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Day 189: Windy up on the ridgeway!!

Poppy wanted to go swimming today and I didn’t so she fluttered her eyelashes and pouted, I didn’t buckle, she had a cry, I didn’t buckle, she then had a sulk and still I didn’t buckle when it comes to swimming she doesn’t always get what she wants!!

We had a lie in today as for the 3rd week no wendyball and then had discussions on what we were going to do today, Poppy wanted swimming, Sammy wanted to watch football and Freddie well he is just Freddie combine this with Sharon just wanting to do something made a fractious morning!! I just wanted to cook dinner and go for a run and then do whatever, eventually we decided to go up to Whitehorse hill and have a walk, I would run beyond Waylands Smithy and they would walk and meet me at Waylands. Good plan except for the howling wind that was in my face for 3miles and only at my back for 1!!! Run completed and we played hide and seek around the long barrow and into the woods and then wandered back to the car by which time the kids were all tired out!!

I had put on before we left a beef goulash which cooked slowly in the oven for about 3 hours and was delicious even the kids ate it all and went back for seconds, I am a brilliant cook by the way. A really pleasant afternoon spent together just us Norths pretty cool!!!

Miles today:4
Miles completed:628
Miles to go: 467
Shoes: Asics gel 1170

Day 38:Hump Day!!

So today is hump day all downhill to the weekend! Change of routine today we had to move Wendyball training forward for the under 11’s due the year 6 visit to King Alfred scheduled for tomorrow evening. I really do get a lot of enjoyment out of coaching the boys and they really are starting to turn into decent sportsmen. I really do try to teach them to respect sport, each other, referees and not to blatantly cheat, now in all sports there are different levels of cheating in rugby there is the slowing down of the ball, body positioning when the referee is on the blind side, living on or over the offside line etc etc all these border on the line of cheating, in football theres shirt pulling, deliberate time wasting, kissing etc etc but we have a responsibility as adults and coaches to ensure that these children understand that fair play and respect are the best things you can get out of sport, the friendships that last a lifetime, the funny moments and the memories and I have hundreds that I wouldn’t change for the world that is what kids need to understand winning is important but the other things the bits you don’t really see as part of the game they are the most important. So I digress we try to teach them respect and that cheating is bad and they will go home and watch Man United v Liverpool and just watch blatant cheating and professional highly paid role models telling a referee to “fuck off” or as I saw Phil Jones and england international who is over 6ft tall get out muscled by a 5’8 player after he dropped the shoulder telling the ref”Fuck off ref that was a fucking foul” I mean seriously kids can lip read and even if they cant they see it as acceptable to be aggressive towards officials, I above a lot of people know that sport in emotive and I have been culpable of having words with refs but I call them sir and I am not paid millions and I am not a role model! These “pros” need to grow up and learn some respect.

Rant over and onto the run! Sharon went for a spa day with her friends today and didn’t get home until 9pm so it was a late run tonight a very gentle 3 miler and then back home for a very healthy kebab I will talk in a later blog about my nutrition and diet its very effective!

Miles today:3
Miles completed:144
Miles to go:951
Shoes: Asics gel 1160

Day 36: Almost 10% complete!!

1st things 1st is there a more ridiculous saying apart from a game of 2 halves or this will hurt me more than it will you my Dad used to say that before giving me a smack (its ok I always deserved them!!) anyway congrats to Ste on his triathlon superb effort although I did laugh on his day 34 blog where he ran 8.52’s and he said it barely counted as a run I would love to run at that pace ;0).

Day 36 was a dull day it was also a Monday and I quite frankly do not have a lot of time for Mondays, Mondays are rubbish and I agree with Bob Geldof its an awful day and I don’t like them! Mr Newton my pleasure for pointing out your problem with adding up I can’t help being helpful (although I think my beloved would disagree!) Any way our new worktops, up stands and splashback arrived today so things were looking up until I unloaded them and found the splashback to be the wrong size and the worktop damaged so a great start to a Monday. I sent them back phoned the company who have rearranged delivery for Wednesday happy with that I told Sharon when I got home only to discover that I am in a management meeting in Bristol Wednesday afternoon so they had better turn up in the morning!!

