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Day 344:Life is good

Seeing as I only have 4 Mondays of this challenge left and the 4th one will be my last day I didn’t seem to mind today also I had something to look forward to I was meeting Tony and Harry tonight, Harry lives in Australia and was a great friend during my teens and through my early 20’s and Tony was another good friend who was part of the group when growing up I had seen Tony earlier in the year when his brother Pete was over from Aus.

Harry and I were fairly silly characters when growing up (or not as the was usually the case!!) we spent a lot of time together drinking, riding motorbikes or drinking but never at the same time (or did we?). Harry was always the smooth debonair one whilst I was, well, shall we say a little rough round the edges now not much has changed in the 15 years since I last really sat and had a chat with him except he is now a bit chunkier than me.

I was driving Tony and Harry were drinking, we met in Old Amersham which is a lovely town near to where I was brought up. We soon settled into the old banter and piss take and had a splendid catch up talking about old times, kids and new times. I had a fantastic time and was really pleased to have caught up. We then decided to move pubs but being a Monday night it was a little quite so we wandered the near deserted streets of the town chatting when Harry reminded me that I had given him a bit of slap many many years ago (apparently for flirting with a girlfriend at the time!!) in the car park of the pub with a restaurant and that the car park was behind the pub but he couldn’t remember the name of it, now rather than feel bad, apologise or try to remember said incident my brain started to try and work out which pub it was and quickly responded “The George Great Missenden!! much to Harry’s mirth who thought that I could remember pubs but not fights!! So here it is “Harry I officially apologise for any damage caused to you and in fact striking you in any way and will next time attempt remorse for action taken 20 odd years ago!!”.

Harry was a great friend and spent a lot of time with him and didn’t realise how much I have missed our friendship until tonight “love you!!”

We ended up in a curry house and had a lovely meal and continued with the banter and regaling our youth which is quickly slipping away. He has 3 beautiful children as do I and I am hoping he will be home one day soon. I dropped Tony and Harry back to Tony’s place in Amersham and headed for home happy cheers chaps lets not leave it 15 years!!!


Miles today:3
Miles completed:1106
Miles to go:-11
Shoes: Asics GT3000

Day 343: Boys beating cancer 5k!!

Ben had sent a facebook post saying he was going to walk in this event, so I along with a good amount of his family and friends decided to give it a go!!I asked my boys if they were up for running it and they said yes because they kind of Love Ben as they have known him since they were little and have some lovely names for him (which he knows!!) but I wouldn’t like to upset the politically correct brigade by putting them on here!!

We all got up and headed for Newbury RFC where the event was taking place and met up with Ben his family and a good chunk of the rugby club lads it was a well organised event and we had a real bit of boys banter before I ran and they all walked with Ben. Sammy Freddie and I ran the 1st lap together but Sammy decided to then run off and catch up with Ben and the lads who were walking and were just finishing the first lap, now my competitive side came out but Fred was happy plodding( I say plodding running 9 min miles)so I let him go!! He finished a couple of minutes in front of Freddie and I in a brilliant 25 mins!!! We all really enjoyed the day and its great to see such an amazing family who are under stress never moan just getting on with it and supporting each other with both banter and love!!

Miles today:3
Miles completed:1106
Miles to go:-11
Shoes: Asics GT3000

Day 342: Burger off cancer!!

In the early part of this year a good friend and exceptionally gifted rugby player was diagnosed with cancer, this was a shock to everyone but he is a fighter and had the strength and support around him to get through it. His mum organised a fund raiser at the rugby club which we were going down to, but before we went I had to run and had “jobs” to do so I had decided to get up early and do my run and then knuckle down and do as she who must be obeyed commanded!! All my good intentions vanished as I didn’t even wake up until 10am!!! So I ran at 11 and it was a bit warm!! I returned and emptied and tidied the shed, mowed the lawn and reloaded the shed, cut my own hair(whats left of it!!) with the help of the kids (being married to a hairdresser doesn’t mean I get free head shaving!!!) tidied the mess up and then helped the kids get ready to go!! Sharon went shopping.

