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Day 346 – Friendly Sunday Run

It was a case of off to the woods again today, and for the first time in a while I did a bit of extra distance, not a huge amount but some.

The route today is one I have done before, especially early on in the challenge and so it was good to do it again, I know the pace was nothing to write home about, but off road is slower and I was only interested in having an enjoyable run.

I don’t know if it is the same everywhere, but when you run off road on a Sunday you tend to meet a lot of families out for a walk, and nearly all of them say hello or open gates for you and are generally friendly. This is something I really enjoy as lets face it when you are out running you are generally working hard and so a bit of a friendly hello does help.

Miles Today: 4.03 (6.48km)
Miles Completed: 1234.52 (1986.76km)
Miles To Go: -139.52 (-224.56km)
Shoes: Saloman XA Pro 3D Ultra 2

Day 345 – Default Mode

After two brilliant days at the Olympic Park watching some awe inspiring Paralympic athletes for tonights run I resorted to default mode.

Now for me default mode is to run through the woods on a gentle course, I know that I have done the village loops more often but todays loop is the one I turn to when I am tired. I have said this before, but off road running is much more my preferred style of running, I just enjoy it more.

For anyone who hasn’t seen any of the Paralympics all I can say it watch it, fir it is simply fantastic. Yesterday we went to the athletics and saw Hannah Cockroft win the 100m, a brilliant performance and as for the wheelchair mens 5000m, that is awesome, they complete it faster than Super Mo. Today we saw Goal Ball and wheelchair basketball. Goal Ball is fascinating, just look it up, it sounds like an odd sport but I loved it and would really like to try it. The wheelchair basketball was fantastic, I am a basketball fan anyhow, and have watched the wheelchair version on tv before, but to see it live you realise the skill level and how physical it is.

Miles Today: 3.32 (5.34km)
Miles Completed: 1230.49 (1980.28km)
Miles To Go: -135.49 (-218.08km)
Shoes: Saloman XA Pro 3D Ultra 2

Day 344 – If You Go Down To The Woods Today..

Today was another trip through the woods today, and it was good. There were a lot of people around and they were all friendly, lots of “mornings” exchanged and quite a few offered encouragement, which was nice.

I saw a few other runners, all women, luckily all going in the opposite direction, and all who looked to be going faster than me! It must be that a sunny Friday morning brings them all out.

Again today proved that running off road is much more enjoyable than road running, the changing scenery and the fact you need to concentrate more make for a far better experience.

I have only 3 Fridays left to go now and the end is in sight, hopefully knowing the end is nearer won’t have an adverse affect on my running.

Miles Today: 3.12 (5.02km)
Miles Completed: 1227.17 (1974.94km)
Miles To Go: -132.17 (-212.74km)
Shoes: Saloman XA Pro 3D Ultra 2

Day 343 – A Couple Of Laps of The Hill

As I was still feeling ok today, I decided that a couple of steady laps of one of the hills outside the village was in order.

The advantage of this route is that for some reason it doesn’t feel like it takes very long even though you are going up the same hill twice, I have no idea why! I certainly didn’t do this as fast as I could but I really don’t see the point at the minute of thrashing myself.

As I have now done 49 weeks and only have three to go I am entering a bit of a tricky period, as I am starting a new job next week in London which is going to involve a longer commute and so I am yet to work out the best time for the daily run, should make it interesting though.

Miles Today: 3.69 (5.94km)
Miles Completed: 1224.05 (1969.92km)
Miles To Go: -129.05 (-207.72km)
Shoes: Saucony Omni Grid 10

Day 342 – Off To The Woods

I went for an easy trail run today as I didn’t really want to go round the roads.

There is something much more enjoyable about running through the woods and across fields that road running just can’t match. Yes the going off road is harder but the enjoyment factor for me is so much higher and I don’t care that the pace is naturally slower.

I did a slight variation on a route I have done before and it was enough to make the run feel different, and I think I might do the route again.

IN terms of the issue with the Garmin data, I am not sure if it is just affecting me or whether anyone else is also not seeing any embedded data, I have raised a case with Garmin over this and will await their reply.

