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Day 213: Hard Training

Lunch time run today with Graeme Skipping Ninja Crichton and Gemma Needs An Original Nickname Humphreys. The pace was ok for me but Graeme isn’t a perfect build for running so had to work a bit harder, epsecially as it was still blowing a gale. He does a lot of circuits so does train hard and hats off to him he pushed hard enough to chuck up at the end. And he still got back into the gym and did burpees, squats etc while I was stretching off. That’s enough admiration for now though, he is still going to be called Graeme Vomit Ninja Crichton from now on.

This evening was back at BMF tonight, still doing red groups which from a fitness point of view isn’t hard but by concentrating on form I definitely know I am working different muscles. And it was really boggy and muddy, got filthy!

Day 213
Miles 3.59
Miles so far 725.34
Miles to go 369.66
Trainers Nike Chucking

Day 208: I’m an inspiration, apparently

Over the last week a couple of people at work have told me I’ve inspired them to do a bit more regular exercise and the other day an old friend, Emma Masterson, contacted me on Facebook to say she is also taking up a running challenge after being inspired by my efforts. I know I am doing this for charity and just because I like a challenge but to hear that i am also helping to make a positive difference to people, even if it is a little bit, is really rewarding and something I never thought would happen when I took the challenge up.

Today I was joined by Simon Big Bum McGuinness and also one of the ladies from work, Su Hangs Around with the Office Fitties Kenly, who contacted me to say she had seen me going out running and wanted to join us. It was a slower run than usual but as I have mentioned before slow runs are always a welcome respite. The challenge isn’t all about Speed, it’s about the day in day out drudgery and mixing up slow, fast, long, short runs all helps. Despite it being a bit tough for Su she is keen to improve and get back to her pre Christmas fitness so watch for a few more mentions of her in the coming weeks.

Still suffering from post BMF stiffness but thankfully nothing more than that, think I might go back tomorrow evening.

Day 208
Miles 3.05
Miles so far 707.33
Miles to go 387.67
Trainers Nike Inspires

Day 207: I’ve got a stiff one

As anticipated I am like the tin man today and am struggling to move after BMF last night. But not in an injured way which is a relief.

Thought I would run in the evening to give me a few extra hours recovery and was joined by Troy Likes A Routine Bradshaw. It would seem that he has a route that he prefers so he knows exactly how far he has left to go. I can identify with that but sometimes part of the fun of going out for a run is not knowing where you are going or where you are and just plodding along going with the flow. I think as soon as your brain starts knowing its near the end it tells your body ‘it’s alright now, you can give up’. If you know your 3 mile route that last half mile is going to be difficult, if you are out for a run, don’t know where you are and end up covering 6 miles that point of the end of 3 miles will be so much easier. Hope that makes sense.

Anyway, my run was alright once I got going and the muscles were moving. I made sure I did lots of foam rolling again, I hate that thing!

Day 207
Miles 3.13
Miles so far 704.28
Miles to go 390.72
Trainers Nike Stiffies

Day 206: It’s good to be back?

Monday and with the great return to work it was business as usual, lots of cars on the road, no space in the car park and hundreds of people out running as part of their New Years resolutions. I’m hoping that all these new runners means I will be getting a few more people out to run with me over the next couple of months. Dd my three miles at lunchtime and even though I was plodding it the pace wasn’t too bad. Usual aches and pains! Have hit a bit of a milestone with over 700 miles now ran.

I went to British Military Fitness (BMF) tonight for the first time since I started this challenge. I’ve been thinking about for a long time now; I’ve missed it, I’ve lost some of my general conditioning and strength and I’m paying for it. I’ve been worried about getting injured so I just went I red bibs, the middle group, and took it easy. Wore my Asics Fuji Cross country trainers and they felt like bricks compared to my Nikes. Really enjoyed it but know my quads and hamstrings are going to be complaining tomorrow. Let’s see what the morning brings.

Day 206
Miles 3
Miles so far 701.15
Miles to go 393.85
Trainers Asics Bricks

Day 86: Ooh Aah, just a little bit

Dropped my eldest off at swimming training this morning and then went for a run around the village. Got back and there was still an hour to kill so thought I would do little extra. Some sprints, lunges, sit ups and press ups. And it hurt, just a little bit!

Apart from Yoga I haven’t done any alternative training since I started the challenge and am really missing BMF. In fact I am pretty sure my all round fitness has declined a bit. Once I have been injury free for a bit then I am definitely going back. Until then I think i need to do a bit of general strength work.

Took the kids to the park for the afternoon to wear them out and then cooked an immense roast pork dinner, even I do say so myself. Mmmmmmmm, crackling, mmmmmm!

Day 86
Miles 3.21
Miles so far 285.01
Miles to go 809.99
Trainers Asics Scratchings

Day 7 – Week 1 and I’ve just begun

The first milestone of what should be many is under my belt and it feels good. The calves were still tight but it would appear they are getting better. I just need to make sure I don’t try and get back to full speed too soon. I am really missing BMF though so hopefully this injury will be over soon.

Today was a lunchtime run, which normally I hate as I come back purple as a beetroot and sweating at my desk like a proverbial – but because I had to go slow it was actually quite nice. I was joined by two mates from work, Simon Big Bum (he puts the Short in Shorts) and Little Richard (he puts the talk in talkative) so we had a nice jog around in the sun and put the world to rights…… while taking the piss out Simon’s super short shorts, they were almost a thong.

The kids are now all in bed, Kate is out at work, so it is time to get on the foam roller and cause myself great pain while watching some crap action movie.

Day: 7

Miles Today: 3.85

Miles so far: 22

Miles to go: 1073

Shoes: Asics GT 2000

Day 3: To BMF or not to BMF, that is the question

I love going to BMF (British Military Fitness), it is one of the few exercise activities I have found in recent years that I enjoy and have stuck at. As mentioned in my first post I was wondering how I was going to fit this challenge in and include my BMF classes. But tonight I decided that while I get used to running day in day out I would give it a miss for a week or two.

What a good decision that was. A mile in and my calves started to feel really tight (I thought that can’t be right, I am only 3 days in), not enough to stop me but enough to re-enforce to that this is going to take a bit of getting used to and I don’t need to kill myself right at the very start.

So I got back and did lots of stretching – I have downloaded a yoga app to my ipad which is actually rather good. Just a shame I look like a scaffolding plank when trying to copy the girl demonstrating the really bendy stuff…… oooooer!

I have also started to read Born To Run which after a few chapters in has really captured my imagination. I like the sound to barefoot running or at least running on your toes more, it certainly points to why I have had so many niggles and injuries over the years – perhaps trying to do that is why my calves are aching now!

So, having started the challenge I am now looking forward to getting a couple of weeks under my belt and then getting back to BMF.

Day: 3

Miles: 3.02

Total Miles: 9.22

Miles to go: 1085.78

Shoes: Asics GT2000