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250 – 253 -> The End

On April 18th at about 4pm, I was finishing up work for the day when I received a call from my Wife Melanie. She was at the Dr, and they were sending her to the Hospital. Our baby boy was ready for the world a month early. I picked her up and went to Wake Med. She was admitted to the hospital and the Dr advised the baby would likely be delivered the next day. I stayed at the hospital that night, April 18th. When Melanie drifted off to sleep a snuck out of the room and ran my 3 miles. It was my 253rd day in a row. It was my last day. The run was brilliant. I was glowing with anticipatin of our first child. My mind, my heart, and my feet raced around the Hospital grounds. It was the most enjoyable run of the challenge. It was the last day.

The next day Benjamin Scott Michalski II was born around 6pm. I missed running that day, and failed at the challenge. I knew that it was going to be difficult to continue the challenge when the boy was ready to meet us. I didn’t anticipate him coming a month early. My family needed me. I couldn’t justify selfishly leaving the hospital to run.

Since we have been home with the boy, I have run several times. Amanda was over visiting yesterday and I had my gear on. She looked at me like, “where are you going”…. I smiled and jokingly replied… “Day 1 begins today”….

I want to thank It was a great 253 days and I am sad that I was unable to complete the full year. I overcame so much to continue to run each day. With the rest my body has recovered nicely. My knee is feeling a lot better. I will continue to run, I will continue to follow everyone else as they push to complete all 1095 miles. Thanks for the motivation. To borrow Amandas tag line. “Long may you run”


Challenge Miles Completed: 759
Challenge Miles remaining: 336
Shoes: Brooks Adrenaline – Blue/Grey

242 – 249

Sunday 04/14/2013 07:55a Garner, NC USA

Dave bought me some Osteo Bi-Flex for my poor knee. It hasn’t kicked in yet as I believe there is a loading delay. I ran with a co-worker at a 3 mile run to fight MS on Saturday. It had been a while since I ran a sctructured race and I forgot how much energy and motivation an event provides. Yesterday Mother and Amanda had a baby shower for Melanie. It was a great day. That little baby boy has everything. We are all so excited to welcome him to the World. I still need to run today…

Miles completed yesterday: 3.00
Challenge Miles Completed: 747
Challenge Miles remaining: 348
Shoes: Brooks Adrenaline – Blue/Grey
Ipod – Baseball Tonight Podcast

Days 235 – 241

04/05/2013 08:45p Garner, NC USA

I had a busy week at work that made running difficult. The run on Thursday was late at night, and in the pouring rain. Melanie notices a distinct difference in my attitude before and after my run. When I dred the run, I put it off too late. Then after the run, I’m up half the night high on life.

Lets Go Orange!

Miles Today: 3.00
Challenge Miles Completed: 723
Challenge Miles remaining: 372
Shoes: Brooks Adrenaline – Blue/Grey
Ipod – Baseball Tonight Podcast

223 – 234

03/29/2013 10:25p Garner, NC USA

Last week I had friends in town and we stayed out near where Amanda lives. As you can see on the map, my runs were in Clayton, NC Friday and Saturday. It was 3 of the most difficult runs yet on the challenge as we carried on till all hours watching the NCAA Tournament and arguring about fantasy sports.

This week my runs have been good. Melanie has been home resting. The baby is due on May 19th. A friend once told me how amazing it is to feel your baby kick through your wifes stomach. He was right.

Today, the Endomondo App was completely off. I think that I have complained before about the accuracy, but today was just silly. I started my run up at the front of the neighborhood where it’s flat. It is the area I have been running for what must be over a month now. Well 4 minutes into the run it was saying I had completed a mile. I knew that it was “0” when I looked at it and hit start, so I coud not understand what was happening. When I got home I examined the GPS map, and the first mile has me zig-zagging all over the golf course. Well that was not my route. I ran the extra time to ensure I got my 3 miles in, and the GPS stopped somewhere close to 4 miles, but trust me. It was only 3.

Miles Today: 3.00
Challenge Miles Completed: 702
Challenge Miles remaining: 393
Shoes: Brooks Adrenaline – Blue/Grey
Ipod – Baseball Fantasy Focus

Day 220 – 222

03/17/2013 – 08:15p Garner, NC USA

Another week down. The remaining 143 days are going to be the most difficult.

Miles Today: 3.00
Challenge Miles Completed: 666
Challenge Miles remaining: 429
Shoes: Brooks Adrenaline – Blue/Grey
Ipod – Baseball Fantasy Focus

Days 211 – 219

03/14/2013 – 07:55p Garner, NC USA

438 more miles and 146 days. My body is doing better. More stretching and running a route with no hills has helped. The knee pain is not completely gone, but it is better.

The clocks were turned ahead Saturday night. The extra hour of day light, nicer weather, and anticipation of Spring is motivating. I have been listening to the Baseball Tonight Podcast while I run. It’s a great time of the year. NHL is in full swing, College Hoops Tment time and Spring Baseball Camps are about to break.

I’m in a groove and the days are flying by. You can’t get this feeling from a bottle.

Miles Today: 3.00
Challenge Miles Completed: 657
Challenge Miles remaining: 438
Shoes: Brooks Adrenaline – Blue/Grey
Ipod – Baseball Tonight Pod Cast

Day 202 – 210

03/03/2013 – 07:55p Garner, NC USA

Another week. My runs are painfully slow.

Miles Today: 3.00
Challenge Miles Completed: 630
Challenge Miles remaining: 465
Shoes: Brooks Adrenaline – Blue/Grey
Ipod – The Blaze Radio

Day 201

02/22/2013 – 11:25p Garner, NC USA

I was riding home from work today thinking about my run. It was cold and raining. Mother and Ronnie were at my house as they drove from the beach to visit for the weekend. Melanie was home too. There were 4 huge boxes on the front porch.

My 850 wagon’s cooling fan runs for 5 minutes when you turn the car off. I was out hitting the road for my run before it quit. I ran straight out the front door and didn’t worry about the hills, now as I type my knee is killing me. I think Sister Amanda was right about my need to run a flat course.

I came back and opened the boxes on the front porch. Baby furniture shipped in from California. Assembly required. Dave if you read this. I need your help tomorrow.

Ronnie asked me about the challenge, and how I keep going every day. If you knew me you would ask too. I thought for only a split second and answered. It’s only one day.

Miles Today: 3.00
Challenge Miles Completed: 603
Challenge Miles remaining: 492
Shoes: Brooks Adrenaline – Blue/Grey
Ipod – ESPN Fantasy Baseball Podcast

197 – 200 Days

02/21/2013 – 08:40p Garner, NC USA

Two Hundred Straight days…. The flat run, the stretching, something is working here. My knee feels better and I feel motivated. There is still a tremendous amount of running to go, but I feel a sense of accomplishment today.

Miles Today: 3.00
Challenge Miles Completed: 600
Challenge Miles remaining: 495
Shoes: Brooks Adrenaline – Blue/Grey
Ipod – Fantasy Baseball Podcast

Day 194 – 196

02/17/2013 – 08:05p Garner, NC USA

I have made all my runs on a flat course for about a week. So far no big improvement with the knee. Had a nice weekend with Melanie, and spending Saturday afternoon visiting with Amanda and her lovely Family.

On todays run, I thought about being a Dad. Melanie entered her third trimester today…

Miles Today: 3.00
Challenge Miles Completed: 588
Challenge Miles remaining: 507
Shoes: Brooks Adrenaline – Blue/Grey
Ipod – Fantasy Baseball Podcast – Dr Fantasy