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Day 345: Laps Laps Laps Laps

There was more decorating today but obviously I had to leave out the Falling down wall. Got the first coat on all the other walls and then the ceiling. Replaced the bits of rotten floorboards, and then started to prime the picture rail. It was at this point I realised it was 8:30pm and I still hadn’t been for my run and had no one to babysit the children. I left my eldest in charge had to run 20 times up and down the front and back of the house round the block so I wasn’t too far from the house and was still in shouting distance. It’s left a rather interesting route on Endomondo.

Talking of which, Endomondo has changed their website and all the embed codes for websites are no longer working. I’ve therefore had to copy a link to the actual route.
Day 345
Miles 3.02
Miles so far 1167.54
Miles to go -72.54
Trainers Nike Lappers

Day 344: Just a small crack

As Kate has gone away for a few days I thought it would be good idea to decorate the front room as a surprise for when she gets back. So I quickly cleared the room and got to work sanding down and prepping the walls. I thought it would be a good idea to quickly chase out one of the cracks in the wall. Half the bloody plaster came away leaving a great big hole in the wall. Quick emergency call to the builder who told me he couldn’t come round till Monday. In the meantime I had to take all the plaster off the wall…….. Ever wish you hadn’t started something?

It was just a small crack

It was just a small crack

So after shovelling all the plaster out etc I finished off the rest of the prep work, dropped the kids at Troys and went for my run. Bloody knackered.

Day 344
Miles 3.08
Miles so far 1164.52
Miles to go -69.52
Trainers Nike Crackers

Day 343: The results are in

Working from home today as I had my follow up session with the consultant. Seeing your insides is quite interesting, seeing what is wrong with you and being told you could need a hip replacement in you 50s is not so interesting.

The MRI scan basically confirmed his initial diagnosis that I have a labral tear and extra bone on the ball of my hip, causing a whole bunch of other trouble. I’ve been referred to an extra special specialist and may need surgery. Before anyone starts telling me that all this running is bad for me it is nothing to do with running, it is because of my freaky hip and would have happened anyway.

Run this evening was alright, now have to prepare myself for Kate going away for 5 days, I hope the kids survive.

Day 343
Miles 3.04
Miles so far 1161.44
Miles to go -66.44
Trainers Nike Hip Replacements

Day 342: Big bikes

Went to pick my eldest up from triathlon training this evening, turns out two bikes for 11 year olds are a bit of a squash in the back of the Honda. Run was OK this evening, took the usual route with Troy, he don’t like to break habits.

Day 342
Miles 3.3
Miles so far 1158.4
Miles to go -63.4
Trainers Nike Bikes

Day 341: Adventure

After an all day meeting I was feeling pretty knackered and a bit grrrrrr. Set off for my run and felt quite good for a change. To create a bit of a detour I went down a footpath that I’ve always wondered ‘where does that go’. It Just takes you to the back of the estate.

Day 341
Miles 3.55
Miles so far 1155.1
Miles to go -60.1
Trainers Nike New Routes

Day 340: Dizzy

Went for my MRI scan today, All seemed to go well, amazing how smoothly things go when your private medical cover is taking care of it.

Got home and started to feel a bit weird, but it didn’t matter because my good friend Nick Big Boy Howell called for me on his bike to fulfil his lifelong ambition of shouting at me from his bike while I ran on ahead. Halfway around I nearly fainted, that ┬áMRI scan messed with my mind. Or maybe it was just Nick’s words of encouragement.

Day 340
Miles 3
Miles so far 1151.55
Miles to go -56.55
Trainers Nike Queezies

Day 339: Downpour

When I got home this evening the rain had stopped completely. I looked out and the sky was clear, time to go for a run I said to myself. Five minutes down the road heavens opened up, absolutely soaked.

Day 339
Miles 3.24
Miles so far 1148.55
Miles to go -53.55
Trainers Nike Drowned Rats

Day 338: Crazy GPS

After a hectic day with relatives visiting, I baked an apple pie, I went out this evening for my run. Clearly something is going a bit screwey with my GPS as after the first mile it told me I just ran 3 miles and I ran the last mile in under 3 1/2 minutes. The second mile in 2 1/2 minutes. Check me out with my new world records.

I’ve been honest though and changed it.

Day 338
Miles 3.27
Miles so far 1145.31
Miles to go -50.31
Trainers Nike Pie

Day 337: Sunny afternoon in the park

Kate had gone out for the day with her friends and my eldest had gone to some scout thing to see Bear Grylls so it was just me and the two little ones today. Went down the park with my youngest’s new toys and had a lovely afternoon playing in the sunshine and eating cake.

Run was actually ok this evening.

Day 337
Miles 3.27
Miles so far 1142.04
Miles to go -47.04
Trainers Nike Fun & Frolics

Day 336: Growing up fast

My youngest turned five today so after rushing through work I managed to duck out a little bit early to make it home in time for the party. 10 crazy five year olds, screaming round hullabaloo.

Went out for a run later on this evening and was absolutely exhausted and felt really faint when I got back in, it’s only 3 blooming miles. Just need a decent night’s sleep.

Day 336
Miles 3.24
Miles so far 1138.77
Miles to go -43.77
Trainers Nike Where does the time go