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Day 203 upto 232

Hi i have struggled big time this month with a virus, it”s knocked the stuffing out of me and i am still not fully recovered, i have felt liking packing this challenge in a few times this month , but i am still here thankfully. The warmer weather is on its way so hopefully i will enjoy the last few months.
miles today 3.01
miles completed 875.75
miles to go 388
shoes nike air 2013
ipod various

Day 186 -203

Apologies for not blogging but i find it a big struggle i promise i will try and improve . The running is going ok its a case of putting up with the weather and hopefully soon the nice weather or milder weather will be on its way.
miles today 3.00
miles completed 788.75
miles to go 475
shoes nike air max 2013
ipod – various

Day 178- 185 The half way point

Well i am at the half way point its been tough but i did not expect any different , to be honest i find the blogging more of a challenge i leave it a day and it soon becomes a week. Its all downhill from now on only 180 days to go bring it on.
miles today 3.00
miles completed 734.75
miles to go 529
shoes nike
ipod various

Day 177

A nice steady tun today after doing a weights session at home.
miles today 3.01
miles completed 710.75
miles to go 553
shoes nike
ipod glen hansard

Day 176 New years day

Very rough today went to an house party and finished drinking about 2.00am , i ran for the car today.Happy new year to my fellow runners.
miles today 3.46
miles completed 707.74
miles to go 556
shoes nike
ipod the clash

Day 175

Me and my new running buddy Isaac went for our run, the little fellas were stiff today i think i will have to rein him in abit .
miles today 3.00
miles completed 704.28
miles to go 559
shoes nike
ipod n/a

Day 174

Well Isaac was back for more today he ran1.80 miles with me before i dropped him off at home, i hope he keeps at it and manages to run the 3 miles on my last run IF i make it.
miles today 3.07
miles completed 701.28
miles to go 562
shoes nike
ipod n/a

Day 173

Had a football tournament today for my lads they won every game and came away with the silveware very happy man on my run today.
miles today 3.04
miles completed 698.21
miles to go 565
shoes nike
ipod n/a

Day 172

A nice suprise today my lad Isaac who is 8 years old decided he would come on my run with me , so i changed my course today so that when he got tired i could drop him off at home and i could carry on , he did really well i completed 1.80 miles before i dropped him off, hopefully he will come out with me again.
miles 3.30
miles completed 695.17
miles to go 568
shoes nike
ipod n/a

Day 171

Felt good today considering that i drank a few pints yesterday and picked the pace up.
miles today 3.00
miles completed 691.87
miles to go 571
shoes nike
ipod n/a