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1250 miles down and off to Frankfurt

Just a quick update as I’m off to Frankfurt for a couple of days to a conference but today I clocked up my 1250th mile…. not bad going.

The run took me from home, around Tooting Common and back through Streatham where I picked some money up from the bank for the trip. On the way, I decided to cheerily greet every runner I passed to see how many responded. I passed eight on the way… only two bothered to even respond. What happend to the runner’s union?

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Miles today: 5.5
Target: 927
Miles to date: 1,250.33

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Making the challenge much tougher

So with the 1095 miles done and with some 60 odd more days left, I’ve decided to up the challenge and try and cover 1,500 miles for the 365 days of running. As such, I sent an email out yesterday to try and raise some more cash for charity… which read like this:

It seems as though running 1095 miles is not enough…

… for some people, so I’ve moved the finish line…

For anyone who doesn’t know, 304 days ago I vowed to run at least three miles a day EVERY day for a year – you can read my daily travails at www.1095miles.com.

Thanks to a marathon and a couple of halves, I beat my 1095mile distance target last month – but still have two months to go to complete the year of running challenge.

So I’ve now decided to attempt 1,500 miles in the year, which means that by September 20, I have to up my average daily mileage from three to 4.6 miles a day.

The new challenge rules are:
  • 1. I still have to run at least three miles a day for the next 61 days
  • 2. In that time, I have to average at least 4.6miles a day.
  • 3. I have to clock up 1,500 miles by September 20
All I ask in exchange is for you to bung a few quid towards my two chosen charities.

Candlelighters – a children’s cancer foundation based in Leeds
Waterside Charitable Trust – a cottage charity that helps with health, sanitation and youth projects in Kenya.

Donations can be made at www.virginmoneygiving.com/1095miles and are split equally between the two charities.
Today’s run details below

Click here for a link to Garmin Connect for a map and details of the run

Miles today: 5
Target: 912
Miles to date: 1,224.63

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Exams, new trainers and knackered

God, I am absolutely battered today. A combination of our loud cat Mini screaming at 4am (she wants attention as soon as it’s light) and a little stress before my first PT exam this morning had me not getting back to sleep.

Did I use the time wisely? Well I answered some emails and did a bit of work but I didn’t do any last minute cramming, I have a theory that if you’ve not learnt it on the day of the exam, you’re hardly going to learn it in the last few hours before you pick up a pen.

At just after 6am, I went out for my run, heading down into grimey, industrial West Croydon and scaring a couple of blokes I passed on their way to work (“bloody hell, where did he come from”).

While showering, I caught a glimpse of myself side on in the mirror and cursed for the 1,00oth time that I did not start my fitness kick five, 10 or 15 years ago. Despite all the running, cycling and gym work, there’s still that last bit of tummy fat that I find impossible to shift.

I was working at The Express today on the travel desk and had booked my test for 9am, the earliest slot possible, and had hoped when booking that I would be quick enough to get in, get out and get to work for just after 10am.

A 35 minute, 7.5mile cycle later and I was sitting my first test bar driving since the distant days of Uni, almost 20 years ago.

I’d half expected other people sitting to be yoof but there seemed an even spread, though I was the only one with grey hairs doing an exam (they have different courses all sitting in the same room being examined at the same time). I think some of them must have wondered who the old bloke in the cycling gear with the salt-and-pepper beard was but I did get talking to one lad a little closer to my age before the exam started. He was doing his last module and had only high praise for the course so, hopefully, the fees have not gone to waste.

Thumbing your nose: the answer is saddle

I ended up finishing early – it took me about 30 minutes to go through the 50 multiple choice questions  and re-read them twice and I think I did okay. There were a couple of questions I was kicking myself over, I’m finding characterising some of the joint movements a bit complicated but feel this will right itself when I can see what the difference is between some of them when I start my practical sessions tomorrow.

Oh, and for the life of me,  I could not remember whether the thumb is a saddle joint or a condyloid joint and I spent ages umming and ahing and changing my mind before finally getting it wrong!

