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The penultimate run

A predictably crazy one it was too – at least time wise.

We had to be on an 8am train to Shropshire this morning, meaning we had to leave the house at 7am and we hadn’t packed last night either.

As a result, it was around 5.20am this morning when I went out to run to a deliciously cool morning with cloud free skies. In fact, when I opened the door, the first thing I could see when I walked out was The Plough in the sky. Given there’s so much light pollution in the sky in London it’s very rare you see any star formations so clearly.

Predictably, the roads were pretty empty and I managed to get home just as the local milk man was doing his rounds. I even had the presence of mind to stop him and get a leaflet on milk delivery as Laura is drinking so much at the moment.

I must have looked pretty scary, 5.50 am, still dark, sweating profusely and breathing heavily and running in front of the float to flag him down, but fair play to him, he stopped and gave me some gumph.

Have a neat little plan for the last run tomorrow – I can’t believe it’s almost over – so come back and read all about it.

Miles today: 3
Target: 1092
Miles to date: 1,512.65
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Today’s run

Two more runs to go…

… and I’m finally done… One of the last two will be in Shropshire, either tomorrow or Sunday.

Laura and I are going up for the weekend, so I can do a story for The Express but we set off early tomorrow morning (we have to leave home at 7am) so I’m not sure whether I will get the chance to run in London before we go or not.

This morning’s run was nothing special but quite pleasant, despite my body feeling as though it has been through the wringer. The sun was out, there was little traffic around and everything seemed rosy.

It turned my thoughts and attention to the year that’s just gone past. Today is the first anniversary of my leaving Metro – and what a year it’s been. In the meantime, we’ve got married, are having babies, have totally remodelled the house.

From a work perspective, I may not have travelled as much but I am doing well – corporate writing, consultancy, training and writing and have settled into quite a nice routine where I do two shifts a week at The Express and occasional shifts at The Sun – both of which allow me to get back into office mode every so often.

On top of it all, I am just about re-trained as well, adding personal training as another string to my bow, while I have completed a marathon and three half-marathons, while I have another coming up…

Yes, it’s been quite a year.

Miles today: 3
Target: 1089
Miles to date: 1,509.65
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Today’s run

Stupidest injury ever?

Sorry for not writing more yesterday but I’ve had a pretty full on week what with trying to finish off a host of freelance writing projects, having the house in a tip from the builders and painters who’ve been trouncing in and out and also trying to get another, rather large, section of my personal trainer course out of the way.

Yesterday was a pretty interesting day on the course, we were doing a ‘training in alternative environments’ module and went to the local park and started devising programs with just tennis balls, park benches, a few cones, a football and a few dynabands (they’re the stretchy elastic things). By the end of the day, we’d gathered quite a crowd watching us.

Today I had two exams in the morning, Exercise and Fitness Knowledge Level 3 and Nutrition and Weight Management and, to be honest, I think with everything else going on, I probably bit off more than I could chew by booking them both on the same day. I think I did ok on Nutrition but the other one I might just squeeze through, I might not…. the pass mark is 75 per cent so relatively high.

Having the exams this morning meant I did some last minute brushing up from 5am and so I decided to leave the run until this evening for a change – but first I had to do a chore.

One of the things we’ve had done to the house is have a new kitchen floor laid and we had three packs of floor panels left over and they had to be returned to B&Q for a refund. Guess who tried to pick them up all at once? Yes me, and I’ve either pulled a muscle in my chest or bruised a rib when I bear hugged them to lift them at the same time.

So as well as the sore legs, I hobbled another run this evening with a very sore right chest as well… and the faster I ran, the heavier I breathed and the more I hurt. Roll on the day off!

Miles today: 3.5
Target: 1086
Miles to date: 1,506.65
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Today’s run

Would love to stay and chat but…

Ive another exam tomorrow and feel massively behind on studies.

Miles today: 3
Target: 1083
Miles to date: 1,503.15
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Today’s run

Hitting 1,500 miles and doing myself an injury

In bed early this morning, I was thinking to myself: only do three miles today and I’ll be hanging for 24 hours on 1,499 miles, so I thought “sod it” let’s go the extra mile – ha, ha.

There was a slight problem with this though when I got out of bed, every bit of my legs ached from all the gym work of the last few days. My glutes were so tight you could have cracked the proverbial nuts, my calves were in agony and my hamstrings felt tighter than Rafa Nadal’s racket strings. In short, I was in agony.

Teeth gritted I set off on a local four mile route I’ve done loads of times, down Green Lane, past Thornton Heath station and back down London Road to home. By the time I was getting back to Norbury, about 3.2miles in, my legs were screaming for me to stop – LOUDLY.

There was a point when I convinced myself it was what I should do, what the heck if I ended the day on 1495.5 miles, I’d beat the target tomorrow.

Of course, I’m a bit more bloody minded than that, waiting until I got to exactly four and stopping and walking the last half mile or so to home, or should that be limping.

I read all the time about footballers pulling hamstrings – I think it might be what’s happened. The inner side of my left thigh is as sore as eff and I’m back on the brufen.

Come in Andy, your time approaches!

