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Back to running…

So after a week off, bar the handover run on Tuesday, it was time to get back on the bike, so to speak yesterday.

The Athens Marathon is approaching at the end of October, as is the Royal Parks half marathon in the middle of the month and it’s been a while since I’ve done a really long run.

One of the things about not doing the challenge any more is that I am able to take rest days and I hope this is going to improve my performance and so I set off yesterday morning at 7am with a spring in my step, despite the cold and drizzle.

My plan was to run the seven miles from home to Green Park, meet up with my pal Dave and a couple of other lads who are also training for the Royal Parks, do eight miles with them and then run as far home as I could.

According to my training program, yesterday should have been a 20 miler but with no real long for a few weeks, I’d decided to settle for 18.

Getting into town was relatively easy, I wasn’t bombing it, but neither was I taking it easy, the few days rest were obviously doing their job.

I hooked up with David and the boys at around eight, luckily, one of them was doing his first half marathon, had not done much training for a few weeks and wanted to take it easy, so we let him set the pace for the eight miles we had to cover.

We ended up doing a huge figure of eight around Hyde Park before rounding Buckingham Palace through Green Park, down the Mall to Trafalgar Square and down Whitehall, past Downing Street to Westminster Tube. It was all at a rather leisurely pace of around 10.5mins a mile.

We split up here and I headed back over Westminster Bridge to South London, we were at around the 15mile mark and I knew that every mile I could add on from now on was in the bank as training for Athens.

I decided to pick up the pace again for a mile or two but coming into where Oval starts to meet Brixton, I was getting less and less hopeful of being able to do any more than 18: my glutes and calves were on fire, though I was glad to feel mentally really strong.

In Brixton, just by the bus stop where busses come back to Streatham, I’d had enough. I’d slowed right down by now and decided to call it a day, jumping straight onto a bus – bugger it, I’ll stretch at home I thought. Bad idea.

By the time I was back in Streatham, I’d totally seized up and it was much too late to stretch out, so it was a hot bath for an hour and lots of neurofen through the day.

I’m aching like heck this morning and just glad to think I don’t have to do three miles – though poor Andy is probably about half way through his run at the moment!

Two naked runs and two failing ankles

This week, my trusty Garmin is in for repair and so I ran Garminless. Stripped of the technology, I was left feeling naked!

Ankle 1: After his bike incident on Friday, Damian and I spoke this evening and he’s officially out of the running as it were for Sunday’s Great North Run, due to ankle pain of the highest order.

Ankle 2: My better half Elaine is suffering from a stretched Achilles or somesuch ailment according to Doctor Legg too so she’s unsure of her position for Sunday as well!

So there you have it. The week before the start of the mad running challenge and luckily I’m ok to run. Assuming the ankle issues don’t spread, and I get rid of this annoying cold I’m suffering, Great North Run here I come. I’ll be wearing my 1095miles.com t-shirt with pride, so if you see me on the run, do say hello!

This week has been my first week at *proper* work for about four years now (having been truly studious for longer than I expected to be) so I’m a bit bushed. Getting up five days a week is hard if you’re out of practice and although it’s only induction stuff at the moment, attending to it for a whole day is a stretch too.

In other news, it’s nice to hear that the Sense Holidays Team are going to be joining us on Tuesday for some moral and cheering support and there are a few other people coming for the run too. How about you?

See you there…fingers crossed!

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Stupidest injury ever?

Sorry for not writing more yesterday but I’ve had a pretty full on week what with trying to finish off a host of freelance writing projects, having the house in a tip from the builders and painters who’ve been trouncing in and out and also trying to get another, rather large, section of my personal trainer course out of the way.

Yesterday was a pretty interesting day on the course, we were doing a ‘training in alternative environments’ module and went to the local park and started devising programs with just tennis balls, park benches, a few cones, a football and a few dynabands (they’re the stretchy elastic things). By the end of the day, we’d gathered quite a crowd watching us.

Today I had two exams in the morning, Exercise and Fitness Knowledge Level 3 and Nutrition and Weight Management and, to be honest, I think with everything else going on, I probably bit off more than I could chew by booking them both on the same day. I think I did ok on Nutrition but the other one I might just squeeze through, I might not…. the pass mark is 75 per cent so relatively high.

Having the exams this morning meant I did some last minute brushing up from 5am and so I decided to leave the run until this evening for a change – but first I had to do a chore.

One of the things we’ve had done to the house is have a new kitchen floor laid and we had three packs of floor panels left over and they had to be returned to B&Q for a refund. Guess who tried to pick them up all at once? Yes me, and I’ve either pulled a muscle in my chest or bruised a rib when I bear hugged them to lift them at the same time.

So as well as the sore legs, I hobbled another run this evening with a very sore right chest as well… and the faster I ran, the heavier I breathed and the more I hurt. Roll on the day off!