Anyway, I think  (I hope) I did enough to pass…

The Express is a long day on Fridays. Press day for both papers and we spend hours checking and re-checking facts and re-writing little bits to get things just right. It’s interesting work and I’d rather us get it right than not of course, but it does mean we don’t tend to leave the office until almost 8pm and then I had another 7.5 mile cycle home….

In the midst of all this, I forgot to mention I went out at lunchtime and bought a new pair of Brookes Adrenaline GTS 10 stabilising trainers. Readers who’ve been coming for a while will remember that before the Brighton Marathon, changing to these trainers saved me from a really bad bout of shin splints. Sadly I’ve passed 500 miles in them now and the wear makes them less effective at supporting my ankle when I run… they are the fourth pair of trainers I’ve been through since I started the challenge…

Anyway, must go… I’ve reading to do before the practical course over the weekend and I can hardly keep my eyes open.

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Miles today: 5
Target: 858
Miles to date: 1,128.61

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Coming back like a drowned rat

So another five miles this morning with a gym session in the middle of it all – I’m thinking of coming up with a mini five miles challenge but have not yet decided what form it’s going to take…. I might have more details in the next few days.

What was different this morning was that I got up pretty early and was out running at about 6.45 and it was still boiling when I first started. When I came out of the gym though and started to run home, it started chucking it down.

It was actually great to run when it was cooler, despite me coming back drenched. And by the afternoon, when I was studying for my first PT exam on Friday, it was back to being gorgeous, so I sprawled out with my books in the garden.

Click here for a link to Garmin Connect for a route map and details of the run

Miles today: 5.3
Target: 849
Miles to date: 1,113.61

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1,100 miles passed and "I can't wait for some chips"

So I know it’s not much of another milestone, given I passed my 1095 mile target just yesterday but today’s run took me past 1,100 miles so far.

With the weather so warm, I’ve decided on gym days I’m going to split my run: run up to the gym, do some weights and run back…. Normally that would be about three miles but today I decided to take a long route and up things to a five miler… There could be a reason for this – well there is in my head – but I’m not sure whether I should go public with it yet – I’ll see how this week goes.

I got the Virgin Active in Streatham just after opening and so it was pretty quiet, apart from the chap I sometimes see working out who seems to know everyone in the gym and greets them all with a massive guffaw and has a little bit of chit chat. Today – and I’m not sure why – it was Bond films.

There was also another girl there who I sometimes see. A young black lady, lithe as you like – I mean there is not an ounce of extra body fat on her and although she exercises alone, she clearly “beasts” herself to the extreme.

Today I found out why. She was speaking to loud bloke and I only caught part of the conversation but she is about to compete in something (not sure what) abroad next week. The guy was asking her how it was going and she seemed quite confident.

She also said she couldn’t wait to finish so she could have a bag of chips. “Really?” replied loud bloke. “Not a banana or something?” “Nah,” she said. “A bag of chips. I’ve not had one for two years.”

That, friends, is dedication.

Click here for a link to Garmin Connect for a route map and details of the run

Miles today: 5
Target: 843
Miles to date: 1,103.31

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Passing the 1,000 mile mark

I’d been planning for my long run this weekend to see me over the thousand mile mark and had also planned to meet up with my pal David so he could join me on the momentous run.

Back at Hyde Park Corner, with pre-made message in hand

Saturday saw him have to spend time with the family and so we moved the run to this morning, lopping three miles off the distance we were going to do as I wanted to finish on as close to 1,000 miles as possible.

At around 6.50 this morning, I got  a text from him saying ‘ready to go’ at which I have to admit having a small groan when I read it… Last night, Laura and I were at a Eurovision party so I’d woken up with a slightly sore head. Nontheless, I jumped in the shower and then the car to get to our meeting point, Hyde Park Corner.

David – who runs like a whippet anyway – put me to shame by having run from his house in Hackney, so he already had six miles on the  clock when we set off on what turned out to be quite a lovely route.

From Hyde Park Corner, we cut through Green Park to Buckingham Palace and then rounded St James’s Park, coming up by Horse Guard’s Parade where everyone is getting ready for Trooping The Colour: barriers were going up, the chairs in the parade were being laid out and guards were practising their marching.

