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Day 233: The day after the day after!!

Today I thought there would be pain but it wasn’t too bad except my left ankle was a little stiff and my black toe was very sore!! Managed to get through the day wearing my steel toe cap boots and marching up and down site and scaffolds!! Went for another slow run tonight just because I can!! I think that Oscar Pistorius is not guilty but thats a debate for another day!!

Miles today:3
Miles completed:778
Miles to go:317
Shoes: Saucony Omni 12

Day 232: Recovery run!!

A few celebratory ciders down the Bay tree yesterday afternoon, with the runners and families unfortunately Sharon had to go to work which was a shame because as the best supporter on the course she was a bit gutted to have to work. We had a rehydration session which I am now convinced is the best way of recovery as cider replaces all the stuff sweated out by running!!

I woke fearing the worst but as I stepped out of bed nothing seemed to hurt, I was a little stiff in certain areas but that is always the same first thing in the morning!!! I then got ready for work and as I put on my sock I felt a real shooting pain in my toe after removing the sock to have a look I had a black toe with a blood blister right on the edge damned sore!!

I went for a really slow evening run with John Newton and we had a really good chat about the half marathon and we are both really chuffed with our times. Newts is running the Liverpool marathon in may so still has some mileage to put in where as I can now drop back to just 3 miles a day lush!! Good luck bro I’ll be thinking of you on those long training runs!!!

Miles today:3
Miles completed:775
Miles to go:320
Shoes: Saucony Omni 12

Day 231: Sub 2hr the target………

Up early, hydration and big bowl of porridge on board and race prep done all before 8.15 so I had to sit and watch Sky Sports News for 45 mins before meeting at John Newtons house for 9 to walk down to the start for half 9, I don’t really get nervous because I am only competing with myself well I say that but old people and large women become my targets on the course!! ( I’m kidding actually I am not!!).

We started and I had decided to run at 9 min miles for the first 6 and see what was left in the tank but as I ran past the back of my house Sharon and Sarah and all the kids were waving banners and cheering loudly which was lovely I must have accelerated and ended up running the first miles in 8:40 I wasn’t feeling too bad at that pace ( although my cyber and occasional face to face bully Phil Rennie told me to “remove the handbrake as I ran past him at the mile marker!! Cheers for coming out buddy and don’t forget you promised to run it next year!!!) so decided to continue at that pace for as long as I could, this ended up being mile 9!! There was great support out on the course and as I approached mile 7 a pick up pulled along side me with the Lane brothers adding some “banter” to the run, I asked Tim if he fancied getting out and joining me but then I remembered he can’t run!! Good banter boys cheers for the support (genuinely!!). I turned into Charney Basset which is the 8 mile mark and there were the Wife and kids with lucozade and gels and huge cheers it is the best feeling knowing you family is on the course, i forgot to thank Poppy so ran backwards for 100 yards waving and bowing her kisses!!!

I turned into mile 9 feeling good but then the wind and a gentle but long uphill section started to take a toll on the legs and my pace dropped to a 9:15 pace which forced me to have a loud word with myself!! I won’t repeat what was said but it seemed to work as I picked my pace back up to sub 9 min miles for the run in!! I hit the Grove railway bridge hard and decided to push the last mile hard, turned the last corner and saw friends and family lining the finish straight so I managed a little sprint stopped the watch 1:56:46 smashed PB by 8 mins and sub 2hr Half in the bag!!

I would like to congratulate Tara, Tina, Emma on their first half marathons amazing achievement and some excellent times. John Newton on smashing his PB again ran the first 7 miles in 7 min per mile pace (proper athlete buddy!!) I had a lovely day with some excellent support from my family and friends Sharon you are ace!!

Miles today: 13.1!!!
Miles completed:772
Miles to go:323
Shoes: Saucony Omni 12

Day 230: Late or Early you decide!!

I finished Fridays run came in and downloaded the run and went straight back out for Saturdays run!! Running on a Saturday morning when people are coming out of the pub is always quite good fun with the looks you get from people!! In my younger days I would be looking at a midget running past at 12.15am like he was bonkers too or I would probably think I was hallucinating!! I was waiting for someone to say where are the other six or hows Snow White but all I got were the you nutter looks!!! Still nice run and now I get 32 hrs before I run again.

