boring run around the neighborhood. I love my new neighborhood and there are many running trails around but it is much safer to stick close to my house during the dark hours of the morning.

Day: 2
Total Miles: 6

Day 1- 7/28/14

A quiet run through the neighborhood gave me time to think of all the things I want to get done today.
First thing first….coffee!

Day: 1/365
Mile to Date: 3