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Day 361 – Why don’t they tell you it’s all uphill?!?!?

When I first ran the Great North Run two years ago, I’d been running for a total of three weeks.

At this point I’d like to introduce you to a blog I discovered at the time (and have enjoyed ever since) the Great North Run in 2009. It’s called ‘Taking Jelly Babies from Strangers’ and I’m sure if you’ve ever run a distance event, I don’t need to explain the name! Anyway, have a look at the link here: http://tjbfs.com/2008/10/08/the-great-north-run-why-dont-they-tell-people-its-all-uphill/ I think it’s a fair assessment of the event and course!

Here is the actual elevation profile from my run in the 2010 edition… As you can see, it isn’t flat!

I ran the 2009 race (my first ever race) in 2h04m and then couldn’t walk for three weeks. I owe the rest of my running career to the technology that is gait analysis as it’s saved my ankles ever since!

For 2010 I was determined to break two hours and did. I ran 1h59m20s. I began the 1095miles challenge only two days later. Here we are, a few days from the end and how fitting the GNR is the final event I will run.

So onwards to Given the last week or so, and the uphill course I’m not expecting a blistering performance but I’d still like to have a go at attacking the 1h30m barrier. We’ll see what happens.

The bad news:
So, my amazing taper for the run on Sunday goes as follows… I’ve run about 100 miles in ten days now. Foolish. On Sunday I will not set the world alight with a great time, that’s for sure!

The good news:
I’m actually really looking forward to the event. It’s becoming one of my favourites. I was explaining to James at work yesterday that there’s little that compares, in anyone’s running career, to crossing the Tyne Bridge with 53,999 other runners as the Red Arrows fly over your head. Nothing really comes close to a moment like that. This year will be my third shot at the GNR and undoubtedly my best yet. Bring on Sunday!

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Today’s shoes: Mizuno Wave Alchemy 10s
Miles today: 3.16
Target: 1083
Miles to date: 1662.16
“You can’t really be strong until you see a funny side to things.”
Ken Kesey