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Day 57: I’m broken

After feeling pretty good and not having to face the heat and hills of Spain I sped it up yesterday. Big mistake, my calves were rather tight this morning and knew I would have to take it slow. At weekends sometimes Zac jumps on his bike and follows me round and today he decided to put on his trainers and run with me. That was great as I knew having him along would mean I have to take it easy. He runs a bit of cross country at school but not loads and knew 3 miles might be a bit of a challenge…. He breezed it, clearly the hours and hours of swimming he does translates into overall fitness. Perhaps he could be challenging the Brownlee brothers in a few years.

The boy

The boy

So I am psychologically broken after having been shown up by a 10 year old and as I limp around the house my calves are telling me I am physically broken.

Day 57
Miles 3.01
Miles so far 187.77
Miles to go 907.23
Trainers Asics Whipper Snappers

Day 52: Stupid Stupid Legs

Followed the quick hilly 3 mile loop today and my left quad/groin felt really weak. Whenever I lift my knee above parallel it seems to give up and really hurts. Also tweaked my right calf, That I injured on day 4 trying to run quickly downhill.

Majorly disappointed with my legs today.

Day 52
Miles 3.01
Miles so far 172.25
Miles to go 922.75
Asics Let Downs