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Days 308-320: About time

Firstly I need to apologise for falling behind on my blog. I’ve had a lot going on in my life but I wont bore  you all with it.   On a more positive note I’ve had lots of good coffees in the usual places and had lots of fun with the BF.    I have kept up with the salsa dancing and have had 4 lessons now. I am and probably always will be crap but at least im giving it a go. I’ve made a good friend, Iain, who started at the same time and I managed to drag him out to the new Putney venue on Friday.   Problem is we get on so well and have a giggle that I have a feeling that before we know it we will be kicked out of the class for not being serious. Lets hope this doesn’t happen or Henry will not be impressed with me.   I have to say Im better at drinking beer at the bar than dancing, maybe I should stick to doing that.  Best part of this salsa is that its a great excuse to buy some new very short, very tight dresses, which will be great and will be fun to see my 16 yr old sons face.   He still believes im having my midlife crisis and says im dressing like a teenager :)

Lucky for me I also make a better runner than I do dancer. Although I haven’t blogged in a while I have been running. Only the 3 miles a day though. I’ve just been too busy for long runs.  hopefully tonight I will manage one.

Message to Rachel, sorry its all in one blog.  I will from now on stay on top of things xx

Miles over this period of time: 39

Miles Completed: 1,125.99


Day 307: it just never gets any easier

Oh how I hate Sundays. Every Sunday I have a meltdown when Henry leaves to go back to Bournemouth and today was no exception. i8 hate it. Friday seems such a long time to wait to see him again. Its ridiculous really because I see him on face time about 4 times a day.  I really need to get a grip

Boring run to the V&A and home

Miles today: 3

Miles Completed: 1,086.99

Miles To Go: 8.01

Day 306: Best day of the week

I just love Saturdays. Waking up next to Henry and knowing I have the whole day with him is an amazing feeling. Quite a busy day.  I ran early and then got back for breakfast at Labis… waffles, berries and maple syrup again, yummy.  westfields shopping, home to see my sister and her hubby then out to Tottenham court road for a salsa event. 3rd lesson for me and I had my first dance in the freestyle afterwards.

Miles Today: 3

Miles Completed: 1,083.99

Miles To Go: 11.01

Day 305: TGIF

Thank god its Friday  Its been a long week  Feel like I haven’t seen Henry in ages.   After work I went for coffee and gossip at my friend Lindas. Always good to see her.  Did a great run around Bishops park then home. Then my babe arrived. God I love him so much.   we went out for dinner at Bodeans then spent the evening moaning about calories. I had the Hotdog with chilli con carne and French fries. Not the healthiest meal ive ever eaten

Miles Today: 3

Miles Completed: 1,080.99

Miles To Go: 14.01


Day 304: Bloody BT

im getting angry.  BT are getting on my tits. its bad enough my internet keeps dipping out but the engineer was meant to come today between 1-6pm so I rushed my work, left early and what happens… no show. making me even more angry by the fact that I cancelled my plans to be home.

Evening run with the sweatshop was the worst to date. Interval training and  the area of the park we ran made it really difficult to keep the right pace. It was complete pants. I just don’t know what Daniel was thinking

Miles Today: 3.11

Miles Completed: 1,077.99

Miles To Go: 17.01

Day 303: The things you do when you’re in love

I was forced to go out of my comfort zone again. I did my second salsa class. I decided to give it a go for a while to keep my man happy.  The problem I have is that im as stiff as an ironing board. I struggle to relax my body. Even when I run im stiff and I tend  to run with tense shoulders.  you also have to think and concentrated and im not good at that either.  I think that’s why enjoy running so much because you zone out and you don’t have to think, you just clear your mind. Then there’s the germs. I forgot to take anti bac so all I kept thinking about every time we changed partners were all the germs flying around. Having said all of this I did meet some nice people and I did have fun but a natural dancer im not.

My run today was good although I had no phone battery so I ran to the V&A and back which I know is 3 miles.

Miles Today: 3

Miles Completed: 1,081.1

Miles To Go: 13.9

Day 302: New trainers

Today I thought I would do something im not used to doing and give my best friend Rachel a shock and write my blog on the correct day.

Today is a good day. Legs are aching a little after last nights intervals but im in a good mood regardless as today is the day that I reap   the reward of running with the sweatshop running club for 50 weeks.  I received £100  towards some trainers. whoop whoop!

not sure whats happened to my blog but as im useless with technology I guess its going to have to stay this way

Miles Today: 3.20

Miles completed: 1,078.1

Miles To Go: 16.9


photo 2(9)photo 1(11)



Day 301: and feeling it

So today is a new week and im feeling great. Pain has gone and im back on track, or so I thought. I joined the Fulham run club this evening and nearly killed myself yet again.  8x 800m intervals with a 60 sec rest.   So im back to square 1.  Glutes and thighs hurting again

Miles Today: 4.2

Miles Completed: 1,074.9

Miles To Go: 20.1

Day 300:

Finding it hard to believe that ive been running for 300 days. Who would have thought I was capable of that and so far injury free and apart from when im hung over im  feeling fit and healthy :)

Sad day leaving Henry but it felt so good when I could see tall building and people and it was great to see Sebastian and the cats. My nephew was pleased to see me because the cats have missed me and have been a pain in the backside crying for me. Evening 3 miler was ok but still hurting a little

Miles Today: 3

Miles Completed: 1,074.9

Miles To Go: 20.1

299: feel like crap

oh dear oh dear! Hangover from hell.   As I don’t drink alcohol that often when I do I get drunk very quickly and it takes forever to recover.  I did an even slower run today into corfe mullen. it was so slow walkers were passing me. Not only were my thighs and glutes still hurting but my head was thumping. :(:(     After my pathetic attempt to run we drove into Bournemouth to meet friends for coffee then headed home for a sleep while Henry cooked dinner. We snuggled up together and watched the wolf of wall street

Miles Today: 3

Miles Completed: 1,071.9

Miles To Go: 23.1