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Day 355: Just the three of us

Henry, Tonya and I headed to the swimming pool tonight, for family swim, although Tonya watched while we went for a dip. After this tea time, but as just the three of us, we headed to The Fox for a evening meal. Lovely food and great company, with Henry talking all night.


Late night run and not fast as late food. Getting closer to D-Day, both in age and completing the run challenge…. But a lovely night for running, no wind, cool and very still… Really enjoyed it, even after eating late.
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Day 355

Miles today 3

Miles completed 1168

Miles to go -73

Day 354: A lovely day with our little man

A quiet day without Samuel and Oliver, plus a lie in. So up at 9am to find our little boys, fully dressed and watching TV, not so little. After breakfast we headed out for log chopping, a good few hours of work done and ready for next winter.
Plus tonight we walked to the allotment while Henry went on his bike, and again he is not a little boy, he is growing up so fast.

I ran at 5pm, in hot conditions, but a good reason for that as I wanted to have a few drinks with a BBQ. It was hot and windy tonight, so hard work and pleased to get home for a cold beer.

Day 354

Miles today 3

Miles completed 1165

Miles to go -70

Day 353: In the last month…

One whole week without the two big boys… Today I dropped Samuel and Oliver off at PGL for a week of fun, and looking at their menu and activities, they are in for fun alright!!
As we have just Henry at home, Chinese for tea by request from him. Then when I put him to bed, I am told by him, ‘dad I am sleeping in your bed’ that’s where is currently is…..
I ran after tea and only 3 miles. 

Day 353

Miles today 3

Miles completed 1162

Miles to go -67

Day 352: 2:1 to England….

England take a lead in the Ashers, with two days to spare… Good result. We just need to carry this on through the series and then for the rugby boys to pick it up and put England back on the map regarding sport. 
Tonya is out tonight, so I ran first thing today and in headington. The normal 3 mile route, which I have taken over and over again in the last year. Seems straight that in a few weeks I will not have to run everyday, just when I want too…

Day 352

Miles today 3

Miles completed 1159

Miles to go -64

Day 351: Workwoks are killing Oxford…

Not sure who is in charge of oxford’s road plan, but digging up north Oxford, frideswide square and now Botley road, if you want to shut oxford for good you are doing a great job. Today I heard even tourist complaining of the roadworks in Oxford, you are not doing Oxford any long term good…
A quick trip to the allotment to plant some leeks, and water the veg tonight, then going to bed..
I ran to Wantage tonight to say hello to Oliver and Henry while they were getting their hair cut, thanks Headlines.. And Kirsty. So I ended up doing 4 miles, felt good but not very fast. Oh and Endomondo seems to be working again and I can embed…

Day 351

Miles today 4

Miles completed 1156

Miles to go -61

Day 350: Home sweet Home

Well our camping trip is over… A great time even if the weather tried to stop us having fun. We had three types of weather wet, windy and wet and windy…. But the boys loved it so a good result. I am so looking forward to a proper bed, and a sleep without hearing rain on a tent for the wind blowing like mad….

But our holiday was over shadowed by the news a man died yesterday in the next cove, while swimming with his son, caught by a rip current. So sad for everyone involved, take care this holiday everyone. 
I ran on home ground, a late run as busy unpacking, before the boys head off on PGL this weekend. Nothing special but another 3 knocked off.

Day 350

Miles today 3

Miles completed 1152

Miles to go -57

Day 349: The last run in Wales….

We woke up today with a bright yellow round thing in the sky, yep that right the sun…With the tent warming up, all doors opened up and relax in the warm weather, well I say warm, still very windy..

After a late breakfast and shopping trip we headed off to Clyne valley country park, for and afternoon of orienteering.. We walked 3 1/2 through a lovely park, but may not have been wearing the correct clothes as going through nettles, thorns and brambles in shorts and tee shirts was not a good idea. But the boys did well and found all the markers….
Tonya dropped me of at one end of the beach, or up the road from the beach, where i headed back to our campsite. A wonderful last run in Wales, and the very beach were it all started for me 349 days ago…. Only 15 runs left…
Day 349

Miles today 3

Miles completed 1149

Miles to go -54

day 348: Walking with the family…

The Warillow’s left camp today, so we helped them pack and off they went, the boys loved having their cousins about, and they get on really well, but then they don’t see each other very much….I headed off to find a garage to fix the trailer puncture, then we set off on a long walk through Nicholaston woods, with the rest of the family and the dog. As we reached the beach I started to run, and under estimated the distance, as I returned to the camp site, I had only hit 2 miles, so had to cross the road and head up the hill to add the extra 1 mile… Pleased with the time and pace, while running on the beach and up the hills.. And the rest did three miles walking, so tired boys tonight…
Day 348

Miles today 3

Miles completed 1146

Miles to go -51

Day 347: Rain is an understatement…

We were woken this morning by heavy rain hitting the tent, well when I say we, Tonya and I, the boys kept on sleeping… First job was to make sure the tent was secure so out in the rain, checking guy ropes and pegs, all ok so retrieve milk for breakfast. All of this was done by 7am! Strange holiday.. The boys finally woke up at 8.30 and had breakfast then waited for the rain to stop, which by 11.30 it hadn’t so we all went back to sleep…
Lunch at 1pm and still raining,  after lunch LC2 lots of water shoots and slides,  to keep the boys happy. This gave me time to run.
Bonus no rain, Baloo and I had a lovely 4 mile run along Swansea sea front, a cool breeze so relaxing and dry….

Sat watching the boys in the pool and enjoying a latte, 


looking forward to fish and chips and you have guessed it, raining again. ….

Day 347
Miles today 4
Miles completed 1143
Miles to go -48

Day 346: Flat on my arse, thank you dog

A sunny day in Wales, so morning run with the dog on a fantastic beach. After a steep descent we hit the beach, I took Baloo off the lead, which he loved. But as he ran a big circle he can back to me and clean took my leg out from under me!! I ended up on the sand on my arse, (Lardy arse thank you Katie). After a minute of thinking I can’t move, I stood up and started to run, but my arse really hurt.
After the run we headed to the beach at Rhossili with all the kids body boarding and playing in the sea. Tonight we all had a BBQ with all the family, with marshmallows to finish with…
Camping is good…

Day 346
Miles today 3
Miles completed 1139
Miles to go -44