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Day 20: Smiles all round

So I crumbled and shaved the beard, Kate breathed a sigh of relief and I got my first smile in weeks. My brother Ben whooped, “IN YOUR FACE”, and promptly shaved off his beard, then his girlfriend gave him his first smile in weeks. Needless to say facebook is full of gloating.

Calves are still tight and I am starting to get narked off as I want to get back to BMF. I’m terrified that if I go I will injure myself and then it’s game over for the challenge. I guess the injury hasn’t really come back and my times are coming down again, I’ll give it another week before I go back.

Day: 20
Miles: 3.1
Miles so far: 65.7
Miles to go: 1029.3
Trainers: Asics GT2000

Day 18: Don’t hate me because I am beardiful

I’m growing a beard and have been for a couple of months now. My brother is also growing a beard but has a few weeks on me. Both our other halves hate them but we are now committed and of course sibling rivalry decrees that whoever shaves first then becomes a primary target of ridicule and loses face, well gets their face back….. and the love and affection of our respective good women. I had envisioned that I would not shave until I finished the challenge and would end up looking like Forrest Gump. This is proving to be a really hard challenge, the love of a good woman OR being able to shout ‘IN YOUR FACE’ to your brother. In comparison this 3 mile malarkey is a piece of cake.

Day: 18
Miles: 3
Miles so far: 59
Miles to go: 1036