Miles today: 4
Target: 1080
Miles to date: 1,500.15
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Today’s run

Shagged, shattered, buggered and knackered

Up studying late last night, three miles first thing this morning, off to the Bankside gym in Waterloo to do my PT exam… it’s been quite a day.

The thing with doing the practical assessment is that you pair up with someone else on the course and then train in each other in a session. Given I practised the session I was going to teach today on Saturday, then went and practised the session I was being taught today yesterday, and then went and taught and was taught over two sessions today (anyone still with me? Im starting to get confused myself) in the actual assessment, the thread title is a fair reflection of how I feel.

The good news is I passed the practical element of the course and, providing I can pass the theory test on Thursday, I will be a fully fledged level 3 PT, though will still need to complete some more modules to get my full diploma.

The funny thing is, while I’ve been doing the course, I’ve been surrounded by some proper gym bunnies and I always thought cardio exercises were my strong point and that resistance ones were there’s.

Part of the session that Jonathan, who I buddied up with, involved me doing lactate acid interval training and so I took to the treadmill and thought I was doing it with ease.

When we finished, the assessor said to me that I really need to look at my hip flexors as Im not actually flexing enough in my running… and I think he’s right. Thanks to several doses of shin splints through the year Ive been running, I’ve started to avoid too much stride lengthening and leg raising when running to avoid the higher pressure this would involve on the legs. It seems that by doing so, I’ve compromised my running style. It’s something that in six more days, with a bit of rest, I can start looking in to!

Miles today: 3.07
Target: 1077
Miles to date: 1,496.15
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Today’s runs

Three runs instead of one

Yes, a week to go and I am now officially starting to go crazy. With so much course work on, I had to skip the long run again today and will have to try and find some time in the week to squeeze an 18miler in.

So what did I do today? Three bloody runs instead.

This afternoon, I was meeting my course colleague Jonathan at the gym where I am doing my practical assessment tomorrow for my Personal Training Course. I knew we’d be doing some treadmill work while there and so I decided on the way to calibrate my new Garmin watch with my Garmin Footpod.

The Footpod is a small oval shaped piece of kit that clips onto your laces, speaks to the Garmin watch and acts like a pedometer to gauge your run when there is no satellite signal… where you are in the gym or some such.

To use it though, you have to calibrate it by running when it is locked into a GPS signal and so I ran from the house to the station to do so.

Then in the gym, after yesterdays’ sickening session, Jonathan and I beasted each other and part of my training was a mini interval session – cue the Footpod coming into play.

Finally, I decided to get a few extra miles in by running back home from Clapham Junction. Total mileage covered for the day? 5.78 – nowhere near a long run but I am battered.

Miles today: 5.78
Target: 1074
Miles to date: 1,493.08
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Today’s runs

Running out of time


Bloody hell. So Monday is my practical assessment for my level 3 personal training award, Wednesday I have a ‘training in alternative environments’ workshop all day and Thursday I have two exams, one in Exercise and Fitness Knowledge, the other in Nutrition.

And it feels as though I’m drowning in it all.

For Monday’s assessment, I have to give a mock session to a ‘body’, a lad called Jonathan from the course that includes a host of advanced resistance techniques in the gym.

And so I ran to the local Virgin Active and made myself do John’s whole session so I knew I could teach it properly. The problem is, the advanced techniques see you do some pretty crazy things, four different exercises, one after the other with no reps and heavy weights.

By the time I’d finished, I was ready to be sick – and then had to run home on top of it… As I said


Miles today: 3.01
Target: 1071
Miles to date: 1,487.30
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Today’s run

Nine days to go: Pushing it

I went out this morning with the intention of just doing an easy one and after the first mile decided to blast it… check out the splits on the Garmin link below: I went from 9minutes a mile to less than seven by the end of the run and averaged less than 8minutes a mile for the whole thing.

A couple of people have already showed interest in doing the final run with us… which should be fun if we can get a proper crowd out and will set off the idea of the weekly running club nicely.

We’ve also migrated to a new Twitter account rather than tweeting just from my personal one. If you’d like to follow 1095miles on Twitter, click on the little birdy on the left.

Miles today: 3
Target: 1068
Miles to date: 1,484.29
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Today’s run

The countdown begins… ten days left

Blimey, I went for a run this morning around 6.20am, thankfully recovered from yesterday’s hangover, came back to blog about it and realised that today is day 355…

I have ten days left and for some reason, thinking about it and putting it down is putting a little knot of panic in my stomach. What happens next week? Will I be able to give it up as easily as I hope I will?

I’ll certainly be doing one extra run whatever happens… My 365th is on Monday September 20th and Andy and I were going to do the handover run then. However, the impending arrival of the twins means I have an NCT class that night that I am on notice of the pain of death if I miss it.

So our handover run, my last, Andy’s first is in Hyde Park at 6.30pm on Tuesday September 21st. Come and join us for my final run and Andy’s first if you wish, a gentle three miler followed by some beers afterwards.

Drop me a line if you fancy coming…

Miles today: 3
Target: 1065
Miles to date: 1,481.29
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Today’s run