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Thank God bad days only last 24 hours

I felt pretty dreadful for most of the day yesterday – in fact, that’s rubbish, I felt awful all day…

After heading into town for my PT course, it dawned on me that I’d had a pretty heated conversation with some travel industry colleagues at the leaving do and so sent them an apologetic text.

On the course, I was found out pretty much straight away and, to compound things, I couldn’t get my head around the three bodily planes of movement and spent most of the afternoon in the classes beating myself up about it all.

Nonetheless, I came home when we finished, had an hour’s sleep and then spent the best part of the evening working out which exercises move in which plane. I won’t bore you with the theory, but if you are interested in it, you can find out more here under the planes and axes section.

This morning, like all week, I was back on a simple three miler – there are too many aches and pains from Sunday and Monday’s runs to contemplate more, my body is screaming ‘rest’ and I’m trying not to ignore it for once, the last thing I need is an injury with just a couple more weeks to go.

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Miles today: 3
Target: 1023
Miles to date: 1,424.68

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The hangover runs are the worst

I was very silly last night. It was Stephanie Boyle, PR manager at Visit Britain’s leaving do and I’d said I’d pop in for a couple after my course as I had to be up early to go again.

Best laid plans and all that… I ended up leaving at 11pm, a mixture of red wine and strong lager coursing through my veins. 5am, this morning and it was me cursing… my stupidity.

My head ached, I felt sick, had to go for a run and be in some kind of shape to not look stupid on the course. I ended up stumbling around Streatham like an idiot and turning up at the course feeling even worse.

One of the things we have been learning are nutrition guidelines: one of the main ones is no CRAP (caffeine, refined, alcohol and additives, processed). Of course, for me it all went out of the window.

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Miles today: 3
Target: 1020
Miles to date: 1,421.68

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Sore points – lots of them

Yesterday’s stop-start running shenanigans where I started three separate runs in a short space of time have left me feeling pretty sore. There’s a whole lot of chafing going on, while by warming up and cooling down, I’ve also a bit of a sniffle…

When the cat alarm (thanks Mini) went off this morning at 3.30am, I wanted to just curl up and die. Luckily, I was so whacked, I managed to pull her under the covers and get her and me back to sleep.

Six am and I was up, feeling like the body weighed about 20 stone rather than 13. A five miler seemed impossible today so I Vaselined up on all the sore bits and headed out to do three at as slow a pace as I could.

At 42, I am also now discovering the joys of Sudocrem – an antiseptic ointment that helps relieve discomfort from things like nappy rash!

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Miles today: 3
Target: 1017
Miles to date: 1,418.68

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Today should have gone smoothly…

… but it didn’t

Today was meant to be a nice easy run – just a three miler after yesterday’s 14 miler and associated fuel tank problem.

The idea, as I was on the PT course in Southwark was to knock off there at 5pm and head to Hyde Park for a 6pm meet and run with Andy who is taking over the challenge and Damo, his pal, who will be joining him on some of the runs and trying to do 1095miles in the year but as a cummulative total rather than an every day challenge.

All well and good until about 4.45 – we’d even been doing some stretching techniques on the course and I was more than happy to let most of the group get in some pracitice on my hamstrings.

Then, just before we left, I noticed the Garmin was at about 5 per cent charge…. I was about to go on a run with nothing in place to record the fact I’d done it.

iphone in hand, I Google mapped the nearest running shop, London City Runner on Ludgate Circus, over the Bridge from where I was. I decided to run over, switch the watch on to get some mileage under the belt and pray they had a Garmin charger in stock.

A mile – or eight minutes later and I was in the shop. Great, a charger was found and I stumped up an extra £16 – only to discover it was a USB charger with no plug.

“Please tell me you have the adaptor,” I begged. The Aussie girl behind the counter started to root around… “I’m not sure we do she replied,” before finally locating one. Another tenner thank you very much.

