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Day 345 – Late one as CBA set in!!

Having had a lazy morning, I decided to get my backside into gear and take the kids out somewhere.
We rushed around Sainsburys, picked some picnic stuff up then set off to an adventure play park in Carterton. The weather was great and we had a fun time just playing on the various play items they had there.
As it was just around the corner from Sarah’s work we decided to drop in and say hi and see if she was ready to come back with us. Unfortunately she was super busy so had to stay on for a while and get finished so we headed home for dinner.
By the time we got sorted it was getting late and by the time Sarah got back and we had kids sorted, tidied up etc. I really wasn’t looking forward to running. I was back at work the next day so just wanted to go to bed!! So I wallied around for a bit, got my gear on, wallied around a bit more then finally went out! Slow 3 miles but a welcome shower and bed when I got back – not looking forward to the morning alarm!!

Miles Today : 3
Miles Completed : 1177
Days Left : 20
Shoes : Nike Zoom Streak 4

Day 344 – Final push and time for some more fundraising

So we’re nearing the end of our 365 journey and it’s mainly been an enjoyable one. I’ve had ups and downs and regular bouts of CBA but I’ve kept going and find myself in the final straight.
As I’ve been on the challenge, my wife and several other people have commented that I should use the challenge to raise money for charity. So hear we go, fundraising time!
I’ve already raised over £1,000 for JDRF – a type 1 diabetes charity – but want to also raise some money for a local charity that has rally helped us out over the last 3 months. The diabetes education fund (part of the John Radcliffe hospitals fund in Oxford) have given us invaluable support so far and have done to many families. They have given me a charity place in the Oxford half marathon so I’m combining that with the 1095mile challenge to raise funds. Below is my JustGiving link so feel free to give a little to help me hit my target (and spur me on to the finish!!)
Sarah was at work today so my run was done as soon as she got back and that’s about that really! Slowish again but it is still hot so that’s my excuse!

Miles Today : 3
Miles Completed : 1174
Days Left : 21
Shoes : Nike Zoom Streak 4

Day 343 – Top evening

I had a very enjoyable evening lastnight catching up with my college mates. We have been on a real journey the last 3 years so it was nice to look back on how far we had come and what we had achieved. We had a great mix in the class of youth and experience and we all really got on and helped each other out. Very proud to have shared the last 3 years with them all and proud of all our passes, merits and distinctions!!
So after wandering back to my B&B in the early hours, I crashed out then got up fairly early to journey home (with no hangover which was nice!)
Fairly average run when I got back then chilled whilst the kids played and followed that with nice BBQ!
Miles Today : 3
Miles Completed : 1171
Days Left : 22
Shoes : Nike Zoom Streak 4

Day 342 – Oh dear…rough!!!

Woke up a bit on the rough side this morning!
Very enjoyable time at the wedding lastnight but fatally fell asleep on the journey home! On awakening, I was not feeling too special! Went straight upstairs and went to crash out only to find I need to visit the bathroom! Big thanks to Rod for making sure I made it along the landing, I was definitely in need of a bit of assistance!!
When I eventually dragged my backside out for my run it was definitely a slow and painful one! Probably one of the hardest of the challenge so far but as so many before it, I’d done my run for the day!
So after spending a bit more time trying to recover, I finally it the road about 4.30pm to travel down to Bridgwater to see my college mates for a BBQ and a few beers!
Miles Today : 3
Miles Completed : 1168
Days Left : 23
Shoes : Nike Zoom Streak 4

Day 341 – Congratulations Jason and Jo!

Firstly, congratulations on your wedding day Mr and Mrs Sprigg, you chose a decent day for it!!
We were off to the evening reception so had a bit of a rush on when Sarah got back from work to get ready and out.
So when Sarah got back I went straight out for my run. It was very warm out there and just after setting out I saw a fellow runner Jeff on his way back (I was a bit jealous he was on his way back in!!) As I carried on, I turned a corner just after half a mile and saw a familiar athlete in front of me (that’s normally where Dan is!!) He was on a steady one by the look of it so I decided to ‘chase him down!’ I caught him up at the mile mark and my watch told me I had just done a 7.10 mile – a bit foolish in the heat! Anyway, I joined him for a more sedate second mile and a bit before saying farewell. Nice to run with you Dan and (sort of) looking forward to a few long runs on the weekends in readiness for London!
Quick shower and we were ready to go. Sarah’s Dad Rod had kindly offered to chauffeur for the evening so we could both have a drink or two. We had a very nice evening, especially with Peroni on tap – although the price tag wasn’t so nice!! Anyway, after Sarah promising her Dad not to get too drunk, I managed to get VERY drunk!! Saturday’s run was going to be interesting!!
Miles Today : 3
Miles Completed : 1165
Days Left : 24
Shoes : Nike Zoom Streak 4

Day 340 – Change of plan

I was on my last night shift for the week lastnight and wasn’t feeling too bad. So I started thinking about getting my run done when I got home before planning what to do with the kids for the day.
When I finally handed over my shift and started on the drive home the tiredness kicked in!! I managed a quick hours snooze whilst Sarah got ready for work then thankfully Sarah’s Mum and mine liaised and came round to take the kids out for a few hours. I managed to sleep a bit and recharge the batteries and when I got up I went and did my daily run.
I’ve been running the same route for goodness knows how long and it’s just become routine and a habit. I decided today to break that habit and I managed a 4 mile run on an old route and that gave me extra time for my 3 positives.
1 – Got a performance related pay rise yesterday – nice to be appreciated!
2 – I’ve now finished work until next Wednesday and the forecast looks good!
3 – I’ve broken the 3 mile/same route rut and managed a 4 miler!!
Miles Today : 3
Miles Completed : 1162
Days Left : 25
Shoes : Nike Zoom Streak 4