I received my race pack for the Oxford Half this morning and unlike Newts I can’t think of anything worse than running 13.1 miles the monotony of running around Oxford and finishing in that awful unfinished stadium of Oxford United(it only has 3 sides don’t ask me ask Newton its a rubbish place!!) now don’t get me wrong I will enjoy it whilst I’m doing it and always have a smile on my face! Its just the bloody thought of it and having to get up really early, eat porridge then drive to Oxford sit in traffic then Park then run it doesn’t leave me much time to have a cigarette!!! Now talking of smoking I am going to say this and attempt to carry this out( no honestly I am wait for it!) as of the 1st of October im going to try this Stoptober thingy giving up for a month! So if my grumpiness comes through you’ll know why. I think that using this blog will help as I can vent against the world those of you that know me will know that I say what I see right or wrong good or bad, appropriate or inappropriate, amusing and more often not amusing but love me or hate me thats me!!

Tonights run was a simple slow 3 miler across the airfield where I saw a dog fight(ace pun and another brilliant dogfight/ace see what I did there!) not an organised dog fight I know we live in the country and all that but as I ran down the disused runway I could see a big dog being attacked by a little dog but it was some distance away and I thought maybe it was all fun and games as I had my music on loud, as I got closer I could see this big Rottweiler being held by a woman while this mad Jack russell was biting it a lot, now this woman was struggling to contain this beast and I fear if she had let it go there wouldn’t of been much left of the Jack russell although David and Goliath, Jon North when angry on a rugby pitch, Rorkes drift etc etc are enough to tell you that small things are not insignificant fighting machines!!! Anyway out of the mugger bushes( story from last week) suddenly appeared the owner who as I arrived grabbed the Jack Russell and all I heard was the owner of the Rotty say well I’m actually not going to repeat it but lets put it this way it made me blush……

Miles today:3
Miles completed:135
Miles to go:960
Shoes:Asics gel 1160

Day 35:The one where the under 11’s are still undefeated!!

A lay in this morning as Sammy’s wendyball didn’t kick off until 12.30, so I went for or I planned to go for a 7 miler unfortunately timing isn’t really my strong point or Sharon’s in fact I’m better but that doesn’t say much, anyone who knows us would be shocked if we got anywhere on time!! So Freddie my middle boy decided to come with me on his bike so we set off and headed towards black bridge and hoped to do a loop to bring us out near Williams F1 and then into town and back for a 7 miler, anyway it went wrong I missed the turn across the field and continued back up to the A338 and then had to go back and cross the field and the main train line to London Paddington. I was fine with this except the bike thing now its all very well the kids coming with me but they can’t carry bikes over styles and on this route (its the 1st time I’ve run it) there are a lot of bloody styles 7 to be exact so trying in my positive way(see I don’t always moan!) I got an upper body workout as well today! As we returned from the field onto tarmac I checked my watch for distance pace etc and realised I had called a 11.45 meet and it was 11.20 so a little increase in pace and home for a shower and back to wendyball, I was soaked with sweat so to make sure parents didn’t notice I ran with the boys on their warm up so I didn’t look like a fat sweaty slob!

The game was a game of two halves( I love football terminology as it explains things so well!) The 1st half performance was brilliant some great passing and a huge amount of determination to close down the opposition and some huge bravery shown (down to my drills on Thursday!) by the boys and they scored early through a great piece of determination by our lone striker Ben Hadley who chased a through ball that looked a lost cause and forced the keeper into a mistake and scored. At half time Mark changed things around a bit to try some different partnerships out and we lost shape a little and conceded 2 soft goals. I have got to put this out there does anyone think its acceptable for a 10 year old to blatantly cheat? I was livid as the opposition number 11 performed what can only be described as the worst attempted dive I have ever seen. I felt he should of been cautioned or removed by his coach it really was a terrible piece of cheating! Is this what we do now with kids? I encourage my boys to play with a smile, be polite to the ref and never cheat(now gamesmanship is different!!) We as coaches are trying to build a team that is hard but fair, difficult to beat and with some rugby ethics( no not hitting people or winding people up!) so to show courage where required, be magnanimous in defeat, to show respect in winning and be courteous to opposition and referees at all times I hate to think we as a society are accepting that cheating is good. Sorry for the rant but this was disgusting to see at under 11 football! The boys battled and Jack Blake who fought hard all afternoon scored the equaliser by again not giving up and beating the keeper to a poor back pass to score over all a great performance!!

