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The end is nigh…

It seems like yesterday that I myself was looking forward to a day off. Now it is Steve’s turn to bask in the glory of his huge achievement and join the still somewhat exclusive hall of fame :-)

Come and join us on Thursday 13th September, 18:30 at the Wellington Arch,  Hyde Park Corner
for a gentle three miles and a well deserved pint or two to celebrate Steve’s success!

See you there!

The End Draws Near!

So please join us for the final run of my year…

20th September 2011 – 18:30 – Wellington Arch, Hyde Park Corner, London

See you there!

Could you take on the challenge?

It’s nearing the end of my target of a year. James did his year, I’ve nearly done mine, would you like the opportunity to do yours?

We would like to find a handful of runners who all wanted to take on the challenge so we could attend events as a team. We would gladly offer you plenty of support and the opportunity to publish your daily blog on the site too.

If you genuinely think that you could take it on (and aren’t a speedy fast runner already, it’s got to be a challenge hasn’t it!) then get in touch…

1095miles needs you!

You can contact Andy by clicking here

***With Regret-Final Tuesday Run of 2010 is Cancelled***

Sorry everyone but travel challenges mean we’re having to cancel tonight’s run I’m afraid. Neither Damian nor I can be sure we’ll be able to get to town, never mind get back and James is at the other end of the country today. We’ve decided to cancel and are looking forward to some more running friendly weather for 2011.

In other news, Sense are trying to drum up some media interest in the fact that I’ll be running on Christmas day. [ Probably entitled “What sort of fool would even consider doing this!” ]

Looks like the weather is well below freezing where I’ll be for the festive period. Prepare for lots of stories of freezing fingers and toes…

More soon,


***14th December Tuesday Run Cancelled***

None of the three of us are available to get to Hyde Park on Tuesday so I’m afraid we’ve had to take the executive decision to cancel the Tuesday run this week.

21st is on, see you then…

Andy, Damian and James.