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Day 77 – RSD 96


Day 76 – RSD 95

HOT is the only way I can explain today. Southern California is in the middle of a huge heat wave! It was still 95 degrees and high humidity when I ran at 7:30 pm this evening. What a sluggish run it was.

It tops off my day. I learned some terrible news today concerning a good friend of mine who happens to be from the UK. We worked together at Motorola and just became good friends. Turns out he started having memory, vision and several other issues a couple of months back. He found out that he has brain cancer and a massive tumor lodged between his right and left hemisphere of his brain. He will be having brain surgery next Thursday. I cannot imagine what him and his family must be going through. It was clear while I was speaking to him that he is not himself and having a very difficult time.

My heart, thoughts and prayers go out to him. May he pull through this and come out even stronger on the other side!


Day 75 – RSD 94

Happy Anniversary to my wife and I as we celebrated 13 years of marriage today. I took today off from work and we spent the day out and about around San Diego while the kids were in school. Had a good and relaxing day!

Yesterday we were at the Chargers game to watch our Chargers TAKE DOWN the Super Bowl Champs Seattle Seahawks!! The Chargers looked and played fantastic!! Sure was an awesome time which leads me up to the run this morning. Was near exhausted or felt like it half way through… I guess all the beer, sun and screaming and yelling like a mad man yesterday took it’s toll on me.






Day 74 – RSD 93

Nice slow run this morning… Conserving my energy for the Chargers game today! Off to the Q for some tailgating and football!


Day 73 – RSD 92


Day 72 – RSD 91


Day 71 – RSD 90

Well, it’s Thursday and I’m pooped. I’m ready to relax on Saturday and rest up for the Chargers home opener against the Seahawks on Sunday. So ready to get back to tailgating and enjoying Sundays with the family at the games. I really enjoy going to games.

Gotta get to it!


Day 70 – RSD 89

It’s Wed and I have managed to get up early for 5 days and run in the morning. Starting to get my early morning groove on. Half way through the week.


Day 69 – RSD 88

Another early morning run for this kid. It’s still a bit harder for me to run in the mornings. I busted out a lot of pushups, situps and pull ups prior to my run and that seemed to get my blood going.

Here’s to another great day of breathing.

Decent splits for an early morning jog.
1 8:44.0
2 8:29.5
3 8:03.2


Day 68 – RSD 87

Well, this morning was my first morning of getting up at 5 am. It was nice to not be rushing around in order to accomplish everything I needed to prior to leaving. However, it’s going to take some time to get use to running in the early morning. My pace is always off by at least 20 secs a mile until the last mile. I might try doing a 10 minute session on the heavy bag prior to running to loosen everything up. I tend to agree with the statement that you are at your peak performance from 7-8 pm.

The bright side is that my run is finished for the day. Or is it? I’ve started to really look forward to that evening run.