Onto this afternoon and my buddy Dave the electrician turned plumber from earlier blogs owns a small holding nearby and needed his pig pen moved so I popped over to his to move it with another couple of mates Nigel and Jason, ended up herding his sheep too!! Nice to see everyone and thanks for the copper Tracey( I am jealous of Tracey as she has some new asics and they are very nice!!!) So I then didn’t do much with my flooring this afternoon!

Miles today:5
Miles completed:132
Miles to go:963
Shoes: asics gel 1160

Day 34: Tied to the kitchen…..

Saturday mornings! I used to spend them in bed hungover then get up play rugby and then get back on the booze and love it, now I love them for a completely different reason as I do both weekend mornings, I now get to watch the my boys play sport not the sport I would have chosen for them (but then they thankfully are not me) and as mentioned on here before they are a disappointment to me as they chose to play wendyball and not become egg chasers. Saturdays is Freddie’s day and I really enjoy watching the under 9’s play as they are such a great bunch of boys and I don’t have to coach so I can just watch as a parent and get involved in the parental banter on the touch line and not have to worry about performances. After last Saturdays brilliant performance there had to be a come down and today for all there endeavour it just didn’t happen for them. Freddie who is an all action defender didn’t wake up and the team seemed to all be in bed still, Jamie who was last weeks star man was not well and turned up with a streaming cold and was unable to continue past half time in the first game(although he did play well in goal in the second game) as he was struggling to breathe. The other boys fought hard but nothing came off for them and they lost the league game 4-1 and the friendly 5-2. Now during the second game the coach moved Freddie “the fullback” up front and I jokingly said to the other parents “if he scores I’ll do an extra mile on my run today and thinking that my 3 miler was in the bag he bundled defender, keeper and ball over the line to score (see told you he should be an egg chaser!!) so a 4 miler was the order of the day!!

I decided to run at a really slow pace today and use it as a “Rest” day but I found it more painful than running quicker so picked up my pace and ran at a pace I felt comfortable with. I ran the airfield route with a extra mile and stopped at the rugby club to see a good friend of mine who was down to watch the 1st team who has been in and out of hospital with a poorly leg, now there is a story that goes with this!! Nigel Dixey is one of the nicest guys you could meet always has a big smile on his face he is a great guy to know in the club and he and I have been in some drinking marathons when on tour and not on tour just at every given excuse, if a party needs livening up this is your man!! Another good friend from the Rugby club got married in St Lucia earlier this year and Nigel and his ever patient wife Lynne had booked and paid to go over to celebrate Shep’s wedding so about 3 weeks before they were due to leave Nigel decided to do “Gangnam style” at a party in the club!! Now Nigel is in mid-late 40’s and this probably wasn’t his best idea as he promptly tore his achilies which not only landed him in hospital but also serious hot water with Lynne as they had to cancel the holiday but to compound the issue (or perhaps someone was teaching him Gangnam style is for the young)the operation then got infected and he was not in a good way for a long time but thankfully he is on the mend and back at the club today for a few beers so it was great to see him up and about and back on the Thatchers. Club profits have been down recently and its all his fault!!

After my run I returned home to continue with my kitchen refurb and started to lay new flooring which runs from the kitchen to the hall way and the downstairs toilet, I managed to complete the kitchen tonight so still hall and WC to go but still a start!!


Miles today: 4
Miles completed:127
Miles to go:968
Shoes: Asics Gel 1160

Day 33: Forget Syria just come round our house!!