Then I was off to the local Starbucks for a cuppa and some charge. At 30 per cent, I thought I was good to go and went for a pre-run number 2… only to find half way through there were only two sheets of loo roll in the john that necessitated me using them before heading out for some more tissues and back in.

Great – 30 minutes to get across London to meet the boys – jump on a bus I thought, failing to take into account rush hour traffic.

Ten minutes later and we had crawled a few hundred yards and so it was out of the bus and on another run… I was doing all this by the way with my backpack with normal clothes and school books in. It weighed a ton and running with it through rush hour commuters was no fun.

By the time I got to Hyde Park, I already had 2.5miles on the clock.

Thankfully, meeting the boys was a great idea – despite the fact I still had to run three miles with them. They’ve both got some great ideas for where we can take the site when Andy takes over in September…

More to be revealed in the coming days and weeks.

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Miles today: 6.18
Target: 1014
Miles to date: 1,415.68

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PB over five miles

Despite having spent the week moaning about feeling tired and the number of niggles I’m getting, I actually woke up this morning feeling full of beans.

It could have had something to do with the fact that I woke up and, instead of going straight out, waited a while until I woke up, had a cup of tea, a banana and, crucially, some ibuprofen…

The result? I went out on my flattest route, just down London Road and back and ended up doing my best non-race time over five miles… just over 40 minutes.

Yesterday evening, I came back from work to find my Registrar of Exercise Professionals card had come through – the first step on the journey to my PT qualification – meaning I can officially practice as a gym instructor now.

Mum’s been over from Greece for a couple of weeks and moaning about not feeling fit enough, so I put together a little program for her and took her out onto Streatham Common after the run to put her through her paces. My first training client, albeit non-paid

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Miles today: 5
Target: 966
Miles to date: 1,321.25

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Now with gym instructor qualification

So I was up early this morning for a quick five miler as I had to be Bankside gym behind the Tate Gallery where I was being assessed for the first stage of my Personal Trainer Diploma, the Certificate in Gym Instructing.

Fitness training in the UK is monitored by the Register of Exercise Professionals which has various levels of entry. Gym Instructor, which allows you to work in gyms, set up programmes for people and do most of the cleaning (!) is level two on the Reps scale, whereas a PT is level 3.

Despite some initial nerves and forgetting a couple of tiny bits, I did okay on the test, the examiner saying I was largely excellent…. my Reps card should come through in the next week or so!

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Miles today: 5
Target: 924
Miles to date: 1,244.83

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Getting mentally injured

‘They’ – whoever they are – say that exercise is supposed to relieve stress, but it doesn’t feel like it at the moment. I’ve my first practical exam for my PT course tomorrow and have had loads of paper work to fill in over the last few days regarding the programme I’m going to be teaching in the exam. Then yesterday I did a session on the Travel Channel which needed prep work, I’ve had two major commercial writing projects to finish this week and only one is done and I’ve been at The Express two days this week. On top of all that, on Sunday, I’m going to Germany to do some media training for three days, come back on Tuesday night at 10pm and then have to be up the next morning for a shift at The Sun. As soon as I am done there, I have to drive up to Leeds on Wednesday night for Laura’s sister’s wedding this weekend.

In the middle of all this, I somehow have to find time to pick up my mum who’s coming over from Athens tomorrow afternoon for two weeks and try and do the lion’s share of the chores in the house as Laura is having a pretty rancid couple of days with the twins…. arrrrrghhhhhhhhhhhhh.

This morning I decided to try a different tack when it came to running and cycling to work. I had planned to cycle to The Express offices at Monument, meet the deputy travel editor Duncan Craig there and go for a run with him around the Thames path. Now Duncan is pretty much a monster when it comes to training. He’s the kind of bloke who modestly says doing the Marathon Des Sables and the Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc was not all that much.

Given I was up writing my session plans till 1am and was up again at 6am, I’m not displeased we missed each other by minutes at the office and both ran separately, although admittedly, that is a lovely run around there: Down the Thames to St Kat’s dock, crossing Tower Bridge, running past City Hall and back over London Bridge… I ended up doing two laps. I’ll take Duncan on when I’m less stressed!!!

