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Day 345: should have stayed in bed

Rubbish day in every shape and form. I woke up this morning and could hardly walk. My own fault as I thought it a good idea to do lots and lots of squats, walking lunges and step ups after my run yesterday.  My thighs are killing. Im not a happy bunny, especially as Justin, the sweatshop manager has given me a mini challenge to do,  he wants to see if I can end my challenge completing it with 1400 miles. That means I need to run 193 miles in 21 days  starting today but I was in so much pain I only managed the 3 miles and they were slow ones at that :( In fact my run was so slow and crap my battery ran out in the process.  That just says it all.

I thought my day couldn’t get worse but oh yeah, it can.  in one word … SALSA    oh dear Christ im getting worse, if that’s at all possible.  ive noticed that after 50 minutes I cant focus and I lose the plot.  im not sure if its because im tired from my running or if its the couple  of cans of red bull I had to keep me awake just before or it could be im just not cut out to be a dancer.  My money is on, im just not meant to dance.    im much more at home in the gym lifting weights and perving over men or out on the open road running.

ive had such a rubbish day ive polished off a box of liquorice allsorts and half a box of chocolates.

Fingers crossed the legs are ok for tomorrows run. That’s if im not too fat to get out of the front door after my binging :(:(:(:(

Miles Today: 3

Miles Completed: 1,210.75


Day 329-344 – oops!

oh wow!  I had no idea I had fallen so far behind on my blog.  I just don’t know where the time has gone.  ive been so busy.  running, salsa, running, salsa more running, partying and so on. I lost all motivation to blog :(  my running has been crap the last few weeks, ive only been doing the 3 miles. My phone battery has gone from bad to worse so ive stuck to routes I know but ive been either tired or pushed for time so have stuck to 3 miles.

I finish work on Friday so im planning a few long runs after that.   Next Monday im aiming for a 30k plus. Need to lose a little weight before xmas so I can enjoy my xmas pudding.   I really need to watch what I eat from now on,  ive been buying new out fits for going out and the dresses and skirts are getting shorter and tighter so there is no room for weight gain what so ever.

thank you Nathan for giving me the big push to get back on track with the blog :)

My challenge is nearly over so these last few weeks im going to try really hard and keep up with my blogging

miles 3×16 – 48 miles

miles completed:1,207.75

Day 328: meltdown sunday

Meltdown sunday!  I hated leaving Henry today. I get really emotional on sundays. I just love him so much. I look forward to the time when I will get to see him everyday. When I arrived in London I met Iain my salsa buddy for a coffee at Bills. Had a great gossip with him.  Run was dull and I just ran the 3 miles


Miles Today: 3

Miles Completed: 1,159.75

Day 327: hills :( :(

Oh how I hate running in Corfe Mullen. Slow boring run. I just really hate running up and down hills, its just hard work.

After my rubbish run we headed off into Bournemouth to the German markets. We had a massive hotdog followed by a mug of mulled wine :) Had a fantastic day with Henry and then we went to a salsa evening. The salsa nights are good but they start really late. They start  around 9.30pm and go on until around 5am.  Im usually in bed by 10pm so I struggle to stay awake

Miles Today: 3

Miles Completed: 1,156.75


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Day 326:

It took a long time coming but Friday is here.  Had to do my run first thing in the morning before work. I didn’t have my phone because I needed to save the battery for my journey to Bournemouth so I did the V&A route

Arrived in Corfe Mullen and had a wonderful evening with Henry. Its great having a man who cooks for me. We had a lovely roast chicken dinner…my favourite :)

Miles Today: 3

Miles Completed:1,153.75

Day 325:Cake, Rachel and interval training

After work I met Rachel at Del Aziz. She hasn’t been in London for a while so it was great to see her. We did our usual, coffee, gossip, bitching and  ate large amounts of cake.  The cake was as always delicious, but very big.  I had my usual vanilla. Luckily it was interval training in the evening. Im hoping it was enough to get rid of all those calories

Miles Today: 3

Miles Completed: 1,150.75




Day 324: out of my comfort zone

Its amazing how quickly Wednesdays come around.  I used to dread Thursdays sprints but now I dread Wednesdays salsa.  I am so out of my comfort zone its untrue.  This evenings class was a struggle.  I did a stupid thing. All I ate today before running and salsa was a banana. I ran to the salsa class and then had a protein shake.  My run was actually ok and my average pace was good. The salsa class was not so good. I couldn’t focus, I had no energy, and having a beer before the class after not eating all day was another bad decision. im blaming  my salsa buddy Iain, I would never of had a beer if it wasn’t for him.   After the class I decided to run home. This was slow and painful, I felt like I was going  to collapse. Anyway I made it home and had a nice bowl of Greek yogurt, bananas, honey and chopped almonds.

Prepare yourself for tomorrows blog, lots of moaning about being fat and eating too many calories.  Rachels over from Jersey, so it means only one thing…. lots of cake :)

Miles Today: 3.11

Miles Completed: 1,147.75


Day 323:

323 days into the challenge and im ready for a rest day. Im feeling really tired.  ive cut down on my food intake in the hope to lose a few pounds so at Christmas I can eat as many mince pies as I want.  As from now,every weekend is full with going out and xmas parties. I just dread to think how many empty calories I will consume in the form of alcohol.   im off to Bournemouth this weekend and I can feel a rum fuelled night out happening :)

Tonight’s run was with the sweatshop. Eel brook common is so boring. Laps around the park….dull, dull,dull

Miles Today: 3.23

Miles Completed:1,144.64

Day 322:

Bit of a boring day today. Work was dull, run was ok but slow. I really wasn’t feeling it today. Im feeling tired and my legs are aching. I just did a local run as my GPS wasn’t working. Home to the V&A and back.    I do have Gotham to watch tonight so that should take my mind off my aches and pains

Miles Today: 3

Miles Completed: 1,141.41

Day 321: stupid phone

Plucked up the courage to let Henry see how rubbish I am at salsa dancing this morning.  I hated to admit it but I needed his help with some practice. He’s very good at it and is an advanced dancer so you can understand why im a nervous wreck around him when it comes to dancing.  Hopefully now we’ve had a practice session  I will be less embarrassed next time he sees me dance. Im all booked in to a 3 hour salsa workshop in a couple of weeks, so watch this space :)

I’m getting angry now. Most of the time I have no battery life on my phone so I have to run a route that I know is 5k. Today I decided to run a 20k. Luckily I have done this route before.  For once I was organised, I had my phone charging all day.  It was raining, perfect I thought. I love running in the rain, I find it very refreshing. I was running at a good average pace 5 min per K but I got to just over 12k and my phone died.  How annoying.  I carried on as I knew the route and managed to keep with the pace. Its just frustrating I cant prove it :(  Legs are  now destroyed and in much need for a rest.

Miles Today: 12.42

Miles Completed: 1,138.41


12.39k plus 8k