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Day 113: so warm!

While I’m all for the nicer weather where’d that heat come from. I’ve forgotten what it’s like to run in heat! And the worst thing is it was only like 13 degrees or something.

Miles Today: 3:18
Miles Completed: 676.24
Miles To Go: 456
Shoes: Asics GT 3000

Three cheers!

Day 14 – Congratulations Andy! You made it – and I can’t believe a whole year has passed.  An amazing journey indeed.

This morning we also finished our own 14 day ‘giving-it-a-go-how-hard-can-it-be’ effort.

It was warm, with a warm wind and not bright and cool and clear, the type of mornings which make it easier. But we got on with it, and finished it (I had to miss most of the hills again) and yes, we are glad that it is done.  We did not vary our route at all over the two weeks, probably because it was only two weeks, and it enabled us just to get up, get out and get on with it – it is important that not too much thought is involved at 5.30am!

Report from our legs is David’s were still tired, and mine have a minor strain on the left outside shin, but nothing to worry about. So, how hard can it be? For two weeks only, not very, but for a year – well, all we can say is the very best of luck to those who face the year ahead!

Andy – enjoy the run tonight – be light on your feet, and know you completed something quite extraordinary. We shall raise a glass at the end of our day, when yours is just starting and wish you well.

I’ll be back in the pool next week, to balance with my runs, and David is about to hop on the bike to train towards a Sydney to Wollongong (90km) effort in November. And as for our next daily run?…we might give tomorrow a miss!


Michelle and David

Shoes – Nikes and Adidas – both with a few more miles than anticipated
T-Shirt – Bright blue Cancer Research UK 10km run
Miles today – 3 and a bit
Miles to date – Enough.

The run after the run (after the run, after the run….)

Day 13 – Ok so you need the truth – well the truth is that after the run yesterday, and after a lovely lunch of fish and chips and a celebratory beer (for him), and wine (for me) – we were both soooo tired! Well, we had been up at 4.45am as well as doing a’ little trot around the block’. It was a quiet afternoon and an early night.

This morning we were up before the alarm again, and out to face whatever challenge our legs threw at us. There were several. David said his were just feeling heavy, but not sore which was great after yesterday’s effort. Mine were tired, and some soreness – and yes, I admit it, today I just could not run the hills.

I admire Andy for keeping going through all his pain (and fabulous result for the Great North Run – after waking with sore legs? Brilliant). I’ve run a bit of the way, but it’s not the challenge for me.

David says he completely understands why Andy has taken on all the extra runs. A boring run, day after day, which you feel you just ‘have’ to do, is not for him. But to push yourself further, take on more and participate in some great events, well that, he understands. But also for David, the daily routine, is not the challenge for him.

We run to keep fit, and for me, to balance my weight. What we do, works for us. We are looking forward to completing our two week ‘affinity’ challenge, it’s been interesting, and sometimes even enjoyable. We will run tomorrow in spirit with Andy and celebrate his amazing year, and with the new team and wish them well.


(PS – I have just had to walk down 15 flights of stairs in a fire drill! This is not fair!)

Shoes – Nikes, and ‘waiting for God’ Adidas (might have a puncture in both shoes now)
T-shirt – London 10km 2010
Miles today – 3 (the ‘and a bit’ did not count today – I walked the hills!)
Miles to date for challenge – I’ve lost count.

An early start for the Sydney Running Festival

Day12 – Imagine this – 6am in a lovely park, underneath the northern end of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. the sun just up, the day warm, a large cruise liner coming down into the harbour, and looking at the Sydney Opera House on the other side of the water.

This is indeed a magic town.

Boy it was early though! Over 7000 people were gathering to start the Half Marathon at 6.30, and there was quite a little buzz around. And of course, long, long queues for the portaloos! It was warm, and I knew, that by the time my run, the Bridge Run of 9km started at 9am, it was going to be very warm.

But the Half people all went off, and I watched the next lot, the Sydney Marathon runner, start to pour into the park. It’s always great people watching at these events, and I’m always amazed at the different shapes and sizes of people doing these hugely challenging events.

It did get hot, and I was grateful for the freebie hat! We are yet to hear about how the marathon runners did – hope they are all ok.