Today was a bad day! It started bad and it continued badly! Thinking that Friday night was family night cheered me up and then I walked into WW3!! Now I enjoy making curries and cooking in general and my middle boy Freddie is a self named curry monster the boy is just like his Dad and loves his curry, unfortunately the rules around Friday night is homework has to be done so when I got home it hadn’t been and Sharon and our oldest boy Sam were having “discussions” as to what was the best course was to remediate the situation!!! Anyway the upshot was no curry for the kids the PS3 and all electronics banned for 2 weeks and and a set amount of time on the PS3 per day when the ban is finished. So I went running now I never ever could see me saying this but WOW what a stress reliever I left mid row intending to do just 3 miles but ended up doing 5 just to ensure that the UN peace keepers had moved in before I returned. I do have to say that the run dragged and I felt that I ran a lot further than I actually did, I think the Garmin is broken.

Hopefully after the dust settles we will have a weekend like last weekend, Freddie has football tomorrow morning and then I have to run (boo!) and start laying the floor in the kitchen. Then Sam has football on Sunday lunchtime so a morning run will be the order of the day.

Miles today: 5
Miles Completed: 123
Miles to go:972
Shoes: Asics Gel 1160

Day 32: The one where I stopped for a chat twice!!

I decided to do something a little different with the boys at training tonight, one of the things I picked up in the match of wendyball last weekend was some of the boys turning their back on the ball or not fully committing to tackles now this isn’t right and it proves my point about it being wendyball ( I am just kidding before the parents of the Under 11’s attack me!!) So I borrowed some tackle pads and did a contact rugby drill with the lads, I have got to say they really impressed me with some of the hits in fact one of the boys said I hate you Jon as he tried to smash me!!! I hope they got the point of the drill which was to commit to everything you do or you will get hurt. The boys worked hard tonight and that will set them up for Sunday’s match well.

Tonights run was going to be a short slow run but it turned into a long slow run. On my run tonight I was just getting into a rhythm when my good buddy Ash pulled up and I stopped for a chat, I told him that this was a fairly selfish challenge so therefore I wouldn’t be playing much rugby if at all this season( I am retired but they won’t leave me alone!) I will play as I like to keep my hand in but it will be on my terms so Ash if you read this NO NO NO NO I cant play saturday and also NO NO NO I’m busy I’m also old find some young uns!! So when i got home after my run who had text me asking if I could play yes you guessed it Ash who appears to have the memory of a goldfish! Ash No.

I continued and then bumped into fellow runner Dan(in writing I can say fellow runner but in reality he is an athlete this man is seriously quick!!) and we had a chat about running, he is running the Abingdon marathon two weeks after myself and John run the Oxford half. Dan is a good man and really kindly offered to pace me for a PB at Oxford but I have decided to not push this time as I have a long way to go in this challenge (about 977 miles and then some!)I will go for it at the Grove Half in April.

Miles today:6
Miles completed:118
Miles to go:977
Shoes:Asics gel 1160

Day 31: The one where I get lost with a 10 year old on a bike!!!

So I went straightish after work tonight after downloading IOS7 to my iPhone!! I’m glad I took my sunglasses tonight as I was running into the setting sun which was for an early autumn evening run was beautiful. Have a look at this site they are really good glasses at very good value!!

Naked Runner | Naked Runner has it coveredNaked Runner | Naked Runner has it covered.

Sammy decided to come with me on his bike for his “fitness” training and it was quite nice to have some company, I decided to go across the airfield route but to come back the same way rather than run the road route when you come off the airfield. On the return Sammy stopped after going ahead to sprint out the straight and as I caught him up by a small wooded area he said “do you think there is muggers in there Dad?” to which I replied “no but there is a path so shall we go along it and find a way back to home!!!” I was being a little bit male at this time ie who needs a map I’ve got a sense of direction!! So we entered the wood following the track which after a couple of hundred yards narrowed and became fairly overgrown, now it was starting to get dark and still following this by now tiny path we came to the edge of this wooded area, relieved that we had found a track soon turned to glorious failure because when we came to the end of the track there was a five barred gate with 2 rows of barbed wire across the top, not a problem I thought Sam climbed through but being very short I could’t lift his bike over the top! So Sam climbed through and we negotiated our way over another fence a large pile of bricks and managed to get back to the main road, thankfully I had stopped the Garmin at the previous gate so started it and pushed the last half mile of my run. An enjoyable early evening run with Sammy and a bit of adventure to keep it interesting although his final comment of the evening was “lets not do that again Dad!!”