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Miles today: 5.2
Target: 921
Miles to date: 1,239.83

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Fancy a 24 hour run?

There’s a race coming up in two Saturday’s time that I would have loved to take part in: the Adidas TR24.

It’s a 24 hour cross country race for teams of up to eight over a 10km course. Basically, you always have to have one of your team  running the course over the 24 hours. So you could do, say 20km (or two laps), let someone else go out for a lap or two, followed by someone else and when you have recovered, you can go again.

It’s all part of this new drive by Adidas for their new running community testadidas.co.uk and invited participants get the following:

–          Free entry to TR24 to be part of the adidas team

–          Free pair of Swoop 2 trail shoes

–          Free running kit (tops and bottoms)

–          Free catering / refreshments on the day

–          Free massages

Unfortunately, I cant take part as it is the weekend of Laura’s sister’s wedding but the team publicising the event are looking for willing participants.

As it’s part of the ‘test adidas’ trial if you fancy a go, you would also have to take part in the community with some online reviews of kit and the like, it’s at www.testadidas.co.uk which goes live this week.

If you want to sign up, drop a line to

Atheer [at] wildfirecompany.com

From a running perspective, I did another five miler today, heading out on what has now become a familiar route to the Virgin Active gym and back.

I’ve my first practical assessment in gym instructing this weekend which will get me the first part of my PT diploma and allow me to start training people in gyms if I wish so it was good to get some practice time in on equipment that will be used in the exam.

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Miles today: 5
Target: 909
Miles to date: 1,219.63

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Recovery run essential

After getting some rather sore blisters from doing 13.6 miles into town and back yesterday for my PT course, I got up this morning to add aching legs to the problem and for the first time in a long time, I really couldn’t be bothered.

I don’t mean I just didn’t fancy it, I actually seriously considered just saying ‘bugger it, I’ve had enough’ and only rescinded when I tried to get back to sleep and the guilt of giving up started slowly gnawing. At first, I just pushed it to one side but it then kept eating away at my conscience, getting bigger and bigger until I finally gave in, got out of bed and went out, telling myself all I had to do was get through another three miler.

As usual, getting through the door was the hardest thing. It’s like a mental block, once there, I figure I might as well just do it. Just deciding on three miles was key to getting through it though. When I got back I felt as though I couldn’t do a step more.

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Miles today: 3
Target: 888
Miles to date: 1,182.21

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Bleeding feet after 13 miles in the heat

With the bike knackered and most of the trains from Streatham into town down, I decided the only way to get to my personal training class was to run in.

It’s about 6.7 miles from here to there so I figured run in in the morning and run back in the afternoon. To do this, I used a new backpack I bought a couple of weeks ago that I have been using when I cycle into town. It’s a really nice piece of kit by Deuter called the Race EXP Air that also takes a hydration pack in it but can also fit a proper change of clothes in too.

So off I set, a little weighed down by books for the course, the water pack and my kit and a little hot thanks to it being another boiling day in this very un-English summer.

Getting to Bankside gym where my course takes place was not a problem but after a day spent demonstrating resistance machines in readiness for my next assessment, coming back was.

It had got much warmer, the return is almost exclusively uphill and I’ve decided I went half a size too small on my latest new pair of Brookes Adrenalines.

True Blood

After a mile or two, I was beginning to regret running back and several times came close to sticking my hand out for one of the many busses that come between Elephant and Castle, which is near the gym, back into Streatham.

Something told me to keep ploughing on though, despite niggling pains in my right shin and ever tightening glutes.

I eventually got home, doing 13.6 miles in a little over two hours for both legs. A good 20 minutes outside my personal best for a 13 miler but one that I’ll take given I was more weighed down.

When I took my shoes off, I had a bleeding toe and blister all over the shop… not a pretty site as you can see.

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Miles today: 13.6
Target: 885
Miles to date: 1,179.21

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