They had lots of water around and kept telling everyone to be really careful. David and I both saw heat stress casualties, no-one was expecting to have to run in this temperature in September – it got to 30 deg!

But we did it! David got it done as usual, no cramps this time – 1.53 (not impressed particularly, but I think that is great). This is David talking…”It turns out that running 3 miles every day for a fortnight is not enough training for a long run… they don’t add up and why is it not cumulative??” As we are now on the lounge and relaxing, he is saying he really enjoyed it – hindsight is a fabulous thing.

I had a big crowd to run with, but I loved running over our iconic bridge. I was finished in 50 mins and that’s ok for me.

And then, another great park on the other side of the bridge, we finished at the Opera House – what a great place to meet up! We are indeed very lucky to live in this place.

Then, after a much needed shower, we went to the pub – could be worse!

Now – about backing up again tomorrow – how hard can it be??

Michelle and David

Shoes – Great Nikes (they finished) and soon to be retired Adidas
T-shirt – Proper Kathmandu running singlet (for a change)
Miles today – 9km for Michelle, and 21km for David (translates to – 5.6 for me and 13.1 for him)
Miles to date for challenge – lots.

This is us here…

Day 11 – Lovely early start to the day for a weekend – but it was bright and clear, and actually, quite nice to get out and just put down the miles. The past few days I have had the inkling, and only an inkling, of what Andy has been going through, with good days and bad days. For me, Friday was not so good, Saturday was quite nice. And for David, it was “nice to do the run and not have to go to work straight after!”

It is amazing how quickly it all becomes quite normal. And of course, we wanted to save a bit of energy for Sunday.

Part of energy saving was of course going to a gallery opening last night, and enjoying a few drinks!

Michelle and David

Shoes – Nike and ‘bouncing’ Adidas (David think his right shoe has a puncture…)
T-shirt – Beat the Baton – London Battersea Park run 2007 (yes again, but it is old and soft)
Miles today – 3 and a bit
Miles to date for challenge – 36 and a half

Peanut Butter

Day 10 – And David wants to know what we will do when we finish our morning runs next week? Good grief, he runs for 10 days solid, finds it a doddle, and is asking what is next.

Hmmm, let’s just wait and see how he feels after Sunday’s half marathon…(This morning all he was worried about for Sunday, is where we will go for brunch when we finish!)

Anyway, yesterday I went to pick up our bibs and other freebies (chia seed??) at the Running Festival expo. Asic is a major sponsor, so there was quite a bit of gear, and lots of shoes for sale – and yes, they do have Andy’s favourites. Can’t say there was a ‘buzz’ around the event, mostly just people dashing out in their lunch hour to get their stuff! Another nice day, so I walked back to the office. And then I had another quite long walk home…

So that meant my legs were tired last night, even to the extent that I needed ten minutes lying on my front. I know this sounds wierd, but I find when my legs are very tired, or jumpy, ten minutes on my tummy is a great remedy. Go figure.

The run was ok this morning, a few niggles and twinges for me, nothing for David (not fair!), and another bright start to the day. I took some photos of us, planning to post them today, but honestly, they were hideous, so I took this photo instead. Proof that we do run in the morning, and the weather has been lovely! Yes, that is a ferry on the river, and is how we both travel to work.

As for peanut butter? Well, a toasted peanut butter sandwich has been my saving grace this week – breakfast of champions.


Shoes – clean Nikes, and bouncing (again) Adidas
T-shirt – A favourite – slogan – “I earn my chocolate one step at a time”
Miles today – 3 and a bit
Miles to date for challenge – 33 and a bit


Day 10 - view from flat, 6am, Friday 16/9/2011

Watch your step

Day 9 – and I have a warning to all the brave incoming 1095 runners.

Watch your step.
Or steps.

Particularly in the dark. Danger lurks.

Dog poo. It is smelly and it is sticky, and you always see it too late.

Other lessons learned to date – you get hungry, you drink a lot of water, there always seems to be a mountain of washing (particularly with two of you running), your other half always does it easier than you, and two benefits – you will lose weight, and you will sleep well.

But why, oh why, do the hills not get any easier?

