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Day 319: More Barefoot

Run was after work this evening. As part of my build up to running my last few runs completely barefoot, the shoes and socks came off for the last mile and half. I’ll do a few more this week. The run was pretty good apart from one pesky toe on my right foot which developed a bit of a blister, need to work on my technique a bit.

Groin is feeling looser but still a bit problematic, better get my next physio session booked in soon.

Day 319
Miles 3.01
Miles so far 1083.38
Miles to go 11.62
Trainers Nike Get ‘Em Off

Day 82: Kick off your shoes

Within half a mile of setting off my right foot/ankle really started to hurt. I’ve been reading a book about barefoot running and within there was a story about a guy who was running with his son who complained of a sore knee. He told him to take his trainers off and within a few metres the pain went away. Chad who is also doing the challenge runs barefoot and has a few times encouraged me to ‘kick off my shoes’, he also knows I have a growing interest in it and up until my calf injury had been starting off including a couple of 10 minutes barefoot in my runs a week.

So after 1.5 miles I took off my trainers and ran a mile barefoot and the pain quickly went away. I was conscious that I shouldn’t overdo it as I am not used to it so put my trainers back on and ran real slow for last mile. Let’s see how I feel tomorrow but I think some serious consideration needs to be given to this… I did tread on a spiky conker though and it bloody hurt!

Day 82
Miles 3.38
Miles so far 271.18
Miles to go 823.82
Trainers Kicked off my A Sic shoes, and I boarded the plane

Day 37: Phew

Weeded the front garden, cleaned both the cars, inside AND out then went for a run in the heat…… Phew, get me!

Did 5 mins actual bare foot today, the transition begins.

Day 37
Miles 3.25
Miles so far 121.8
Miles to go 973.2

Day 26: Do you often see me running? It’s not unusual!

Went to see Sir Tom Jones last night, I love him. Not in a throw your knickers on the stage type love but love his voice. It is immense. The fact that he was performing just across the road from me made it even better. The man is 72 and, unlike all the other ageing rockers who should just give up like McCartney, Elton and Cliff, he still sounds brilliant. He did look a bit less nimble on stage and it made me wonder whether he might be doing the 1095 challenge as well.

The achilles is bearing up and after starting to read Barefoot Running by Barefoot Ken Bob Saxton I have realised I may have adjusted my landing a bit but I am doing it all wrong. Made a few adjustments today which seemed to help from a comfort point of view but need to read the book properly if I am going to be serious about making the transition to barefoot running techniques. Does anyone know of any classes that teach proper technique?

Day 26
Miles 3.3
Total Miles 86
Miles to go 1008
Trainers Asics GT2000

Day 3: To BMF or not to BMF, that is the question

I love going to BMF (British Military Fitness), it is one of the few exercise activities I have found in recent years that I enjoy and have stuck at. As mentioned in my first post I was wondering how I was going to fit this challenge in and include my BMF classes. But tonight I decided that while I get used to running day in day out I would give it a miss for a week or two.

What a good decision that was. A mile in and my calves started to feel really tight (I thought that can’t be right, I am only 3 days in), not enough to stop me but enough to re-enforce to that this is going to take a bit of getting used to and I don’t need to kill myself right at the very start.

So I got back and did lots of stretching – I have downloaded a yoga app to my ipad which is actually rather good. Just a shame I look like a scaffolding plank when trying to copy the girl demonstrating the really bendy stuff…… oooooer!

I have also started to read Born To Run which after a few chapters in has really captured my imagination. I like the sound to barefoot running or at least running on your toes more, it certainly points to why I have had so many niggles and injuries over the years – perhaps trying to do that is why my calves are aching now!

So, having started the challenge I am now looking forward to getting a couple of weeks under my belt and then getting back to BMF.

Day: 3

Miles: 3.02

Total Miles: 9.22

Miles to go: 1085.78

Shoes: Asics GT2000


Day 56 – Thoughts on Vibram shoes?

Here’s a question – do runners who wear vibram shoes run in the winter? I mean, the shoes are basically like gloves on your feet – so when encountered with snow and ice, do you just grin and bear it?

I’ve been reading about vibram shoes and the whole cult of barefoot running. As someone who’s been diagnosed as a runner who over-pronates and has to buy fairly expensive stability shoes, I’m intrigued with the whole idea of changing your gait and steps with these non-shoes.

Does anyone else use them? I’ve heard that it takes some getting used to, so not sure whether the whole three-miles a day running is the best way to break yourself into them.