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Day 178- 185 The half way point

Well i am at the half way point its been tough but i did not expect any different , to be honest i find the blogging more of a challenge i leave it a day and it soon becomes a week. Its all downhill from now on only 180 days to go bring it on.
miles today 3.00
miles completed 734.75
miles to go 529
shoes nike
ipod various

Day 157

Went for my 3 mile run then went to my boxing class.
miles today 3.01
miles completed 649.75
miles to go 610
shoes nike lunarglide
ipod glen hansard

Day 155

A nice steady run today.
miles today 3.01
miles completed 643.73
miles to go 616
shoes nike
ipod mumford and sons

Day 153

Went to the gym for one hour then ran home with my pal.
miles today 3.04
miles completed 467.71
miles to go 622
shoes nike
ipod the clash

Day 152

A steady run today before a night out.
miles today 3.01
miles completed 464.67
miles to go 625
shoes nike
ipod the smiths

Day 150

Another milestone 150 days non stop , did not think i would get this far so i might as well carry on.
miles today 3.02
miles completed 458
miles to go 631
shoes nike
ipod white lies

DAY 149

Dropped my daughter off at dancing in Fleetwood so instead of coming home i decided to do my run which was a nice change of scenery.
miles today 3.18
miles completed 454.98
miles to go 634
shoes nike
ipod the shins

Day 145

Suffering abit today a few to many pints last night, but it always seems to be a good hangover cure .
miles today 3.02
miles completed 442.64
miles to go 646
shoes nike
ipod maximo park

DAY 143

A nice steady run today before going boxing training.
miles today 3.00
miles completed 436.61
miles to go 652
shoes nike
ipod mumford and sons

Day 155 – 1.5C and icy

Sunday morning run  – felt a lot better than yesterday morning so managed to do the run first thing this morning  – it was still very cold and there was plenty of icy patches on the paths ..so had to slow down a few times … need to get used to these tentative runs as I can only see it getting worse over the next month or so… the snow will be good fun !

Miles today: 3.3
Miles completed: 512.4
Miles to go: 582.6
Days to go: 210
Shoes: Brooks Ravenna 3 (new for A/W 2012)
Days until Christmas run….22