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Day 205 – I felt like a runner today. Briefly.

I’d left the run until very late today. Very late. I headed out and found myself around a 7min/mile pace and very comfortable with that. I actually felt like a runner for once, I felt like running worked ok for me. That lasted about a mile. Then I began to feel the tightness in my left quad, my right achilles, my left arm and in my patience! The second miles was hard, the third was agony as the aches just got worse. I could do with a day off, clearly!

In all the fanfare and fuss over Sunday’s marathon time, I’ve forgotten to congratulate everyone who ran their first marathon on Sunday, including our very own Damian. Well done one and all. It’s a massive achievement and you should be very proud of yourself indeed!

I was watching a video earlier of Lance Armstrong, a true inspirational figure for someone who is really into their cycling like me. He said he was told, whilst he was working to qualify for the Boston marathon, that “20 miles is half way”. It’s an interesting concept and I get it. When I ran my first marathon, I’d happily have agreed. But not this time round. The last few miles were tough and the legs ached, but not anywhere near as tough as the first time! Maybe I’m not running hard enough…

I’ve had a few interesting days lately as word gets around about my marathon time. I seem to have become an authority on running for a few people. I don’t really know very much, just what I’ve experienced in my own running. I suppose I’ve had a hell of a lot of injuries and problems though!

I had an interesting chat with a colleague today who’d asked about the marathon and how often I trained for it. I told him the story, the mad challenge, I’m an idiot, da de da de da. He asked me if changing his three to four runs a week to three miles a day would get him a 3:30 marathon. I promptly said no and explained the list of injuries I’ve had through the sheer bloodymindedness of running every day and never giving up. It isn’t good for the body and the rest days make all the difference in my opinion. Running should be something you enjoy and doing it every day doesn’t help with that 😉

I’ve also been asked for advice on shin splints by another colleague. I found this RunnersWorld article on the subject. I generally find runnersworld to be a useful and reliable source of advice so had no problem with sending it on. However I was thinking about the advice given in there whilst I was out for a run this evening. I smell a rat. Read this…

“Make sure you wear the correct running shoes for your foot type specifically, overpronators should wear motion-control shoes. Severe overpronators may need orthotics. Have two pairs of shoes and alternate wearing them to vary the stresses on your legs.”

Now, ‘wear the right shoes for your foot type’, yes, big tick. I agree, you’re right. But ‘Have two pairs of shoes to vary the stresses on your legs’? No. Wrong. Big time.

By implication the two shoes would be different types or at least models/manufacturers of shoes. In order to vary the stresses as they suggest, they would need to be significantly different shoes, surely, the difference being in the support offered. If they are significantly different, they cannot both be offering the correct degree of support, or they would be applying the same “stresses” to your legs. I’m merely applying logic here. If anyone knows of a decent argument to the contrary, please do share it, but it seems quite wrong to me!

Anyway, have a read of Damian’s race report and congratulate him on being yet another new marathoner. Well done mate!

Rambling over. Back tomorrow…


Today’s shoes: Newish Kayano 17′s (~120 miles)
Miles today: 3.03
Target: 615
Miles to date: 800.56
“Even if you fall flat on your face·at least you are moving forward.”
Sue Luke