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Day 74

Totally recovered from my sickness bug, all i need to do is shake of the problem with my hamstring and i can get back to enjoying this challenge. The run was fine today first run that was not a chore for a few days .
miles today 3.01
miles completed 231.93
miles to go 866
shoes nike lunarglide
ipod Bon iver – for emma forever ago

Day 67

Enjoyable run today slightly different route which always help to keep the challenge fresh, my leg is still a bit stiff but i can run pain free.
miles today 3.01
miles completed 210.04
miles to go 887
shoes nike lunarglide

Day 65

Tough run today especially after yesterdays all day drinking session in London and my injured leg, i limped most of the way today i hope it improves quickly.
Miles today 3.25
miles completed 204.02
miles to go 893
shoes nike lunarglide

Day 64

Went to drop the car off for its mot and ran back from the garage.Struggled today with patellar tendonitis after playing football last night very painfull usally settles down after a couple of days.
Miles today 3.44
miles completed 200.77
miles to go 896

Day 62

Didnt fancy going to the gym this morning at 8-30 am due a few too many beers yesterday, but seeing i woke about 6.00am and could not get back to sleep off i went. After a 1hr session i ran back home which is approx 3 miles with my pal so a nice easy pace and plenty of banter.
miles today 3.05
miles completed 194.14
miles to go 902
shoes nike lunarglide
music – none

Day 53

Still full of a cold, im not enjoying these runs since getting back for Florida, the sooner i can shake this cold off the better, this is definately what this challenge is all about.
miles today 3.19
miles completed 168.19
miles to go 929
shoes nike

Day 41

Early start again today because we went to universal studios and wanted to be at the park early. The runs seem to be getting better in Florida , this morning I saw 2 Deer in the trail I was running they were only 20 yards from me so I stopped and took a great photo of them it made my day you don’t come across that in Blackpool,role on tomorrow .
Miles today 3.37
Miles completed 131.53
Miles to go 969
Shoes Nike lunarglide

Day 40

I must say I think I went for my most enjoyable run ever this morning,it was a 3 miler around orange lake resort Kissimee along a nature trail and golf course , it was stunning and the weather was perfect,bring on the next 10 days.
Miles today 3.00
Miles completed 128.16
Miles to go 972
Shoes Nike lunarglide

Day 35

Early morning run today , my knee was hurting quite a bit , chronic pattellar tendonitis coming back to haunt me, plenty of ice required, did not enjoy the run today i felt also very tired, onwards and upwards.
Miles today 3.17
Miles completed 113.14
Miles to go 987
Shoes nike lunarglide

Day 34

After a full morning coaching kids football and then painting my house I did not fancy running tonight .but I am glad I did I loved it. I listened to the airborne toxic event and the weather was perfect,it takes some beating the runners high.
Miles today 3.16
Miles completed 106.91
Miles to go 993
Shoes Nike lunar glide