I do enjoy company on my runs now but to start with when I struggled to run 3 miles without gasping for air I couldn’t think of anything worse, so if anyone fancies a run with me contact me on facebook or twitter I only go for gentle runs 9-10 min miles and would appreciate the company!!

Miles today:3
Miles completed:112
Miles to go:983
Shoes: Asics Gel 1160

Day 30: One month done just eleven to go!!!

So thats one month, 30 days, 17.5 hours of running, 8.5lbs lost, 109 miles run, 30 blogs completed, 2 new running tops purchased, 1 new pair of shorts purchased, 4 pair of running socks purchased and an addict to running created. They say if you do anything for 30 consecutive days it becomes a habit and I think this may have done just that. I have loved and loathed this challenge a bit more on the loved side but there has been moments of pure unadulterated hatred!!! I’m going to keep dragging my sorry and not so large arse out every day. I have just been told that I am getting on Sharon’s nerves because we need to order worktops and choose Sam’s school for next year and I have to run “every bloody day”, now these outburst are very rare and it got me to thinking about things so I’m going to let her write todays blog from her perspective!!!
HER! you mean your loving wife I believe…
Well let me start by congratulating my husband, brother in law and friend Stephen in completing a whole month of running,personally I think their mad, pure nutter’s, but I have to take my hat off to them for their hard work and determination. I wonder how I will ever cope for another 11 months? I must be honest as I wave my husband off every day, as he disappear’s into the distance pounding the pavements I selfishly think what he could be doing here at home for me and for the children, finishing my kitchen, cooking dinner, helping kids with their homework and so on, I know selfish thinking really but this challenge does not just affect Jon but his family too, but we are fitting in with the routine just fine (well I keep telling myself we are) we are having to be organised look at the logistics of our family life, work and school commitments, base it around Jon’s runs but we are doing it ‘for Jon’ as we all know he can and will try his damn hardest to achieve this challenge. So I will continue to sit on the sofa,eat chocolate and sip wine while I watch my husband’s weight drop (main positive) and I will still moan about he sweaty running gear he is constantly leaving around the house, why is it men never put things back in the right place?,so the question is can Jon succeed or will he get fed up off my nagging first :0)
So as we move into month two I wish all the guys luck and keep running…

p.s I am very proud of you Jon but NO your not having new trainers…

Miles today:4
Miles completed:109
Miles to go:986
Shoes:Asics Gel 1160

Day 29:#theadventuresofahobbit

Well Mr Rennie I now know your true feelings on my blogs through your unrelenting twitter chat!! So hence the title of day 29 but I think we should slightly change the hashtag to #theadventuresofarunninghobbit now I know you secretly enjoy them I will also add some of your twitter hashtags that you have placed against my blogs!!#runnershavenostyle #itllberonhillleggingsnext #runningisnotasport #runningfriends #doesntlikerugbyanymore #luminousclothing #runnigisboring #comeonletsrun and the final two #imawriternow #educatedandcardiovascularlysuperb now you have struggled to read these some are insulting some are rude and some are quite funny, this is what I love about Phil absolutely nothing! so people I present the pantomime villain Mr Phillip Rennie!! (Love you Phil!!) if you want to follow this loon on Twitter @Liprennie!!!

Tonight I went for a run with one of the Dads of the under 11 boys that I coach. Chris is a great guy who I get on very well with and I offered to go running with im as he felt he wanted to try to get fit, so on Sunday we agreed Monday would be the day. Chris hasn’t runfor a long time so he joined me for the first mile and a quarter we ran at a slow pace involving some very slow running, some walking and some reasonable paced running and without sounding patronising he did very well and I hope he keeps it up.

Today after our busy weekend it was a relaxing day at work! Kids were really tired and so was Sharon so everyone tonight was grumpy except me for a change. I also had a board meeting at the rugby club which eats into the evening, I then watched Doc Martin as Sharon cooked me creme brûlée now I love a good creme brûlée and this was nothing like a good creme brûlée but a good effort all the same. So all in all not a very exciting blog tonight but I ran the last couple of miles at a really good pace and quite enjoyed it!!

Just a photo of my beautiful daughter from her mad hatters tea party yesterday where she went as Minnie Mouse!!

photo copy