Miles today: 3.5
Target: 1086
Miles to date: 1,506.65
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Today’s run

Hitting 1,500 miles and doing myself an injury

In bed early this morning, I was thinking to myself: only do three miles today and I’ll be hanging for 24 hours on 1,499 miles, so I thought “sod it” let’s go the extra mile – ha, ha.

There was a slight problem with this though when I got out of bed, every bit of my legs ached from all the gym work of the last few days. My glutes were so tight you could have cracked the proverbial nuts, my calves were in agony and my hamstrings felt tighter than Rafa Nadal’s racket strings. In short, I was in agony.

Teeth gritted I set off on a local four mile route I’ve done loads of times, down Green Lane, past Thornton Heath station and back down London Road to home. By the time I was getting back to Norbury, about 3.2miles in, my legs were screaming for me to stop – LOUDLY.

There was a point when I convinced myself it was what I should do, what the heck if I ended the day on 1495.5 miles, I’d beat the target tomorrow.

Of course, I’m a bit more bloody minded than that, waiting until I got to exactly four and stopping and walking the last half mile or so to home, or should that be limping.

I read all the time about footballers pulling hamstrings – I think it might be what’s happened. The inner side of my left thigh is as sore as eff and I’m back on the brufen.

Come in Andy, your time approaches!

Miles today: 4
Target: 1080
Miles to date: 1,500.15
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Today’s run

More pain, much more spam

So I was still hurting today when I went out this morning, even having one of those days where I was up early (5am) and kept putting off going out til much later. Just 16 more days to grit my teeth through!

While I’m enjoying the new site and Im excited about Andy taking it on another level, the amount of spam I’ve had to field as comments is quite unbelievable… it’s not even clever stuff where someone just puts ‘keep on running’ or something and then puts their own website but real off-the-wall stuff, some of it quite ranty as well… I have no idea what they are thinking about when they post it, but it aint getting through…

Miles today: 3
Target: 1044
Miles to date: 1,460.68
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The run

The return of shin splints

I managed to get myself in a right  old tizz this morning.

Late last night, I started testing migrating the blog from being hosted by wordpress.com to wordpress.org. While most people will now be going ‘huh?’ it’s quite a big change.

WordPress.com allows you to host blogs on their servers but in exchange for the free hosting, you are quite restricted as what you can do with the design. With wordpress.org, you have to pay to have the site hosted somewhere else but then you can fiddle about all you like.

I’d just got the new site ready by last night and decided to do the swap this morning when I got up…. but then I couldn’t get it to work and spent an hour trying to put it right before deciding to give up, re-direct everything to the old site and try again.

The problem with all this was that it ate away at half the morning meaning I went out running later than I expected but with still enough time to get back, get ready and head into town for a shift at The Express.

What I hadn’t taken into account was that Laura had arranged for a central heating engineer to come at 8am this morning and so I had to get around, do the run and get back before he turned up or there was no chance of a shower. Running this evening was also out of the question as I’m reviewing a hotel in central London and it was impractical to bring kit into town so late.

I had about 15 minutes to get out and do the run, obviously an impossible time limit to do three miles but I still set off as quick as my aching legs from Sunday would take me (that’s not very fast by the way).

The result was me getting back with really aching shins … but at least I just managed to get a hot shower.

Miles today: 3
Target: 1038
Miles to date: 1,454.68
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The run

Another weird pain

This morning I didn’t feel like running. As part of the house refurb as we await the twins, I did some re-wiring of telephone cable in the week and managed to lose internet access for about 12 hours.

I got it back on yesterday but couldn’t get the Sky TV on as well – for some reason, Sky insist that you have it connected to a phone line… probably to flog you stuff like movies and the QVC channel.

Anyway, I was up at six, trying to fix it, annoying Laura who was trying to sleep and getting more irate at my inability to attach a new phone plug to a cable. I ended up cutting the cable back so  many times, it ended up being too short and so it all had to be re-laid.

The run at least dissipated some of my frustration and anger. It was a muggy day, no sun but low cloud, really heavy as though it wanted to summer thunder but couldn’t.

The result was that body temperature elevated from pissing about relaying the cable, I sweated like a b******* all the way around Tooting Common… and at one point pulled up with a really tight pain in my adductors, the inside of the thigh. Quite weird but I managed to run it o

Only 28 more runs to go now.

The best thing about doing this blog has been meeting other people through cyber space I would never have met. Three immediately spring to mind

Andy Ratcliffe who is taking on the challenge next month from me. We met via the blog, he came on the 1095th mile run and we have stayed in touch ever since. Great lad and I am so glad he’s taking on the challenge so I dont feel compelled to carry on running.