We then headed over to the rugby club to the fund raiser, which was packed and had a brilliant turn out so well done to Sharon(Ben’s mum)you did an awesome job!!! After I had been dragged away from the bar area we headed to our friends Lee and Claire’s for a takeaway and to look at prices for next years holiday!! We had a lovely time we drank and ate too much and had a late night all before my run tomorrow morning in the “boys beating cancer 5k”.

Miles today:3
Miles completed:1103
Miles to go:-8
Shoes: Asics GT3000

Day 341: Break habits!!

John Newton recently wrote about breaking the 3 mile habit and as we start to head towards the finish of this challenge I have also fallen into the trap of just doing the bare minimum to get through!! So with hot and humid conditions and having run 4 miles yesterday I decided to run further than I had for a long long time. I ran down the old canal path to Challow and then up the hill past the Goodlake pub which was heaving on a glorious Friday evening and the temptation was there to slip in for a nice cool pint of cidre/lager/vodka but I wasn’t going to be beaten by the hill!! It was in the sun and hot and I was leaking fluid a bit like a overweight midget running (oh no that is me!!). I then returned along the canal path again and home covering a 5 mile stretch, pleased with my efforts I jumped into the pool (sounds posh but is just a very large paddling pool!!)with Poppy to cool off then drank a load of cidre and had a BBQ another very good day and really am starting to enjoy running (its taken a while!!)

Miles today:5
Miles completed:1100
Miles to go: -5
Shoes: Asics GT3000

Day 340: 1095 miles can I stop now?

Now I know there are some of my “friends” that will be shouting please please shut this boring man up but the above is just a bit of sarcasm!! I had a really good day yesterday and a little unplanned, I had received a facebook message from an old cricketing buddy from the last millennium saying did I fancy joining him and the legend that is Steve Morris for a beer, but he then noticed I lived in Wantage and said not to worry. It had planted a seed and as I hadn’t seen either for years I decided late on Monday to go over and join them I am glad I did we had a great catch up reminiscing about days of yore and some of the things in mildly poor taste that we did good chat great times!!!

I hadn’t noticed that I was 4 miles from reaching the 1095 mile barrier but John Newton text me to say he would have run with me if he had known and asked if I was going to knock off the 4 miles required. I replied probably not but again a seed was planted so I set off to run 4 and it was hot!!! I bumped into a few people on my rounds and stopped to chat to Louise and her sister Emma then Shep and Big Maz as I ran through the rugby fields. I got home and as I haven’t felt too good this week Sharon was panicking and Sammy had gone out on his bike searching for me!!! So 1 bollocking later I ate my dinner and decided to go see Steve and Mark and I am glad I did although it was a late night (i’m getting on and need my beauty sleep!!) it was great to catch up!!! So 1095 done just 25 runs left and I can leave you all in peace.

Just one more thing I have decided to enter the Oxford Half marathon again and am going to raise money for charity, when I started this challenge it was about achieving something that I felt was tough and therefore all about me, as the year has gone on I have thought about raising a small sum for charity so I will be setting up a just giving page when I have chosen my charity!! I don’t want a lot just a little as I will be attempting to get into London 2015 and will need to bleed you all dry then!!

Miles today:4
Miles completed: 1095!!!!
Miles to go: BIG FAT ZERO
Shoes: Asics GT3000

Day 339: Stats

I have realised I haven’t done some really interesting stats for a while so here goes, I have ran according to my garmins stats 1114 miles which means I have “lost” 20 miles somewhere now this would have taken me all the way to Gibralter now that is a Stat!!! I have lowered my average mile pace from 10 per mile to 8.20 per mile, I have lost 2 stone 10 and 1/2 pounds to take me below 12 stone for the first time that I can remember. I have not had a break from running for 339 days. I have mainly loved it, I have listened to the same mix on my iphone whenever I run with music, I have ran with some really cool people by the way I have 25 days left anyone fancy a run who hasn’t run with me I am running out of time (thankfully!!)

I have run uphill over 16000 feet which is nearly as high above sea level as Everest base Camp, if I was at this height I would probably suffer from altitude sickness!!

Miles today:3
Miles completed:1091
Miles to go:4
Shoes: Asics GT3000

Day 338: More of the same!!