Miles Today: 3.91 (6.3km)
Miles Completed: 1220.36 (1963.98km)
Miles To Go: -125.36 (-201.78km)
Shoes: Saloman XA Pro 3D Ultra 2

Day 341 – Things Seem Ok

Well another day and again the running seemed pretty good. I felt motivated and again enjoyed my trip round the village.

The pace of the run was ok and so currently things are going pretty well again.

I am not sure if this current good form will last for the next 24 days but I hope so and if not, then lets hope it gets as close to the end as possible.

Another small milestone today, is that I went over 8 days of running in terms of total running time. That is more than one whole week, gee that’s a lot!

I have noticed that the Garmin data is not embedding properly, I’m not sure why, but if and when I can sort it I will.

Miles Today: 3.12 (5.02km)
Miles Completed: 1216.45 (1957.68km)
Miles To Go: -121.45 (-195.48km)
Shoes: Saucony Omni Grid 10

Day 340 – It’s Raining, Again

I thought I timed my run well this morning, as when I looked out the window before going, yes it was cloudy but didn’t look like raining soon. How wrong I was.

Within 2 minutes of being down the road the rain started and didn’t stop until I got back, typical. The odd thing is that it was not cold and I actually enjoyed running in the rain. In terms of the route today, it was a simple loop round the village, but the pace was decent again and didn’t feel hard so hopefully I really am over my trouble spot.

I think there maybe something in sports psychology, as things have improved since my chat with Phil on Friday night whilst climbing, maybe I should pay him next time or at least advertise his services here, although sport is not his area of speciality.

Miles Today: 3.14 (5.06km)
Miles Completed: 1213.33 (1952.66km)
Miles To Go: -118.33 (-190.46km)
Shoes: Saucony Omni Grid 10

Day 339 – A Run Of Several Parts

Todays run can be split into a few parts, for the first 3.8km I was with my wife and we trotted along at a very relaxed pace, then the next km I was on my own, and then I bumped into a friend I haven’t seen for a while and so stopped for a chat. The last part was just getting home.

The sun was shining today and that made the run easy, especially at the relaxed pace. It has to be said that my wife hasn’t done a run for over a week and hasn’t been running as much this year as in previous years so is lacking some of her normal pace.

This is the last week of my holiday and then I am off to start my new job, this will present some new challenges as it is based in London and so I will have to find new opportunities for the runs. It will keep things interesting.

Miles Today: 3.16 (5.08km)
Miles Completed: 1210.18 (1947.6km)
Miles To Go: -115.18 (-185.4km)
Shoes: Saucony Omni Grid 10

Day 338 – Much More Like It

Today I felt better or at least my legs did. I don’t know whether it was the addition of my 2XU calf guards to help the recovery of my legs from yesterdays triathlon of running, mountain biking and climbing.

I decided today that I would run the first 2km reasonably hard, and then review how I felt. After the first 2km I felt ok, but thought I would just ease my way home, however, I seemed to pick the pace up a bit more even though it didn’t feel any quicker.

I am glad to have got the bad patch out of the way again and now hopefully I can look forward to some more enjoyable running.

Miles Today: 3.14 (5.05km)
Miles Completed: 1207.03 (1942.52km)
Miles To Go: -112.03 (-180.32km)
Shoes: Saucony Omni Grid 10

Day 337 – Slightly Better

This morning felt a bit better than recent runs, not a lot but better.

I am not sure what changed but I started off at steady pace and then picked it up slightly, not meaning to, but did.

I think today I might of had on my mind that I was going mountain biking later in the day and climbing in the evening, a proper triathlon! Whether this helped or not or could it have been the few pints of London Pride last night, I don’t know, but it was certainly better today.

Tomorrow I ma expecting to have aching legs due to running, mountain biking and climbing in the same day so we will see.

I was going to write todays blog to include my thoughts on the on going Lance Armstrong affair, but to be honest I have posted them on my Facebook page, so I didn’t really want to repeat myself and you can read them there if you like.

Miles Today: 3.15 (5.07km)
Miles Completed: 1203.89 (1937.47km)
Miles To Go: -108.89 (-175.27km)
Shoes: Saucony Omni Grid 10