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Day 112

Early morning run due to playing 5 aside tonight , i never push the pace on a monday i like to save my energy for the match.
miles today 3.03
miles completed 342.80
miles to go 752
shoes nike
ipod n/a

Jabra Rhythm Headphones

I know that headphones are a really personal choice, and so this review is my opinion of the Jabra Rhythm headphones which were sent to me to test.

These are primarily designed to be used with a smart phone, e.g an iPhone.

Firstly, these headphones have an integrated microphone and also a little button with which you can stop or move forward the current playing track. They come with 3 sizes of ear piece cover so you should be able to find a comfortable fit.

For me they were comfortable enough, I am used to using this style of in ear headphone and I like it. Once they were in my ear I decided to plug them into my iPhone to get an idea of the basic sound quality.

I picked a track I know well, and hit play, the first thing that struck me was that the sound was a little dull and seemed to lack some clarity. But as this was the initial usage I finished the track and then picked a very different track, again I was disappointed with the overall sound, for me they just lack some real clarity.

I didn’t want to give up on them so I went and found the original headphones that come with the iPhone, and tried them, for me the Jabra is a slight improvement on them but not as good as my current pair.

I decided upon another test to see how they faired. I plugged them into my Line 6 Pocket Pod with my guitar to test the sound. For the guitar they weren’t too bad, but personally I wouldn’t swap my existing ones for them.

Overall, I would say if you want a cheap alternative to the headphones that come with your device these will certainly do a job, if you are looking for a real improvement in the sound quality you will need to invest a bit more money.

Postscript – I did seek a second opinion from my lad, Sam, and whilst he agreed that the sound quality was slightly poorer than my normal headphones, he said he didn’t actually mind too much as they were better than his current headphones. He has since adopted them and I doubt I will ever see them again!

High5 Energy Gel – Citrus Burst

The blurb:
High5 Energy Gels are carbohydrate gel with glucose and 15% fruit juice.

The numbers:
30ml gives you…
80 kcal and 20g carbohydrate

The reality:
The packaging is small, given there’s no huge amount of water inside so you carry less weight but will have to grab some water to wash this one down with.

The top tears off easily which is good, but the taste is terrible in my view. It’s like the terrible cough medicine your mum would force down your neck ‘because it’s good for you’!

Rating: 1/5

SiS Go Gel – Blackcurrant

The blurb:
SiS Go Gels are carbohydrate gel with sweeteners and don’t need to be consumed with water to be effective.

The numbers:
60ml gives you…
87 kcal and 22g carbohydrate

The reality:
Tearing the top off is hard work, the packaging is very thick compared to some others. I can see it would be annoyingly difficult during a race.
This one tastes quite horrible to my personal palate. You can tell it has lots of water in it as it’s quite a watered down blackcurrant taste.

Easily found in many running and other sport stores is a plus, but only if you like them! They’re not for me. The combination of fiddly packaging and unpalatable taste means I won’t be packing these in my kit bag!

Rating: 1/5

Exped Waterproof Fold Dry Bags

Now, these may seem like an odd item to review on a running site, but I felt like I needed to expound the virtues of what has turned out to be such a useful product. A couple of years ago I was kindly given a few, in a range of sizes, prior to a five day cycling expedition. They were a godsend for packing large amounts of clothing, squishing the bag down and then rolling it up into the smallest volume possible to fit the maximum stuff in my panniers.

Since I’ve started running though, I’ve discovered a new use for them. Keeping smelly running gear under wraps! I have a large one for my running shoes, enabling me to have them in a bag under my desk without turning everybody’s noses up. They also mean I can stuff all my used running gear into a bag and seal it, using the roll top closure, until I am home and ready to shove it all in the washer. It stops everything in your bag developing the odour of damp used running gear. Magic!

Verdict: As it turns out, they cost a small fortune, at around £20 for a set of four in different sizes, but in my view, they’re worth every penny. Go buy some, now!

Hilly Arm Wallet/MP3 Player Case

Ease of use
Value for money

For about £16 this little bag allows you to carry a large MP3 player, or in my case a Blackberry, some cards, house keys and some rattly change, all in the safety of a zipped up case. It is both comfortable to wear and light and has a port on the back to feed your headphone cable through. The case also has some of the usual reflective piping to the front and is adjustable to fit anything from my skinny arms to a much larger one! My only gripe would be that it can be difficult to zip up if it’s not packed out with stuff. (It doesn’t hold it’s shape too well when empty and the main zip tends to get stuck.)

Verdict: All in all, a very functional bit of kit which has served me well. Priced quite reasonably for something so useful and holding up well to the regular washing machine battering.