I seem to be moaning a lot and as far as I’m concerned I have a right as my shoulder hurts!! A busy day at work as I had to handover some houses that we build for housing associations that take forever to complete because they don’t want them until they have buyers so will keep making up snagging lists!!!

So warm and lovely the weather at the moment but just not to run in!! Sam joined me again tonight and did really well, I think he is a natural athlete unlike his Dad!! I’ve had some really positive comments about the challenge and some have been inspired to take up the challenge and good luck to them as it isn’t easy!! My favorite cyber bully is back but as he says he has never been away but writing in invisible ink!!! Cheers for the banter Phil and good luck in Ukraine stay safe!!

Miles today:3
Miles completed:1088
Miles to go:7
Shoes: Asics GT3000

Day 337: A day at the Doc’s

I woke up and that was after broken sleep and decided to go to my GP eventually got through and arranged an appointment for 11am, a minor waste of time as he told me to go to Abingdon minor injuries for an X-ray but wouldn’t give me a referral form as “it wouldn’t be busy” famous last words!! So I left and headed to Abingdon arriving at 11.50am I eventually left there at 3.40 nearly 4hrs to be told that I need physio and if that doesn’t work then an op!! Can’t wait for that but for you at least my blogs will be finished and you won’t have to listen to me moan about it!!

Sharon made Sammy come for a run with me tonight as I haven’t been right since my “epic fail” so off we trotted with a shooting pain as I ran, I decided to try to run slow but it was humid and Sam was struggling at 1.5 miles but I made him carry on until we had done 2.5 where I felt guilty and we stopped in some shade for a breather. Sam hasn’t run since football stopped so his fitness has dropped off but the company was great and we had a nice chat!!!

miles today:3
Miles completed:1085
Miles to go:10
Shoes: Asics GT3000

Day 336: Oooops pain!!

I thought when I woke up that this was the end of my challenge, I felt ill and had a huge amount of pain in my right arm so just chilled out sat in the shade and attempted to rehydrate!! It is at this point you realise who your friends are I was left alone but checked upon if I needed something someone got it for me, but I didn’t get much sympathy I was told to “man up”, “get on with it”, “stop whingeing” and these were all from my wife!! Dave and Dave took my tent down and then Dave cooked the BBQ for his family and mine, it was a top finish to a top weekend!! I decided to run around the field where we camped and received great support from kids and friends who took turns to run a lap with me thanks to all it was good fun a bit slow and painful but thanks to all who supported!!

Miles today:3
Miles completed:1082
Miles to go:13
Shoes: Asics GT3000

Day 335: Dislocated thinking!!

I decided to run up Whitehorse hill which is steep very steep but I had run it at the end of August last year and was interested to see how far I had come in terms of fitness, I suprised myself by running 3/4 of the hill before nearly passing out!! I ran with a couple of ladies who were reasonably new to running and whilst I waited I thought a bit about where running has taken me and all I could think was up a big bastard hill!!! The last time I ran this hill I had stopped 4 times by this point in pain and breathless now I had run most of the hill and only stopped once, it was hot but I felt good. I then ran across the last feild and up onto the ridgeway where I waited for the newbies again and got chatting to a man who was running the ridgeway he had already covered 42 miles and had 20 left to run. I was very impressed with this guy and asked if I could run with him up to the hill fort and he said that it would be a pleasure as he needed that kind of support, we ran for about .25 of a miles and chatted he was on for a time of around 11.5 hours!!! I then showed the ladies the route that was the quickest way back and headed off to complete my 3 miles I have to say they did very well as it was a tough uphill climb off road!!

I got back to the campsite and started on my rehydration technique which involved vodka and cidre!!! After a short while another couple of friends turned up and had with them a kite board which the kids were going up and down the hill sat on, it looked great fun so I decided (stupidity and alcohol are not the best mix!!) to have a go it all started so well with me gliding down the hill in a great straight line!! Jamie one of Freddies football friends shouted how to steer big mistake!! I tried it fell off and dislocated my shoulder again!! when will I learn!! there is a video of said falling on my Facebook page!! I was in pain so drank more to numb it and had a great evening with lots of laughs and giggles, a good campfire with good friends.

Miles today:3
Miles completed:1079
Miles to go:16
Shoes: Asics GT3000