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Day 96

A busy day today so couldn’t go for my run until this evening a nice easy run because tomorrow i am climbing Helvellyn with my mates , so i will have to get up for 6.00am do my 3 mile run then go to the lakes to tackle striding edge bring it on .
miles today 3.02 miles
miles completed 289.98
miles to go 800
shoes nike
ipod Dry the river

Day 95

Took my boy football training then went for an evening run which i enjoyed immensely, i run a junior football team so this gives me chance to think about the match tomorrow.
miles today 3.02
miles completed 286.96
miles to go 803
shoes nike
ipod – n/a

Day 77

Set off for my run today in torential rain i was not looking forward to it , but with mumford and sons new album playing on my ipod the run soon passed and i actually really enjoyed the rain nice and refreshing.
miles today 3.02
miles completed 241.05
miles to go 857
shoes nike lunarglide
ipod mumford and sons

Day 70

No football today due to injury so went for afternoon run felt ok but hamstrings are very tight, this challenge makes it very hard to get over injurys .
miles today 3.17
miles completed 219.67
miles to go 878
shoes nike lunarglide
ipod the killers new album

Day 59

Struggling with a knee injury at the moment that i received playing 5 aside football for the veterans, but on this challenge you have to just get on with it, i would not have run normally if i was injured but there are no excuses on this challenge. The run went fine i am not going to push it for a week or so and try and recover for next monday football i hate missing it.
Miles today 3.02
miles completed 184.92
miles to go 911
shoes nike lunarglide

DAY 22

After a big drinking seesion the night before i ran to pick the car up were i left it last night in poulton, it was just what i needed to sweat the beer out, i never look forward to a run after the night before but it always does the trick .
Miles today 3.35
Miles completed 68.82
Miles to go 1026.18
Shoes Nike lunareclipse

Day 8 – lazing on a ‘Sunday’ afternoon

As it is a day of rest and all that I wanted to get out early and have a nice lazy Sunday afternoon …it was raining but not the face assaulting rain ..just nice and light and strangely refreshing.

I went back on the tow path and recorded the trail through Lagan Meadows on my Garmin  (the one I wiped the other night!).  The total elevation was not as much as I thought but still felt tough running up that first hill! When I was training for the marathon my training partner Kerri was partial to a regular hill session and forced me into it and you could nearly feel yourself getting fitter during the run …it was always tough.  There is one hill we used to drag ourselves up up and the odd time you’d get someone comment to you as you ‘ran’ past them ..’fair play to you girls’… it was that vertical!   Hopefully Kerri will be back running soon after her extended holiday in  South America  – not jealous – looking forward to having someone to push me up those hills again!

  • Miles today : 3.2
  • Miles completed: 26.4
  • Miles to go: 1068.6
  • Shoes:  Brooks Ravenna 3


Shagged, shattered, buggered and knackered

Up studying late last night, three miles first thing this morning, off to the Bankside gym in Waterloo to do my PT exam… it’s been quite a day.

The thing with doing the practical assessment is that you pair up with someone else on the course and then train in each other in a session. Given I practised the session I was going to teach today on Saturday, then went and practised the session I was being taught today yesterday, and then went and taught and was taught over two sessions today (anyone still with me? Im starting to get confused myself) in the actual assessment, the thread title is a fair reflection of how I feel.

The good news is I passed the practical element of the course and, providing I can pass the theory test on Thursday, I will be a fully fledged level 3 PT, though will still need to complete some more modules to get my full diploma.

The funny thing is, while I’ve been doing the course, I’ve been surrounded by some proper gym bunnies and I always thought cardio exercises were my strong point and that resistance ones were there’s.

Part of the session that Jonathan, who I buddied up with, involved me doing lactate acid interval training and so I took to the treadmill and thought I was doing it with ease.

When we finished, the assessor said to me that I really need to look at my hip flexors as Im not actually flexing enough in my running… and I think he’s right. Thanks to several doses of shin splints through the year Ive been running, I’ve started to avoid too much stride lengthening and leg raising when running to avoid the higher pressure this would involve on the legs. It seems that by doing so, I’ve compromised my running style. It’s something that in six more days, with a bit of rest, I can start looking in to!

Miles today: 3.07
Target: 1077
Miles to date: 1,496.15
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Today’s runs

Christ, I'm hurting…

Five days of being tested, prodded, poked, stretched and loaded with weights on the PT course on top of the general travails of running every day for a year and I felt wrecked when I got up this morning.

What to do? Crank the miles back up to five for today before hitting tomorrow’s big run as part of my marathon program for Athens. We’re endurance runners for cripe’s sake, what else did you expect :)

Despite the niggles and sore bits, as per usual it was fine when I got outside and started running… but then again, it always is!

Click here for a link to Garmin Connect for a map and details of the run

Miles today: 5
Target: 1029
Miles to date: 1,432.68

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Sore points – lots of them

Yesterday’s stop-start running shenanigans where I started three separate runs in a short space of time have left me feeling pretty sore. There’s a whole lot of chafing going on, while by warming up and cooling down, I’ve also a bit of a sniffle…

When the cat alarm (thanks Mini) went off this morning at 3.30am, I wanted to just curl up and die. Luckily, I was so whacked, I managed to pull her under the covers and get her and me back to sleep.

Six am and I was up, feeling like the body weighed about 20 stone rather than 13. A five miler seemed impossible today so I Vaselined up on all the sore bits and headed out to do three at as slow a pace as I could.

At 42, I am also now discovering the joys of Sudocrem – an antiseptic ointment that helps relieve discomfort from things like nappy rash!

Click here for a link to Garmin Connect for a map and details of the run

Miles today: 3
Target: 1017
Miles to date: 1,418.68

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