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Day 46

Yet again another early run this time 6-45 am some holiday this is ,we were of to discovery cove to swim with the dolphins . What a fantastic experience this was the kids loved it,chill out day tomorrow
Miles today 3.00
Miles completed 146.53
Miles to go 948
Shoes Nike lunarglide

Day 20

Took my boys football team training on the sand dunes this morning this was a tough workout so i did not know how my run would go this afternoon , but surprisingly it went well i ran my fastest 3 miler on this challenge , i feel like i am starting to get fitter, i will carry on mixing my sessions up to keep me keen and also to get fitter.
Miles today 3.01
Miles completed 62.26
Miles to go 1030.44
Shoes Nike lunarglide

DAY 19

I decided to vary the pace today to make it more interesting and to try and get fitter/faster, i warmed up with the first mile then increased the pace for 1 mile and for the 3rd mile i dropped the pace down again , i really enjoyed todays run because i had to think about it also i enjoyed pushing the pace along , i will continue adding this type of run into the years schedule.
Miles today 3.13
Miles completed 59.25
Miles to go 1033.45
Shoes Nike lunarglide

Day 13

Well that was some drinking session, started drinking at 9.30 am and finished the next morning at 01.30 am , spent most of the day drinking at Covent garden and Soho then finished of at the hotel bar. Did not sleep very well due to my pal waking me up on his customary sleepwalk, off he went down the corridors in just his underpants , smallest pair i have ever seen in my life (scary), thankfully he did not come across anyone , when asked what he was doing he said he was closing down a room , he is a gasman, i suppose he had been dreaming about his job. I went on my run at 7.20 am around Euston started the run feeling awful but by the end i felt suprisingly good, going to watch the cricket at 10.00am and straight back on the drink oh dear !!
Miles today: 3.14
Miles completed : 40.91
Miles to go 1054.09
Shoes : Nike lunarglide

Day 11

Well i felt good today back on the road and picked the pace up a bit , seem to be getting fitter, the sun was out and got a good sweat on , i think this is what they mean by runners high, i felt great . Off to london tomorrow with the lads for 2 heavy drinking sesssions, this will test me for the 2 runs ahead.
Miles today 3.01
Miles completed 34.57
Miles to go 1063.44
Shoes Nike

Day 10

Well the sun came out so i thought i would venture out for my latest 3 miler, this consisted of a mix of road running and off road, really enjoyable i must do more trail running, it takes more out of you but it is worth it.
Miles today : 3.01 miles
Miles completed : 31.56
Miles to go : 1063.44
Shoes : Nike lunarglide

Day 8

This morning went for an easy trail run due to me playing 50 mins of five a side tonight, i think i will be doing alot more off road runs as i feel that running on the road will become boring day after day. I am not a keen fan of early morning runs i much prefer mid afternoon to early evening runs.
Miles Today : 3.01
Miles completed : 25.55
Miles to go :1069.45
Shoes Nike

Day 1 – Today I ran 3 miles…

…I’m joking!

As James said typing the words ‘Miles to go: 1092’ ever again would not suit either of us! Been there, done that, once is enough to prove it’s possible by me.

It’s a shame to see Neil have to pull out on shin splints and echoing James’ words, I hope that Helen is ok. Better to have had a go guys, remember that.

All the best to you guys still going. Long way to go, but clearly it’s just not as easy as it sounds (and both James and I would agree!) so it will be a great achievement when you get to the end.

And yes, I’m joking, I’m definitely not kicking off another year. But I did truly run today…just so you know!


Today’s shoes: Silver and Yellow Kayano
Miles today: 8.68
Miles to go: 1092
Miles to date: 8.68 😉
“Besides the practical knowledge which defeat offers, there are important personality profits to be taken.
William Moulton Marston

Day 13

Tonight was a bit of a struggle and I even walked for a bit near the end. It’s been a busy week and I’m feeling a bit worn out. Thankfully things should slow down a little this next week. I’m also convinced that running at the end of the day is sure fire way of leaving you a bit wiped out. However, the challenge goes on. I’m going to change back to running in the mornings this week and take the next few days gently.

Today’s shoes: White Kayano 17s
Miles today: 3.12
Miles to date: 42.90
Miles to go: 1052.10

Day 11 – New ground ahead

There’s nothing like a frustrating day at work to make you run a little harder in the evening. It at least blew out the cobwebs.

It’s great to think that I’m heading towards the end of my second week of the challenge. Time is just flying by. From now onwards, everyday is new territory for me as the most consecutive days of running I’ve done in the past was ten. I’m pretty excited to find out what lies ahead.

Today’s shoes: White Kayano 17s
Miles today: 3.12
Miles to date: 36.64
Miles to go: 1058.36