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Day 13: Who ate all the pies?

It wasn’t me, but I could have done. For the last 2 days I’ve been in London attending ‘Marketing Week Live’, some of it very interesting, a lot of it…. not so much. This morning I had arranged to meet my colleague, Simon ‘Big Bum’ for breakfast and we treated ourselves to a little visit to the Harrods food hall en route to Olympia. I could have stayed there all morning stuffing my face but we both settled on a sausage roll and chicken pie each. I can confirm that sometimes the old adage ‘you get what you pay for’ does on occasion hold true. Crikey they were good. I dread to think how much it would cost to do your weekly shop there. Think I’ll stick to Lidl.

Miles: 3.3
Total Miles: 42.2
Miles to go: 1052.8
Trainers: Asics GT2000

Day 10: Double Figures

When I was really little I remember my brother telling how Dad had asked what it felt like to be in double figures on his 10th Birthday. It all sounded so grown up and I couldn’t wait for the next 4 years when it would be my turn for Dad to ask me what it was like. The big day came and sure enough after being wished a happy birthday my Dad asked me what it was like to be in double figures – I felt like all grown up and was pretty sure I was almost a man. I mumbled to him, “s’alright”

At the time it seemed like the most significant milestone but in hindsight it was a baby step to the next milestones that come and go, until I reach 100 years old. I’d love to get to 100 – perhaps my dad will be there asking me, “what’s it like to be in triple figures son?”

So today is day 10 of the challenge and it does feel good to get to double figures, a little milestone ticked. But now I can’t wait to get to the magic triple figures – that will be something to celebrate…….. and then another 265 to go.

Day: 10
Miles: 3.7
Total Miles: 32.8
Miles to go: 1062.2
Trainers: Asics GT2000

Day 9: Baby we were born to run

‘Jumped’ out of bed this morning, quick stretch and went off running while eating an apple. Calves are still tight and I felt pretty lethargic, never really been a morning person! I really need to stagger around for a bit (few hours) before I wake up properly.

My eldest went off to Silverstone with his friend whose grandad races classic cars, how cool is that? Got to be the coolest grandad in the world. He had an excellent time, especially as he won.

Still reading ‘born to run’, what a great book. It does make me think that everything I thought about running and trainers is wrong and want to throw my Asics in the bin. It also makes me think that I can go out and run 100 miles in the wilderness so maybe it’s not completely on the money but I would recommend that anyone who enjoys running should read it.

Oh yeah, I’ve bought a rowing machine……. random.

Day: 9
Miles: 3.5
Total Miles: 29
Miles to go: 1066

Day 8: A fete worse than death

Took Zac swimming training this morning, he never ceases to amaze me at how he knocks out length after length, hour after hour and come out with a smile on his face. His two hours made me think that what I was doing wasn’t anything in comparison. He is only 10 though and full over limitless energy. While he was training I went for my run and I tried to run with a smile on my face and you know what, I’m sure it made it easier and made the calves scream a little bit less.

I also did a 15 mins of yoga on the grass before and after and whilst I am stiff as a board and useless at it, doing it barefoot on the grass was actually really nice – I think I might be turning into a hippy!

After, it was the school fete. Whilst the kids love it and it raises good money for the school I dread it. Standing in the blazing sun, queuing up for sweets, cakes, face painting and the bouncy castle surrounded by 100s of kids, many of them whinging, including mine, is not the perfect way to spend the weekend – I think I might be turning into a grumpy old man too!

Day: 8
Miles Today: 3.5
Miles so far: 25.5
Miles to go: 1069.5
Trainers: Asics GT2000

Day 7 – Week 1 and I’ve just begun

The first milestone of what should be many is under my belt and it feels good. The calves were still tight but it would appear they are getting better. I just need to make sure I don’t try and get back to full speed too soon. I am really missing BMF though so hopefully this injury will be over soon.

Today was a lunchtime run, which normally I hate as I come back purple as a beetroot and sweating at my desk like a proverbial – but because I had to go slow it was actually quite nice. I was joined by two mates from work, Simon Big Bum (he puts the Short in Shorts) and Little Richard (he puts the talk in talkative) so we had a nice jog around in the sun and put the world to rights…… while taking the piss out Simon’s super short shorts, they were almost a thong.

The kids are now all in bed, Kate is out at work, so it is time to get on the foam roller and cause myself great pain while watching some crap action movie.

Day: 7

Miles Today: 3.85

Miles so far: 22

Miles to go: 1073

Shoes: Asics GT 2000

Day 6: Fulfilling Expectations

Good session with the physio this morning, if I take it easy and do all the good stuff then I should be fine. I do have to use the foam roller on my ITB and Hamstrings a lot though and that is not pleasant.

At least my run was ok, still shuffling but a whole minute quicker than yesterday. I went at half time for the England match as I figured I wouldn’t miss much for the first fifteen minutes of the second half.

I guess it’s good not to expect too much sometimes. I didn’t expect my run to be quick, and it wasn’t. Before the tournament kicked off the country did not expect England to get out of the group stages and for once they fulfilled the countries expectations. Well done lads!

