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Day 356 – The Final Countdown

So I have only 9 runs left to do, a number that is in single figures, who would have thought that, not me for sure. IT seems a long time ago that I went in double figure days to go, and here I am with a single figure number to go.

Tonights run was just another easy trip round the village, it didn’t feel as cold as the last couple of nights but it did threaten rain, although it never came.

The one thing I do know is that my Saucony shoes are just about at their millage limit and are about to need replacing, however, I am not going to do it until after I finish as I think I might try another brand and I don’t want to be experimenting so close to the end.

TOmorrow Is the planned run with James and Andy and hopefully they will take it easy on me as I really don’t feel I have the speed to match them currently.

Miles today: 3.13 (5.03km)
Miles Completed: 1269.13 (2042.46km)
Miles To Go: -174.13 (-280.26km)
Shoes: Saucony Omni Grid 10

Day 355 – Chilly

It was cold tonight, in fact it’s that cold the heating has come on in my house, so much for an indian summer!

I was surprised how cold it was tonight, yes I had a long sleeve shirt on again, but half way round I was wondering whether long bottoms and gloves might have been a better option, I really must be going soft. Although I have to say it was cold on the train on the way home tonight so maybe everywhere is cold, perhaps the next ice age has started already?

My actual run tonight was another loop of the village and it just came and went, nothing of any interest happened and to be honest apart the guy with the dogs who stopped to let me past I didn’t see anyone else.

I am starting to think my additional goal of getting to 1300 miles may be a bit optimistic as I have 10 days to go and need to do 34 miles, even if I do a couple of longer runs at the weekend I am not certain of doing it, and I am not going to start doing extra long runs just to do it, it might sound a bit lazy but after this many days I don’t care.

Miles Today: 3.13 (5.03km)
Miles Completed: 1266.00 (2037.43km)
Miles To Go: -171.00 (-275.23km)
Shoes: Saucony Omni Grid 10

Day 354 – Colder and Darker

It was colder and darker tonight, in fact I even put a long sleeve shirt on, I must be going soft!

I went for a steady run round the village tonight, and I reckon if I go out this week again around this time I might even get the hi-viz vest out!

Really not much else to say today so I will keep this entry short.

Miles Today: 3.12 (5.02km)
Miles Completed: 1262.87 (2032.4km)
Miles To Go: -167.87 (-270.2km)
Shoes: Saucony Omni Grid 10

Day 353 – Still Fun!

It was again hot this morning and so the only option was to go trail running, well in reality it wasn’t the only option but the best option.

I did a route I have done a load of times before and yet I still enjoy it, despite there still being a bunch of really muddy sections still. The advantage of the woods is that you get sheltered from the sun and and I noticed this as soon as I got into the woods the temperature was much more to my liking.

I certainly wasn’t going to do the longer distance today like yesterday, but still managed more than the required distance and more importantly I still enjoyed the run.

Miles Today: 3.49 (5.62km)
Miles Completed: 1259.76 (2027.38km)
Miles To Go: -164.76 (-265.18km)
Shoes: Saloman XA Pro 3D Ultra 2

Day 352 – Now I Remember Why I Run

This mornings run reminded me why I enjoy running. The sun was out, the sky was blue, it was warm (in fact hot) and I was running on the trails, ideal.

I didn’t have the best legs ever today, but running further just seemed to be the right thing to do, and so I did. I started off planning to do a favourite 5km off road loop, which on the way back I decided I would take a detour and add a bit, and then when I got to the end of the added bit, I though “what the hell” I will add some more, and I did.

I haven’t enjoyed a run so much for ages, and I am wondering if there is any connection in that the two runs I have enjoyed most recently have been the longest runs I have done? I think breaking out of the “must do 5km” mindset really helps, certainly makes it more enjoyable.