So, yesterday I decided to get off my ferry one stop earlier and walk home. It was a lovely Spring evening and I enjoyed the 45 minute walk. Walking is lovely, easy, pleasant.  This morning however, my legs decided that they would rather be taken out to lunch, than do any extra steps, thanks all the same. There is David, no injury, no worries, pounding along easily while I am maintaining a long and boring monologue in my head telling my legs it will all be over soon!

I had two breakfasts to compensate.


Shoes – Slightly smelly Nikes, bouncing and effortless Adidas
T-shirt – Teenage Cancer Trust
Miles today – 3 and a bit
Miles to date for challenge – 30.5

Could have done more….

Day 8 – …and that was a surprise! We did not do any more, that would have been daft, but we felt we could have.

I was taken out for a lovely lunch yesterday, and while not overly indulgent, I did wonder if there would be any effect on this morning’s run. Nope, no effect at all. Given my earlier comments about being hungry, maybe the extra food (give or take the glass of wine…) was a good thing!

We are not planning on doing any more mileage (or getting lost…!) than our steady 5km (3 and a bit miles) daily, just to make sure we’ll be ok for the run on this Sunday.

Speaking of which, they are now predicting a steady increase in temperatures during the week, to top at 27-30 degC for Sunday, So it will be warm, but being Spring, there will be little humidity to sap our energy. Fortunately the runs start early, David and the rest of the half runners leave at 6.30am, the marathon starts at 7.30am, and I have to hang around until 9am for the 9km Bridge Run. But that is for Sunday.

So this morning’s run was better than expected – and that is a big tick! And it was another stunning morning, I’m sure that is helping.


Shoes – Same.
T-shirt – another light blue Cancer Research UK 10km run
Miles today – 3 and a bit
Miles to date for challenge – 27ish (wow, that is adding up!)

One week down – and all is well

Day 7 – Already we are one week down, and have completed a whole seven days of running every day, something neither David or myself have done before. And we are ok!

Better than ok actually, David said he felt really good today, and certainly I was better than expected.

This morning’s run was another early start as we were both awake earlier than the alarm, and we were on the road in the pre-dawn. This could get to be a habit more than our little two week challenge as this time of year is just stunning in the morning – we had another bright and clear and cool start. We are still doing the same loop around the block, it is amazing how it becomes routine, and ‘this’ corner becomes the turn for home, and ‘that’ corner becomes the one before the hill.

I have a slight pull on my right leg just above the ankle, but nothing major, I’d say it is just muscles and tendons saying ‘ok, so this is what to expect for a while’. A small protest only. (Which considering I wear heels at work all day, is not bad!)

Another day, another run, another tick. Now, where’s my breakfast?


Shoes – Nice Nike and grubby Adidas
T-shirt – Red, white and blue London 10km, 2008
Miles to day – 3 and a bit
Miles to date for challenge – 23 and a bit

Three cheers for glucosamine

Day 6 – The conversation continued with my legs this morning, they answered -fortunately – and got on with the job.

We had a lovely run this morning, it was bright and clear and cool and breezy. After resting quite a bit yesterday, our slightly tight calf muscles were all ok today, and any other niggles warmed up quickly. Another day, another run, another tick!

We both feel great when we get back home – terribly virtuous from having done our exercise already, and really ready for the day. And it helps that it is a lovely time of year to be up and out early.

As for the glucosamine – I swear by it for aching knees and legs. I suffer from jumpy legs when they are tired, and it can drive both of us nuts, but regularly taking this seems to really help. With this far more regular pounding, I think it is proving a great help. By Sunday I was certainly a bit more tired than usual, but my knees and legs are fine – at least, so far!

As for another dilemma, the extra running is proving great for my weight, so that is a big tick. The extra  running is proving not so great for my appetite – weight goes down, appetite seems to goes up – and up. It will be a balance that’s for sure, but I’m not convinced, unlike David, that porridge is the answer.

It probably does not help that I love to bake.  So much for giving up TimTams – I made a banana caramel slice on the weekend which effectively has cancelled any ‘no TimTam’ effort. But it is delicious!


Shoes – White/pale blue Nikes, Dirt and red Adidas
T-shirt – Old grey thing that is very soft
Miles today – 3 and a bit
Miles to date for challenge – An easy 20.