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Day 334: Sammy’s leavers assembly

The oldest boy leaves his junior school today after 7 years today, he has grown into a bright and polite boy who has his mothers looks(thankfully) and his fathers love of sport and sense of humour(unfortunately!!) He has worked really hard this term and has produced some fantastic SAT results and had a lovely report from is teacher, he has at times this year been a horrible shit but that said he has overcome the stress and pressure and returned to the Sammy of old.

His leavers assembly was lovely and the year 6 pupils put on a great show which was both emotional and funny and shows what a great bunch of kids there are in year 6. The teachers were a bit emotional which is always nice to see although it may have been relief!! We left and went to the pub with fellow year 6 parents and then it was off to Whitehorse hill to go camping with some of our good friends for the weekend. Camp fires, booze and laughter are all good for the soul!!

Miles today:3
Miles completed:1076
Miles to go:19
Shoes: Asics GT3000

Day 333: Warm!!

I ran this afternoon and it was so humid really hot so I tried to stay in the shade as much as I could and ran another new route!! I am loving this weather at the moment, maybe not to run in but hey ho you can’t have it all. Sam leaves junior school tomorrow and I have the day off to attend his leavers assembly followed by pub and off to Whitehorse hill camping!!

Miles today:3
Miles completed:1073
Miles to go:22
Shoes: Asics GT3000

Day 332: Airfield run!!

I am a boring bloke as most of you will have gathered by my blogs, I tend to waffle on about things that are far from interesting so tonight I ran with Ivor and David again and I decided to run the airfield route which I hadn’t run for a long while and whilst running I told Ivor the history of Grove airfield as best I could and its quite and interesting history (its not to some people but I like history!) it was one of Europe’s busiest airfields in WW2 supplying ordanance and supllies for the Normandy invasion. Glenn Miller and his band played and other big stars of the era in Grove as the USAF was stationed here. It is a lovely run anyway so we pootled around nattering and had another enjoyable run it was slowish but great.

Cheers for the run chaps!

Miles today:3
Miles completed:1070
Miles to go:25
Shoes: Asics GT3000

Day 331: Pushed hard!!

My new development is due to start we have been given the green light to get on so in a couple of weeks I will be on my own development and master of my own destiny!!! I went out tonight and decided to push it and I ran just over 8 min per mile pace which considering 330 days ago I was running 10 min + miles pace I was quite chuffed. The only problem I now have is my sweat issue I seem to leak for about an hour after I have run, I thought that given my supreme levels of fitness I wouldn’t create the small puddles of water around me when I’ve stopped it drives Sharon mad as I drip everywhere. I dipped under 12 stone for the 1st time that I can remember and now weigh 11 stone 13 and a half pounds so I have lost 2 stone 10 pounds during this running challenge, I can’t wait to put it all back on I am kidding I like seeing my feet nowadays!!

Miles today: 3
Miles completed: 1067
Miles to go:28
Shoes: Asics GT3000

Day 330: Meeting the mighty Ivor

Today was a warm day and I wasn’t looking forward to my run, I arrived home and was dossing on the sofa when David Haskett’s wife called Sharon and asked if I wanted to go for a run with Dave and her brother Ivor I accepted immediately and got changed. David is doing the 1095 miles challenge and Ivor is running a similar challenge of his own and we have chatted via facebook a few times exchanging encouraging words and a bit of Ireland/England 6 nations banter. Today we went for a nice run on one of the many routes I have discovered on my 330 days of running had a great chat and I really enjoyed the run. I have been struggling recently with motivation and have had to have a loud word with myself but tonight I felt really good plodding along chatting and feel motivated to smash out the rest of this challenge!! Thanks Dave and Ivor a lovely run.

Miles today:3
Miles completed: 1064
Miles to go: 31
Shoes: Asics GT3000

Day 329: Even more relaxed!!

A Sunday without effort are the best type!! We had a very lazy day, went out did a bit of shopping and spent time together as a family and I have the best family, better than anyone’s in my opinion!! I then went and did a bit of shopping for a BBQ and spent the afternoon doing nothing. The only annoying thing about today was Sam banging on about bloody Thomas Muller joining Liverpool FC it totally did my nut!!!

