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Day 218: That can’t be right

Park Run this morning and it was freezing, not the best weather for running fast but gave it a go. Everyone sprints off and I take quite a lot of pride in the fact that after a few hundred metres I start to reel people in and that no one goes past me. In the last half mile I was catching more and more people, each time going past someone focusing on the next person and so on. One of the final people I caught took some cathcing and as I got closer I noticed that they were wearing sandals and I immediatly thought about the Tarahumara, an ancient tribe of people who run ultra marathons for run, talked about in the book Born To Run. I also thought, bloody hell, there is a bloke in sandals, that can’t be right!

Afterwards I had to go and speak to the guy and it turned out there were a few of them running in Luna Sandals and promoting minimalist running. He told me that he has run over 2000 miles a year in them, including the odd ultra marathon….. Maybe that can be my next challenge.

My eldest attended a specialist rugby class being organised by a local senior school with top coaches. Only a few kids turned up and they had to go and play with the football session instead. How they can’t get enough kids to attend a specialist Rugby session in Norhtampton is beyond me, that can’t be right.

My sister came over this evening to drop some rugby kit off so we got the kids to bed and ordered a curry. Now that is right!

Day 218
Miles 3.11
Miles so far 740.48
Miles to go 354.52
Trainers Nike Right

Day 215: Interruptions

Not much to report today, short lunch time run. Quite tired as the two youngest both got into bed with us last night at various points. A decent nights sleep don’t half make a difference to how you recover. Legs so tired!

Day 215
Miles 3.01
Miles so far 731.36
Miles to go 363.64
Trainers Nike Nightmares

Day 210: Sergeant Major Dad

Didn’t have to go for the usual early morning Friday run. Since Kate has left the restaurant I don’t have to dash off early from work. So I got home and went out in the evening dragging Zac out with me, he was very reluctant to come but as he has given up swimming I am not having him sat on his bum all week. That was part of the deal of him giving up.

He whinged a bit at first but once we got into it he was jogging along quite nicely…. With some ‘gentle’ encouragement.

Day 210
Miles 3.24
Miles so far 714.14
Miles to go 380.86
Trainers Nike Left, Left, Left Right Left

Day 365: It’s all over

It’s all over!  I can’t quite believe it. A year gone just like that.  When I started this challenge a year ago it was very daunting but a year on it’s just a way of life, part of my daily routine.  So as you can imagine i’m having mixed feeling about today. On one hand I’m feeling relieved that I can have a day off and rest my poor aching legs and feet but on the other hand I’m feeling sad that it’s come to an end. I’ve enjoyed having something to focus on. Something that is just mine,  Head space to think. When I run its the only time I really get to myself with no  interruptions, just time to gather my thoughts.

When I started this  I could only run 5k, a year on and i’m running 25k  The challenge has made me realise that with the right mind set we are able to achieve much more than we ever anticipated. If we believe in ourselves and push ourselves anything is possible. It does however require willpower, strength and the desire to succeed.   The biggest challenge  for me this year was not the running but writing the blog. Oh boy how I found it hard and once you missed a day it was a downward spiral and then impossible to get  motivated.

I am feeling very pleased with myself as I finished the year by running a total of 1,279 miles :)   I did have lots of support from friends, running pals and work colleagues.  The three main people who kept me going with their on going support and praise are my son, Sebastian, who has been my rock and given me great encouragement  when I’ve felt low or lacked motivation. My best friend Rachel, who has been amazing and without her I probably wouldn’t have managed any blogging but with her constant nagging I had to write it just to keep her quiet. And of course my fabulous boyfriend, Henry. He  has been truly amazing and supportive.

My last run was with the sweatshop running club, which was great because I started the challenge running with them and ended it with them. Some friends came along also which was really nice.

So there is only one thing left to do and that is to decide what happens next

Miles Today: 3.10

Miles Completed: 1,279

photo 2(1)photo 1(13)

Day 364: penultimate run

Another 3 miles down and just 3 more to go.  Todays run was really hard. Not only did I go back to work but Henry went back to Bournemouth so I wasn’t in the best of moods plus ive not felt well all day and on top of this ive put on nearly half a stone in weight over xmas and its making my running very sluggish plus im not liking the way I look.  I really need to think what happens after tomorrow because I don’t want to get lazy and then end up the size of a house, that just wont do.  Henry has just bought me a new dress and there is no room for any weight gain and I refuse to take it back for a bigger size.  Serious dieting starts tomorrow. it was starting today but I ate a giant size piece of Christmas cake :(

Miles Today- 3

Miles Completed-  1,276.04

Day 353 – 363 : xmas through to New year

Wow! That has to be the busiest Christmas and New Year I have ever had. My first Christmas with Henry and I have to say that it was simply wonderful.  Lots of travelling to see families and lots of Salsa parties.   I still think I should stick to running. Although I am improving at Salsa im still finding it hard. It really clogs up my brain and I always feel like going for a run to clear my head.  Running has had its ups and downs over the few weeks.  Running on Christmas day early in the morning  in corfe mullen was dull, running up and down hills and no one else in sight but boxing day in Worcester was good. I ran from my sisters through the town to the river meeting Henry at the premier inn and it was all down hill. These are the runs I like :)  The rest of my runs were varied, some in Worcester, Wimborne and in London.  Back home in London and only 2 runs to go. Im starting to feel a little sad that its all coming to an end.

Miles done in this period of time: 30

Miles Completed: 1,273.04

Day 85 Tuesday 30/12

Lekker vrij tot 5 Januari
Terug uit Utrecht rond 17:00 en bij Ad en Diena mee gegeten.
‘s avonds nog best een lekkere 10 kilometer gelopen.

Day 85
Miles today: 6,22
Miles Completed: 370,49
Miles To Go: 843

Day 197: Bobbing along

Park run again today and my eldest joined me, he ran quite hard and was rewarded with a PB.

Later on it was over to Aylesbury for a night out with the lads as it was Bob’s birthday. It was a bit more reserved as many people were ill with the flu, and we are all getting a bit old. Finished the night off with a chicken kebab, chips and cheese.

Day 197
Miles 3.09
Miles so far 627.06
Miles to go 422.94
Trainers Nike Chilli Sauce?

Day 352: Xmas Eve

First of all i would like to wish all the guys doing the challenge a very Merry Christmas.

What can i say apart from today’s run was complete pants. Not only could I hardly run because my legs are absolutely destroyed from Mondays run but its bloody hilly. Hate my Bournemouth runs. Really really not looking forward to my Xmas day run especially as I have to go early, get back to make everyone American pancakes and then travel to jolly old Worcester :(

Miles Today: 3

Miles Completed:1,243.04

Day 351: Bournemouth :)

And so the madness begins.  Im off to Bournemouth today. The start of all the traveling. Over xmas and new year we are going from London- Bournemouth- Worcester- London- Bournemouth – London- Bournemouth – London, am exhausted just thinking about it. On top of this i have the stress of food. I cant eat too much in case I cant fit into my New Years Eve dress

Run was good but a slow recovery run

Miles Today: 3

Miles Completed: 1,240.04