A while ago when I was looking at my stats for this challenge I set myself the goal of trying to get to 1300 miles by the end, and having looked at that again to day I am going to need a few longer runs to do it, but that might actually help, hopefully. If I don’t get to that mark, then I won’t be too upset as finishing the challenge is more important.

One other thing I have realised is that I only have one Saturday left to do, now that does feel weird!

Miles Today: 5.39 (8.67km)
Miles Completed: 1256.26 (2021.76km)
Miles To Go: -161.26 (-259.56km)
Shoes: Saloman XA Pro 3D Ultra 2

Day 351 – Ever Decreasing Circles

Tonight I decided that I would just do a few laps rather than an entire loop of the village.

I don’t know why but somehow doing shortish laps seems to be harder than doing a longer loop, I am not sure why but on the other hand they feel as though it doesn’t take as long. A very strange set of experiences.

Anyhow, now that today’s run is over I only have two of each day to go, for those who are now lost that means 2 Fridays, 2 Saturdays etc the end really is in sight.

Next week I am considering some lunchtime runs in London, which could be an interesting experience especially as I have no idea where to go yet. I think a bit of route planning over the weekend might be needed.

Miles Today: 3.20 (5.15km)
Miles Completed: 1250.88 (2013.09km)
Miles To Go: -155.88 (-250.89km)
Shoes: Saucony Omni Grid 10

Mizuno Seiei Brushstroke Athletes In Action

Here is the latest video from Mizuno, it’s a really good looking video and well worth watching.

Day 350 – Wow

When I started this challenge I decided the best way to break it down was to do it chunks of 50 days at a time.

I got to 50 days, and thought well maybe I will get to 100, then 150 came and went followed by 200, 250 and then 300, at this point I started to think I might actually do this, but I knew the next portion was going to be tough, and it was.

Now I have got to day 350, that means no more chunks of 50 days left, only a few days left the end really is in sight, in fact I know I have 3 Fridays left which really isn’t many.

Another milestone today was that I have now done over 150 extra miles, not really sure if I should celebrate that fact or be angry that I have done more than needed!

In terms of this evenings run, I did a road run which was really relaxing, not too hard but hard enough.

Miles Today: 3.31 (5.33km)
Miles Completed: 1247.68 (2007.94km)
Miles To Go: -152.68 (-245.74km)
Shoes: Saucony Omni Grid 10

Day 349 – One More Evening Trail Run

I tried it again tonight, and was just about able to fit in an evening trail run. The sky was still blue when I sent out although the sun had disappeared.

The difference tonight was that rather than come back through the woods on the return section of the route I decided to go along through the fields, this made a huge difference as I could see where I was going!

The pace tonight was best described as relaxed and to be honest it felt about right, could have gone much harder but simply didn’t see the need.

There is one think I have been meaning to mention for a while now, and that is my Road ID band. Now for those that don’t know Road ID are a company who make a wrist band on to which they engrave some of your details and emergency contact numbers incase something should happen to you whilst you are out. Whilst I have not had the need to make use of it I now never run or cycle without it just incase. IF you are interested go have a look at their web site here

Miles Today: 3.29 (5.29km)
Miles Completed: 1244.36 (2002.61km)
Miles To Go: -149.36 (-240.41km)
Shoes: Saloman XA Pro 3D Ultra 2

Day 348 – Another One Bites The Dust

Tonight was an uneventful run, I didn’t really have any sort of pace and I just kind of went round.

I know that these days exist and I think they might be the norm for the next couple of weeks as I am now really looking forward to this being over as I think I have run enough now for a while at least.

I have found that as I get nearer the end there seems to be a bit of pressure on each run which wasn’t there before, I understand why the pressure is there, it’s because the end is so close and if something were to happen now it would make all that had gone before a waste. I need to keep a positive outlook on things.

Miles Today: 3.13 (5.04km)
Miles Completed: 1241.08 (1997.32km)
Miles To Go: -146.08 (-235.12km)
Shoes: Saucony Omni Grid 10