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Day 176 – driving home for Christmas…then had to run

Was on my tour of Ireland today …moving from Monaghan to see Granny in Cavan and then to visit the Van Zunderts in Inch.  After a good bit of driving and many Christmas tunes I made it to Letterkenny at 8.30pm and went straight out to run. Fuelled by Stef’s mothers Christmas Dutch bread I managed a decent enough run … Now home …feet up and looking forward to some good times with the family in the days ahead …

  • Miles today: 3.3
  • Miles completed: 580.4
  • Miles to go: 514.6
  • Days to go: 189
  • Shoes: Brooks Ravenna 3 (new for A/W 2012)
  • Days until Christmas run….1…tomorrow is Christmas Eve!!

Day 155 – 1.5C and icy

Sunday morning run  – felt a lot better than yesterday morning so managed to do the run first thing this morning  – it was still very cold and there was plenty of icy patches on the paths ..so had to slow down a few times … need to get used to these tentative runs as I can only see it getting worse over the next month or so… the snow will be good fun !

Miles today: 3.3
Miles completed: 512.4
Miles to go: 582.6
Days to go: 210
Shoes: Brooks Ravenna 3 (new for A/W 2012)
Days until Christmas run….22

Day 154 – hail stones

After a late night last night ….chatting to Dad and drinking lots of wine  it took a while to get motivated to get up and run today  but I headed out and it was very cold but not raining …. as I set out I saw the dark clouds a coming … and about half way through the heaviest rain turning to hailstones fell on my poor wee head… was soaking by the time I got back to the car but the any lingering effects of alcohol seemed to have been shocked out of my system..

Miles today: 3.3
Miles completed: 509.1
Miles to go: 585.9
Days to go: 211
Shoes: Brooks Ravenna 3 (new for A/W 2012)
Days until Christmas run….23

Day 153 – Friday and cccccold

Friday evening run in LK …back at home for the weekend (hence this is late too!)  ..It was really cold so wrapped up will with hat, gloves and lots of layers!

  • Miles today:  3.1
  • Miles completed: 505.8
  • Miles to go: 589.2
  • Days to go: 212
  • Shoes:  Brooks Ravenna 3 (new for A/W 2012)
  • Days until Christmas run….24

Day 127 – Glenveagh National Park – hilly little number


  • Miles today:  3.6
  • Miles completed: 420.4
  • Miles to go: 674.6
  • Days to go: 238
  • Shoes:  Brooks Ravenna 3 (new for A/W 2012)

Day 126 – run on Inch Island…scaring the sheep

Headed out from MC’s for a morning run ..the sun was shining but you could see the snow on the mountains in Donegal – was cold but really beautiful …did not see one other human being but plenty of sheep were scared as I came plodding along the roads ..lots of hills which was tough … it was all worth it to get the run over with and then headed to the Spa in Ballyliffin for back massage and lunch with the girls …bliss!

  • Miles today:  3.3
  • Miles completed: 416.8
  • Miles to go: 678.2
  • Days to go: 239
  • Shoes:  Brooks Ravenna 3 (new for A/W 2012)

91 up – Letterkenny loop

Still in LK and as wanted to avoid a repeat of yesterdays dodgy mud trail I did a loop around town instead.  Was thinking alot about whether at some point I want to raise some money for this effort – I think i have a good and personal cause now in mind but will wait and see how I get on between now and Christmas.  This is the end of month 3 and Christmas Day will be Day 177 and New years will be the half way point – all going well this should be a good time to think I might make it to  the end of this madness…and it is madness …but if you are going to display some mentally absurd qualities this is perhaps a preferred method?

Watching the Ryder Cup as I write this and willing Europe to make some sort of come back but its not looking too good at the moment.


  • Miles today:  3.2
  • Miles completed: 304.2
  • Miles to go: 790.8
  • Days to go: 274
  • Shoes:  Brooks Ravenna 3 (new for A/W 2012)


Day 85 – Up Donegal

Early morning run before heading down to Dublin for the final.  It was bloody cold – the first really cold morning that I have run in  …a little taster of what is coming!  A  good result for Donegal as they won the All Ireland in some style for the first time in 20 years and for only the second time ever.

  • Miles today:  3.1
  • Miles completed: 285.6
  • Miles to go: 809.4
  • Days to go: 280
  • Shoes:  Brooks Ravenna 3 (new for A/W 2012)


Day 66

Felt alot better today and quickened the pace up a bit due to the fact i had to take my lad to his swimming lesson and i was running late, i should do this more often.
miles today 3.01
miles completed 207.03
miles to go 890
shoes nike lunarglide

Day 71 …Re run of Day 22


I left my parents place to go into town to run and forgot my garmin to record my route.   I am hoping that at Day 71 that ye might have some faith in me at this stage that I did not just kick back in the house watching random movies that Dad has recorded on Skyplus …nope that was last night.  I ran the exact same route, although a bit faster,  as on Day 22 so I have included the map below.

  • Miles today:  3.2
  • Miles completed: 235.8
  • Miles to go: 859.2
  • Days to go: 294
  • Shoes:  Brooks Ravenna 3 (new for A/W 2012)