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Day 26: Do you often see me running? It’s not unusual!

Went to see Sir Tom Jones last night, I love him. Not in a throw your knickers on the stage type love but love his voice. It is immense. The fact that he was performing just across the road from me made it even better. The man is 72 and, unlike all the other ageing rockers who should just give up like McCartney, Elton and Cliff, he still sounds brilliant. He did look a bit less nimble on stage and it made me wonder whether he might be doing the 1095 challenge as well.

The achilles is bearing up and after starting to read Barefoot Running by Barefoot Ken Bob Saxton I have realised I may have adjusted my landing a bit but I am doing it all wrong. Made a few adjustments today which seemed to help from a comfort point of view but need to read the book properly if I am going to be serious about making the transition to barefoot running techniques. Does anyone know of any classes that teach proper technique?

Day 26
Miles 3.3
Total Miles 86
Miles to go 1008
Trainers Asics GT2000

Day 24: Oh the irony

So my achilles is really hurting today and I know I have to run slowly again. Thinking that having someone to run with will help I call my mate up to come running with me, his name is Troy. He didn’t bring a horse with him but it did help.

Stopped off to stretch in the park and got bitten to buggery by the midges. If only there was a Trojan midge then that would have been really funny.

Day 24
Miles 3.1
Miles so far 80.6
Miles to go 1014.4
Trainers Asics GT2000

Day 23: Somewhere over the rainbow…. There might be trouble

Set off this evening and it was chucking it down. I love running in the rain, it makes me feel really energised. And then half we round the park a huge rainbow came out so I had to stop and get a quick picture.
And then 2.5 miles in my achilles twanged a bit and made me do a couple of numpty hops mid run, looked like a right wally and I am pretty sure I may have eeeeked like a girl. Currently sat with the ice packs from my kids lunch boxes wrapped round my ankle……Stupid bloody bad luck rainbow!

Day 23
Miles 3.34
Miles so far 77.54
Miles to go 1017.46
Trainers Asics GT 2000 Achilles killers