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Day 206: It’s good to be back?

Monday and with the great return to work it was business as usual, lots of cars on the road, no space in the car park and hundreds of people out running as part of their New Years resolutions. I’m hoping that all these new runners means I will be getting a few more people out to run with me over the next couple of months. Dd my three miles at lunchtime and even though I was plodding it the pace wasn’t too bad. Usual aches and pains! Have hit a bit of a milestone with over 700 miles now ran.

I went to British Military Fitness (BMF) tonight for the first time since I started this challenge. I’ve been thinking about for a long time now; I’ve missed it, I’ve lost some of my general conditioning and strength and I’m paying for it. I’ve been worried about getting injured so I just went I red bibs, the middle group, and took it easy. Wore my Asics Fuji Cross country trainers and they felt like bricks compared to my Nikes. Really enjoyed it but know my quads and hamstrings are going to be complaining tomorrow. Let’s see what the morning brings.

Day 206
Miles 3
Miles so far 701.15
Miles to go 393.85
Trainers Asics Bricks

Day 7

Well the first full week under my belt, my legs are quite stiff , i suppose with not having a day off they have had no time to rest, i can hopefully forget about that for another 358 days wow . A nice easy run back home today after a 1hr gym session .

Miles today : 3.06 miles
Miles completed : 22.54 miles
Miles to go :1073.46
Shoes : Nike

Day 6

Hi after 6 hours at my lads football tournament, i went for my latest 3 miler , i did not fancy it one bit but after 1 mile i was bang into it, thats the beauty of running sometimes the hard bit is putting your kit on , i really enjoyed the run especially as the sun came out again , looking forward to going to the gym at 8.30 am tomorrow and running home.

Miles done ; 3.29 miles
Miles completed : 19.48
Miles to go :1075.52
Shoes Nike

Day 5

Hi well it was raining again the good weather did not last long , but saying that it was very refreshing and really enjoyed the latest run , hopefully i will still be saying this in the weeks to come , i do not think i have ever run 5 days consecutively before even during marathon training i always had a days rest every 2-3 days, just hope the ageing body can keep up.

Miles Today : 3.26
Miles completed : 16.19
Miles to go :1078.81
Shoes : Nike lunarglide

Day 2

Well after the run yesterday and 50 mins of five side last night plus a terrible night sleep , i dragged myself out of bed for the next 3 miler, i suppose this is what its going to be like for most of year A struggle. However the run as woke me up and i am set for the day which consists of an all day drinking session watching England hopefully stuff the Aussies at cricket at old trafford Manchester.I do not think i will be running on the early shift tomorrow .

Miles Today ;3.25 miles
Miles completed ;6.50
Miles to go 1088.50