From here we cut through Trafalgar Square and Picadilly Circus, taking the long steady climb up Regent St, over a very empty Oxford Circus (all the shops were closed, it was so early), past the BBC and on into Regent’s Park. It’s the one central London park I had yet to run around and, as we passed London Zoo, you could hear animals squawking and roaring as we past.

David joins the celebrations

By the time we got to Baker Street, the streets had started filling up, meaning we had to do some pavement dodging before coming back into Hyde Park. We passed 1,000 miles just before coming back to Hyde Park Corner. A fabulous run with a fabulous and supportive mate.

Click here for a link to Garmin Connect for a route map and details of the run

Miles today: 7.40
Target: 759
Miles to date: 1,000.17

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The post-marathon blues – call for help

I’m not sure if there is such a thing as post,Marathon blues but I think I must be on a bit of a comedown, both physical and mental, from running the Brighton Marathon.

The three miles a day I have to do have become a real routine part of my life. Get up, kit on, stumble out, run it, come back, get showered, either go to or do some work. It’s all fine and I have no doubt that barring serious injury I’ll finish the 365 days… it’s just that when things get routine, they always get a little dull.

Looking back on past posts, I can see it’s a feeling that started setting in after we came back from honeymoon in the new year, which is why I took on the training for Brighton challenge as well.

Now that’s gone though, I’m back to the routine and, Leeds half marathon in two weeks aside, I have nothing to aim for other than another 130 or so days of routine – and it’s making me feel quite sluggish on runs.

So I need some help on suggestions of what other running challenges I can do over the coming months that give me something else to aim for but allow me to carry on incorporating the three miles a day into the training.

If you have any ideas, please comment below.

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Miles today: 3
Target: 657
Miles to date: 871.52

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Missing the seventh month anniversary

I’ve been so pre-occupied with the Brighton Marathon over the last week that the seven month anniversary of the three mile a day challenge totally passed me by! (It was on Tuesday)

I’ve been shifting at The Express today with a bit of a late finish so it’s too late now but I’ll do a bit of a round up of the seven months on tomorrow’s post.

I have uploaded the Brighton finish to YouTube though for anyone who wants to watch it.

Click here for a link to Garmin Connect for a Google Map and full details of the day’s run

Miles today: 3
Target: 648
Miles to date: 862.52

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The run before Brighton

The last run this morning before tomorrow’s Brighton Marathon saw we do a very, very easy circuit of Streatham Common – little more than a jog to get me through the last day without any problems.

I’ve also had a good stretch out and am about to jump in a cold bath and then it’s time to get all the kit ready before setting off to the coast later this afternoon.

I have to say, I didn’t sleep a wink last night – despite taking some melatonin… Lord knows what I’ll be like tomorrow.

Big thanks to all who have sent in congrats and music choices, they all really help. And very nice of Dove to ping over a few products from their new men’s range too. I’ll try them out and let you know my thoughts.

Finally, a PR company from the US got in touch – they’re having a biggest blister competition for one of their clients that does blister plasters. Shame we can’t enter from the UK but anyone from the US reading can enter here. The rest of us can just look at the gross pictures…

Click here for a link to Garmin Connect for a Google Map and full details of the day’s run

Miles today: 3
Target: 630
Miles to date: 821.09

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Missing out on day 200

So in the midst of telling you about the day before yesterday’s physio session, I completely missed noticing I’ve now passed 200 days of straight running on the streak – only another 165 days to go.

I noticed this morning that while running my legs felt heavier than an elephants and I am now stressing that the cause of the injury are my running shoes.

I wear stability trainers which are meant to stop your feet from rolling when you run. I’d had my gait analysed about 18months ago and these were the ones suggested to me but stability trainers should really not be allowing me to get shin splints. What if the guy who tested me got it wrong? Depending on whether your feet role out or in when you run you are either pronating or suppinating. I always get mixed up which is which, what if they guy who tested me did too? The trainers you need for each condition are very different and would exacerbate problems….

I’ve a sports massage tomorrow but after, I am going to go and have them looked at again… just in case.

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Miles today: 3
Target: 603
Miles to date: 793.09

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