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Day 358 – Where’s Aoife?

Ran 3 miles and 3 miles only as was going to be late for The Twenty’s big launch of their debut EP Camarilla.  Was amazing ! so incredibly proud of how brilliant they play as a band and their rocking original music ….CW even dedicated a song to me … a new song called ‘Have you seen her?’ …renamed by GW  to ‘Where’s Aoife?’  Love it.

  • Miles today: 3.0
  • Miles completed: 1186.6
  • Miles to go: (91.6)
  • Days to go: 7
  • Shoes: Adidas Boost

Day 295 – London Marathon…not really

This morning ….still slightly under the influence I would suspect…. I ran part of the route of the London Marathon …passing beside the 25mile marker as the support teams were busily setting up the water stations …laughing and joking …the calm before the storm of what was to come… I thought the support in Paris was good but I could not belive the numbers of people out supporting runners on every inch of that 26.2 course…. quite often 2/3 people deep…. the wall of noise must be just amazing !!  The Hardy boy did good and finished in good shape … we managed to see him at mile 11, mile 18 and then again at mile 21 …before making our way to the finish to pick him up off the ground and bring him home ….food and a few drinks very much deserved.
  • Miles today: 3.3
  • Miles completed: 977
  • Miles to go: 118
  • Days to go: 70
  • Shoes: Brooks Ravenna 3