Day 6
Miles today 3
Total Miles 18.2
Miles to go 1076.8

Day 298: Running is cool except when its warm!!

I love this weather at the moment, warm balmy and just like being abroad!! Although running in it isn’t that great for a sweaty bloke. I get to about a mile in and feel the trickle start and no sweatband, bandana or hat will stop it, it starts as a trickle and ends up like a running tap.

I ran up a similar run to yesterday and took a different path at the 4 way junction and this time managed not to get lost, high five me!! I love running new routes even if I do get lost and the summer allows me to do this, the winter can be quite depressing as you have to run where light allows now I can run up to 10pm and its still light so lots of new routes until I finish in 67 days time!!

Miles today:3
Miles completed:966
Miles to go:129

Day 296: Presentation Evening!!

Its been a long time coming, the boys won the league back in April and we have had to wait until today to receive the league trophy and the boys their winners medals. It was all as normal a bit of a rush when I got home from work quick change and straight out of the door to the unfinished Kassam stadium in Oxford the home of Oxford united and London Welsh rugby (I say unfinished because it only has 3 sides really cheap!!).

We arrived in plenty of time with few dramas except one of the mums locking her keys in her car!! A well organised event and a great evening for the boys to receive the Trophy and be rewarded for all the effort they have put in. I am sure I speak for all the parents and my fellow coaches when I say that we are so proud of you and all you effort this year lets now smash the next division big time!!!


Sammy with his trophies Players player and League winners!!

Miles today:3
Miles completed:959
Miles to go:136
Shoes:Asics GT3000

Day 2: Can’t get enough of your love

Now I’ve read a little bit about the effects music can have on an athlete and the general consensus has been get the right music for the right situation for the right person and all in all it can be positive. Still, some people choose not to listen to music when out running. If I am on my own I like to plug in the headphones and crack on through the streets……………. unless I am in some beautiful picturesque setting and just want to marvel at the wonder of nature. I’m sure I will have the chance to wax lyrical about something along those lines as this year unfolds.

Today was a normal run round one of the parks of Northampton so I plugged in and off I set. After having suspicions about the randomness of the ‘shuffle’ feature on my phone (seems to play the same songs all the time) I decided to unshuffle my music and just listen alphabetically. That way I could marvel at my varied and most excellent taste in music as I plod around, and be sure that I will at some point listen to every track saved to my phone as the running days go by.

What I hadn’t counted was that it would appear I have the odd one or two duplicates in my play lists. Trust me, having listened to Barry White, Can’t get enough of your love, 5 times in a row I was beginning to think back to the right music, situation, person statement and be inclined to agree even more. I was also thinking that I need to delete some of those duplicates, which on further inspection is going to take quite a while. You may also be thinking my music taste is also worth challenging. This 1095miles malarkey is throwing up all sorts of challenges!

Oh, and Happy Fathers Day.

Day: 2
Miles Today: 3.02
Miles Completed: 6.2
Miles To Go: 1088.8
Shoes: Asics GT 2000

Day 293: A long but good day!!

So it starts early 8:15 for the under 9’s, I managed to arrive uber cool by being late by 5 mins, we arrived set up and the supposed bad weather appeared to not be happening so most families relaxed, but not me I am ever vigilant always prepared like the preverbal boy scout I have an app and it told me rain lots of it was coming in!!! Anyway it did at about 9.30 just after the boys first game and boy did it rain, everyone was drenched to the bone and the rain was unrelenting and the wind was unabated. The boys were going well and John and Andrew has split the boys up into 2 even teams but selfishly John had gone away on a stag do and abandoned his team!! So Chris the Dad of the goal keeper had stepped forward to manage the team Fred was in, and being the helpful chap I am I appointed myself his assistant and chief cheerleader!!

We had some fantastic results and managed to steer the team into the main cup quarter finals with some superlative performances from all the team who scrapped and battled to some great results and unfortunately got beaten but went out with their heads held high really proud of my Fred who tackled himself to a standstill (there is a rugby players spirit in that boy!!) The other half of the team also did superbly and made the final of the plate competition but unfortunately lost but were brilliant runner ups!!

At 1pm the under 11’s started and we had a win in the first game and then played well every other game and ended up in the plate competition, the boys played the quarter final which was 8 mins one way and then they managed to play 8 mins of extra time with 3 men (don’t ask tournament rules!!) and finally scored the golden goal to put them through to the semi’s!! We were then called with no break to play in the semi and some very tired boys never gave up and kept fighting but eventually lost to a golden goal after 3mins of extra time!!

We arrived home at 7.45pm so nearly 12 hrs at football!! Sharon took Sammy and Poppy to our friends daughters birthday party and Fred ( who was poorly!!) and I watched TV and then Ash Lane face booked and asked if I fancied a few beers in town so we went out at 11.15pm after the family arrived home and the rest is history!!!

Miles today:3
Miles completed:950
Miles to go:145
Shoes: Asics GT3000