Day 339 – Positive

There’s a thing going around Facebook at the moment where you nominate somebody to post 3 positive thoughts a day for 5 days. A great idea with all the doom and gloom around in the world at the moment and today Northy nominated me to take up the challenge!
As you know through these blogs (and if you know me and my family personally), we’ve been though the mill a bit recently, not least of all coping with Millie’s diabetes diagnosis. It’s been a tough 3 months for us all and hard to understand her condition, control it and also make sure our other 2 kids get our attention as well and don’t feel left out. Each day throws something different at us and we are constantly learning.
So for me personally at the moment, being positive has been a struggle. Just as soon as I’m feeling upbeat, I drop down again. Someone posted a comment to Sarah recently on a diabetes forum which hit home a bit – they said that you wouldn’t tell someone who was happy that there was always someone out there who was happier than them so why do we alwyas say there is someone worse off than you??!! Interesting point and although I am fully aware and appreciate that things could be worse and Millie is doing brilliantly, sometimes you just can’t help saying to yourself ‘actually, this is sh*t!!’
Anyway, manic depressive bit over with, onto the positive stuff! The point I’m trying to lead on to is that yes, I’ve struggled to find positives recently but my running has really helped. When I’m out on my daily trots with some banging dance tunes ringing in my ears, I shut out all the crap and with plenty of adrenaline pumping my thoughts move to positive ones. My running has borne plenty of positives too – people have been inspired to take up running since I’ve started the challenge, I’ve lost weight and massively improved my fitness, I’ve smashed PB’s each time I’ve run a half marathon, I’ve run my first full marathon and so far have raised over £1,000 for charity with hopefully more to come!
But my first 3 positive thoughts today were that I have an amazing wife, 3 beautiful children and thankfully tonight is my last night shift for the week!!! 3 more positives tomorrow!!
Oh yes, todays run! Not particualrly positive as it was a slow, lethargic one but the positive was that it was one day closer to writing my name in the 1095miles hall of fame and I easily found my 3 positives for the day!!
Miles Today : 3
Miles Completed : 1159
Days Left : 26
Shoes : Nike Zoom Streak 4

Day 338 – Stumbling towards the finish line

As Sarah had swapped her work days so she could attend Millie’s clinic yesterday, my Mum came over to take the kids out for the day so I could go to bed!
When I got up and woke up a bit, I went for my 3 miles in the heat! Struggled today and went round the usual 3 mile route. Just seem to be going through the motions now looking forward to finishing the years challenge. I have enjoyed the challenge but have now got into a rut of running the same route in auto pilot. It will be nice to have a couple of weeks off in August then concentrate on getting some good miles in ready for the Oxford half marathon then setting my focus on London next April. Fitting the 3 miles in is becoming increasingly difficult at the moment so without the pressure of having to run every day I will be able to set aside days when I can train properly and get in some quality runs and miles!
Miles Today : 3
Miles Completed : 1156
Days Left : 27
Shoes : Nike Zoom Streak 4

Day 337 – Proud of our Millie

As part of Millie’s care for diabetes, we have to take her to regular clinics at the John Radcliffe hospital in Oxford. They check her progress and also how we are getting on.
Today was 3 months since diagnosis and part of that meant we had her first HbA1C blood test. Millie checks her blood daily through a finger prick rest but this just gives her a ‘real time’ indication of her blood sugar level, the HbA1C test shows blood sugar levels across the 3 months and gives an indication of how her levels have been controlled. Her result was good and below the high level meaning we’ve managed to gain decent control of her levels so far. As well as this, all her other check ups were good so it seems we’ve not done a bad job so far!!
It’s been a really hard 3 months for us all and especially trying to understand Millie’s diabetes and how we can control her blood sugar levels as well as trying to keep her life (and ours, Joe’s and Charlie’s!) as ‘normal’ as possible.
One thing is certain though, Millie has taken it all in her stride and been a superstar. She’s had her moments but genrally she has accepted her condition and got on with the blood teasting and all the injections. Today she did her first injection by herself which is a massive step towards her independance and controlling her diabetes herself. Well done Millie, we are super proud of you!
After clinic we had lunch with my sister at her house in Oxford as she had kindly looked after the boys whilst we went to the JR. We then came home and I got my 3 miles done before heading off to work for the night!
Miles Today : 3
Miles Completed : 1153
Days Left : 28
Shoes : Nike Zoom Streak 4

Day 336 – Chilled Sunday

Had a bit of a lie in as it was Sunday then got up and cooked our favourite Sunday morning breakfast – eggy crumpets with bacon and golden syrup!
My sister Naomi and her husband Matthew had stayed over with my nephew Roy so we spent the morning chatting and playing. When they left I checked out the fridge and decided we had so much food left from yesterday that I would BBQ again!
I put in a fairly leisurely 3 miles then Sarah’s parents came round for the afternoon and evening to help us polish off the rest of the barbie food!
Miles Today : 3
Miles Completed : 1150
Days Left : 29
Shoes : Nike Zoom Streak 4