Kelly Taylor.  An American lady who started commenting on my posts just when I was beginning to feel like no one was listening and it was time to give up. She recently completed her first 5k on a C25K program. Well done Kelly (follow her blog here)

Alex Kyprianou. Alex is a Brit who has become an Aussie, living in Melbourne for the last 18 years. We’ve been in touch via email – a top bloke who is going to wear a 1095miles.com tee at his next 10k. His excellent blog is here

Click here for a link to Garmin Connect for a map and details of the run

Miles today: 5.6
Target: 1008
Miles to date: 1,395.50

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Another day, another niggle

I’m battered today… up early, doing some work, off for a run and then into The Express where it was press day and I didn’t get out until past 7pm…

For some reason, on the Tube into work, I started sneezing… no rhyme nor reason, but I could not stop. And I still haven’t stopped more than 12 hours after first one. I reckon I must have done in excess of 100 sneezes and been through a whole box of Kleenex, but I don’t feel ill. Quite bizarre, unless I have got hayfever for the first time in my life.

The good thing is, it at least has taken my mind off another annoying niggle that has cropped up from nowhere. On my left foot, just before the toes, there’s a small stabbing pain that sends just a little jolt up my leg with every step I take. Again, no idea what it is, but it shouldn’t stop me running.

Click here for a link to Garmin Connect for a map and details of the run

Miles today: 5
Target: 963
Miles to date: 1,316.25

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Getting mentally injured

‘They’ – whoever they are – say that exercise is supposed to relieve stress, but it doesn’t feel like it at the moment. I’ve my first practical exam for my PT course tomorrow and have had loads of paper work to fill in over the last few days regarding the programme I’m going to be teaching in the exam. Then yesterday I did a session on the Travel Channel which needed prep work, I’ve had two major commercial writing projects to finish this week and only one is done and I’ve been at The Express two days this week. On top of all that, on Sunday, I’m going to Germany to do some media training for three days, come back on Tuesday night at 10pm and then have to be up the next morning for a shift at The Sun. As soon as I am done there, I have to drive up to Leeds on Wednesday night for Laura’s sister’s wedding this weekend.

In the middle of all this, I somehow have to find time to pick up my mum who’s coming over from Athens tomorrow afternoon for two weeks and try and do the lion’s share of the chores in the house as Laura is having a pretty rancid couple of days with the twins…. arrrrrghhhhhhhhhhhhh.

This morning I decided to try a different tack when it came to running and cycling to work. I had planned to cycle to The Express offices at Monument, meet the deputy travel editor Duncan Craig there and go for a run with him around the Thames path. Now Duncan is pretty much a monster when it comes to training. He’s the kind of bloke who modestly says doing the Marathon Des Sables and the Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc was not all that much.

Given I was up writing my session plans till 1am and was up again at 6am, I’m not displeased we missed each other by minutes at the office and both ran separately, although admittedly, that is a lovely run around there: Down the Thames to St Kat’s dock, crossing Tower Bridge, running past City Hall and back over London Bridge… I ended up doing two laps. I’ll take Duncan on when I’m less stressed!!!

Click here for a link to Garmin Connect for a map and details of the run

Miles today: 5.2
Target: 921
Miles to date: 1,239.83

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Day 300 and the 1,200 mile mark in Whitby

So today was day 300, just 65 to go and by coincidence, I also chalked up mile 1,200 of running. I’m also now averaging more than 4 miles a day and think it may be feasible with one final push to actually clock up 1,500 miles in the year. To do so, I will have to up my average run to 4.2 miles a day but given, I’m currently doing around 5 miles a day, that shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

As opposed to yesterday, I didn’t head down into Whitby town from our B&B in Sandsend, rather I found a nearby carpark with some steps that led on to a cliff top walk westwards towards the fishing village of Kettleness.

About a mile in, the path should have taken a tunnel under one of the cliffs but this was boarded up, presumeably due to it being dangerous but there were steps than went almost vertically upward to the next level of cliff.

From here, the landscape to my right took on a jurassic feel, all molded lava, incredibly shiny and round thanks, I presume, to erosion. Hundreds of feet below was the north sea, much calmer today thanks to the sun being out but with a biting wind coming to me from the inland side which was farmers’ fields with some sort of wheat or maize growing in them.

The scenary was gorgeous and I regreted not taking the camera with me to get some snaps to post.

It was tough going though, the wind whipping off the land made me feel as though one foul step accompanied by one foul gust would see me plummeting down to the water. The ground was also uneven and the wind was flatting the long grass at the end of the fields making it whip my legs as I ran past.

At 2.5miles I considered running on the other half mile into Kettleness itself before turning around but my right leg and left ankle have been playing up a little over the last day or so, so I turned and ran back the same path to the Woodlands where we were staying.

At the top of what I now call The Devil’s Staircase was the one thing that saddened me from the run, a poster for a missing cocker spaniel called Rosie. A 10 month old pet ‘the love of the family’s life’ who has been missing since the end of last year.

I really wanted to find her and called out her name a couple of times but knew it was completely futile more than eight months later. I do hope they found her and the poster was left up there in their joy at a reunion…

Click here for a link to Garmin Connect for a map and details of the run

Miles today: 5
Target: 900
Miles to date: 1,203.63

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