BBQ, Cider and a chill out lush!!

Miles today:3
Miles completed:1061
Miles to go:34
Shoes: Asics GT3000

Day 328: Relaxed!!

A Saturday with no plans now that is rare so we had a lay in, then I did poached eggs on toast with smoked bacon for breakfast. We then didn’t do a lot at all and it was pretty amazing!! The boys went out to play and we then went and did a bit of shopping thats it nothing else to report!! No dramas, no drinking, no wendyball, no arguing nothing just a really relaxing quiet day!!

Miles today:3
Miles completed: 1058
Miles to go:37
Shoes: Asics GT3000

Day 327: The return of Sammy!!

Longish and tedious day at work today and then home to run as Sammy was coming back from his residential trip tonight and he was due back at about 8.30 so a trip with a few other over excited parents to the Bay Tree for drinks was in order. I ran and it was a nice run again then home to shower and change and get to the pub!!! Nigel and Emma, Sophie,Ian, Louise, Paula, Darren, Julia, Kerry all waiting for the little darlings to return , and within 24hrs probably with they were still away!! A couple of pints with some lovely people and then the coach arrived in the school car park and a very grown up little man stood in front of me full of smiles and stories of his adventures away with his friends. He had a blast as I think did all of them back to the pub to finish my pint and then a massive chinky as thats what Sammy wanted.

I am glad my oldest has grown up nicely and isn’t a horrible boy, he talks some rubbish at times (mainly about wendyball!!) but he isn’t full of how great he is at everything and is just a nice lad who wants to work hard and succeed. I never tell my kids they are the best as it just sets them up to fail, but, I do tell them the truth about what they are they must be allowed to develop there own personality my job is to be there for them and help them succeed but if you know no failure you will not know how to fail, when you fail at least you have tried to succeed. Making mistakes and failing is part of growing up we’ve all done it, we must allow our children to as well, there is no point in telling them how great they are when they need the rough edges polishing!!

Sammy asked me if he would ever make a professional footballer and I told him no, this wasn’t being mean I was just telling him the truth from my perspective he can now do a couple of things prove me wrong, work hard to achieve the impossible dream or sulk but I am never going to fill my kids heads with rubbish I will continue to be honest with them and give them the opportunity to prove me wrong (and thats never happened before ever!!)

Miles today:3
Miles completed:1055
Miles to go:40
Shoes: Asics GT3000

Day 326: Positive!!

Felt quite positive today after yesterdays negativity so decided to sort myself out and had a word with myself whilst running, felt a bit better tonight!! Sams been away for four days and 3 nights and I think Mummy is missing the boy!! I am a little bit too but mainly his inane wendyball chat, I swear he talks wendyball permanently to wind me up!! ZE Germans are into the world cup final after smashinf Brazil 7-1 and Argentina have joined them.

Miles today:3
Miles completed:1052
Miles to go:43
Shoes: Asics GT3000

Day 325: Words of support!

I know its been 325 days of blog writing and running but you are never really sure who or how many people read the blogs, I hope in some way that some people have been inspired to go and run or do something different, to challenge themselves on a personal level, to strive for something that they want to do. It has amazed me the words of support I have received from people some of which I haven’t seen for years, some who I know and see but have become friends with because of running. If you haven’t been inspired to do something think of this I am at least 2.5 stone lighter, my muscles definition has improved, my legs and ankles are slimmer and more muscular, I can see my willy when I wee (that’s the coolest thing!!!) I am healthier, I am less tired, I have more get up and go, I am more confident( I know that’s difficult!!) I have belief in myself and what I can achieve!!

None of this is possible of course without the help of a good woman so I’d like to thank my Mum only kidding Sharon!! She has been there when I have my CBA days (can’t be arsed!) and kicks me out the door (she enjoys the peace and quiet!!) but she has unselfishly allowed me to do this challenge and for that she has my utmost respect!! I went for a slightly earlier run today and went at a reasonable trundle increasing my pace every mile then home for a curry I had cooked it was gurt lush followed by a couple of ciders bliss!! I have 39 runs left in this challenge that is pretty awesome!!!

Miles today:3
Miles completed:1049
Miles to go:46
Shoes:Asics GT3000