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Day 360 – So close… yet so far still to go

After a few beers last night and less sleep than the body was wishing for, tonight’s run was never going to be an easy one. I set off with the crazy target of clocking up a second sixteen miler in three days. A really tall order. I didn’t feel like it at all.

Having moaned about running over the ranges in the dark the other day, you’d think I’d have learned my lesson. No, obviously not, I ran straight up to the ranges again! It got dark, I left the ranges by the road down near Ash Vale station and headed out towards the army town. I have to say, the fatigue was really starting to show, I couldn’t hold even an eight minute mile this evening. I was struggling to run to be honest.

I decided to have a bit of a review of the last year, the fun moments, the tough bits and took my mind of it all quite effectively. Highlights and interesting events of the year I managed to recall include of course meeting Mo yesterday, but also finishing the Brighton Marathon and hour and quarter faster than last year, running in 12 inches of snow in Cardiff, determinedly hobbling for three miles on the sprained ankle, torrential rain in Barcelona during the half marathon, a strong finish at Wilmslow in 1h36, running up and down a pitch black dual carriageway at Beamsley during my Sense holiday and finally, day 1 where a load of people and plenty of my friends turned out to wish me well on my way to 1095miles, despite thinking I was a lunatic! It seems so long ago 😉

I arrived home completely knackered but having completed my target of 16 miles and with a good idea of what the post 1095miles/365days blog post should be like.

Okay, two days of the absolute minimum 3 miles now, hopefully giving the legs a little time to rest before Sunday. I’ve overdone it, I know that, but at least I should be able to post a reasonable time and I’m sure to beat my PB for the GNR, being that it’s only 1h59m20s!

[A little] more tomorrow!

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Today’s shoes: Blue and White Kayano 17s
Miles today: 16.05
Target: 1080
Miles to date: 1659.00
“Obstacles are those frightening things that become visible when we take our eyes off our goals.”
Henry Ford

Day 359 – Running with the elite finally!

I said I’d have a surprise in store for you today. Something exciting for the dying days of my year-long challenge.

This morning, having kipped over at my Brother’s place in town (due to a necessary early start) I headed out of the door at about 6am. I had an important appointment with a guy you might have heard of. This morning I met and ran with Mo Farah.

It was a bit of a London 2012 media event but having arrived early and found the right people to talk to, I had the pleasure of meeting Mo before the rest of the media frenzy kicked off. I have to say, he’s a really nice and very down to earth bloke. A pleasure to talk to and very happy to meet everyone and have a gentle social run with them.

We headed out as a group of around a hundred runners from all over London (and a few of us from further afield) to Regent’s Park for the obligatory four hundred metres of photographers and TV cameras before getting to some actual running.

A few of us picked up the pace a little and got some way ahead of the middle group, with whom Mo ran the whole run. We’d assumed Mo would go for a fast sprint finish and were prepared, slowing down about 100m from the finish line tape.

As the pack, and Mo approached we all waited for him to make his now legendary move to finish at speed. With about 100m to go (and I’d got myself a 50m head start on him) he went for it. Everyone tried to sprint to the line in response but even given the head start, I was beaten to the line! Clearly I can’t compete :-(

Anyway, a great way to mark the end of the challenge and a great experience to meet a world class athlete who is such a genunely nice guy. Thanks Mo.

Back to the big miles tomorrow and then a mini taper ahead of the Great North Run on Sunday. This is going to be a big week for me!

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Today’s shoes: Blue and White Kayano 17s
Miles today: 3.00
Target: 1077
Miles to date: 1642.95
“The important thing is the attitude of the athlete, the desire to get to the top.”
Herb Elliott