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Day 101

Picked the pace up slighlty today , listened to a great new album by The Lumineers
Miles today 3.03
miles completed 305.09
miles to go 785
shoes nike
ipod the lumineers

Day 100

Wow cannot beleive i have made it to 100 consecutive days running only 265 days to go oh dear. It is a long hard slog but i will hopefully keep ticking these milestones off.
miles today 3.04
miles to go 788
miles completed 788
shoes nike
ipod ed sheeran

Day 99

Was feeling better today so decided to pick the pace up from my last few runs, i must say i like a good drink with the lads but i do suffer for a couple of days must be my age.
Miles today 3.01
miles completed 299.02
miles to go 791
shoes nike
ipod The gaslight anthem

Day 97

Set off early this morning for my run due to the fact i was climbing Helvellyn with my mates at 10.00am. I took the run nice and easy so that i could save my energy for the walk ahead, i am glad i did because the walk was 8 mile round trip with a few tough climbs but very enjoyable, we finished the walk at 2.30pm then went drinking until 1.30am we needed the jaegerbombs to keep us going.
Miles today 3.02
miles completed 293
miles to go 797
ipod -n/a
shoes nike

Day 96

A busy day today so couldn’t go for my run until this evening a nice easy run because tomorrow i am climbing Helvellyn with my mates , so i will have to get up for 6.00am do my 3 mile run then go to the lakes to tackle striding edge bring it on .
miles today 3.02 miles
miles completed 289.98
miles to go 800
shoes nike
ipod Dry the river

Day 94

Went for a nice slow run didnt feel like pushing it today especially after a few birthday beers last night.
miles today 3.00
miles completed 283.94
miles to go 806
shoes nike lunarglide
ipod – of monsters and men

Day 93

Went for my 48th Birthday run today before commiserating with a meal and a few beers with my family tonight.
Miles today 3.06
miles completed 280.56
miles to go 809
shoes nike lunarglide
ipod – we are augustines (quality)

Day 90

Went to the gym as usual for 1hr then ran the 3 miles home with my pal for company which is always nice especially with the banter, it is the only run i do with company .
miles today 3.03
miles completed 271.39
miles to go 818
shoes nike
ipod n/a

Day 84

A slow run this morning due to playing football tonight.
miles today 3.01
miles completed 252.94
miles to go 836

Day 83

My veterans football had a match today , they asked me to play when i got there they had 12 so i said i will go sub and only play if someone got injured. While i was watching i decided to try and fit my 3 mile run so i ran around the pitch it was boring but at least i managed to fit my run in.
miles today 3.00
miles completed 249.93
miles to go 839
shoes football boots
ipod – n/a