Went to bed and took Freddie over to Harwell to play in a friendly match. It wasn’t the teams best performance and it looks like they could do with a rest over Easter and come back refreshed and ready to smash the tournament season!! When I arrived at the ground Gary Rees was there and all he kept on about was Mcdonalds breakfast and this went on for over an hour (I think he may of had a hangover!!!) Although I may have persuaded him to come and watch the half marathon and come to the pub tomorrow!!

Lazy afternoon followed by carb loading for dinner and a supposed early night although I didn’t go to bed until midnight because I am a rebel!!

Miles today:3
Miles completed:759
Miles to go:336
Shoes: Saucony Omni 12

Day 228: Just can’t help myself!!

All a bit of a rush Thursdays as Sharon now swims and I have to coach the under 11’s so I have to try and squeeze a run in before wendyball, I had decided to have a couple of really slow runs running into the weekend as I have a half marathon on Sunday 9.30am start at Grove RFC finish at Grove Green by Churchward close approx 1:59:59 later!!! Then I will go home feed, shower and go to the Bay tree pub for lunch and beers please come along to support and for a few beers afterwards!!! The problem I have at the moment is I have found it more comfortable to run at 8.50-9.00 pace and seem to struggle at a slower pace so I just can’t help running quick (not compared to some athletes John Newton smashing the 7min per mile barrier!!). Compared to the pace I was running 7-8 months ago I feel faster, leaner and actually feel fit.

The weather has been good and the nights light and it is so less depressing to run in daylight than dark, turgid and cold evenings. Only 137 days left of this challenge you will be glad to hear.

Miles today:3
Miles completed:753
Miles to go:342
Shoes: Saucony Omni 12

Day 227: Keep on running!!

I had decided to have a nice slow 3 miler as part of my preparation for Sundays half marathon, I set off planning 9:30 miles I felt ok and then actually felt good I ran a similar route to yesterday at the start thinking a run up to Denchworth bridge and back would be as John Newton said good mental preparation for the finish but I thought I ran that yesterday so I went into Grove cemetery ran over to a friend of ours mums grave said hello and ran back through the village. The legs felt good so I decided to run out to the volunteer pub and back, I was trucking along nicely at my half marathon pace and passed the 3 mile mark and felt brilliant, I stopped for a chat with Ash Lane as he was coming out of the petrol station and then continued on my merry way. I ran 5 miles at 8.57 which is slightly faster than my intended half marathon pace. A good run!

Miles today:5
Miles completed:750
Miles to go:345
Shoes: Saucony Omni 12

Day 226: Parents Evening!!

I had parents evening for the 2 youngest tonight so left work a little early(not too early!) as I like to leave it tight as timings are never my strong point!! I went home got changed and we arrived just about on time, a good meeting with Freddies teacher and listening to her I feel he may have inherited some of my genes not the naughty ones just the day dreaming ones ie there is always something better going on than what I am currently doing genes!! He is a bright and intelligent boy just like me!! but he tends to dream a little and unless something really grabs his attention he will do just enough, I could do what a lot on facebook tend to do and just report what is said but I am reporting what’s in between the lines!! He will do just fine in my opinion and hopefully unlike yours truly he will use his intelligence and be very successful!! Although I am moderately successful and I am lazy!!

We then went to Poppy’s class to visit her teacher and she is doing very well and she is very attentive and caring I know this because she wrote a note to her teacher saying she so so so so so so so so so so so loves her! Poppy is a very sweet little girl when she wants to be but when she’s in a mood whoa look out!! Proud of the kids today well done.

My run tonight was a quick tempo run which I really enjoyed and at the moment I am surprisingly totally enjoying running, I am injury free and reasonably fit so PB for the half marathon could be a possibility 2:04 is my current and I am aiming for sub 2hr!!

Miles today:3
Miles completed:745
Miles to go:350
Shoes: Saucony Omni 12

Day 213: 10k PB!!!

Tonight I decided that I was going to go for a 10k PB, now this usually involves me thinking about it and then not bothering!! Well I even posted it on Facebook to garner some response, then spent around 55 mins getting ready to run which Sharon regularly reminds me that it takes me hours to get ready I can now confirm that it doesn’t it takes me 55 mins

Set off went hard for a couple of miles and then just carried on and ran fairly consistently after the 1st two!! I unbelievably ran 8:21 on average which was really pleasing and now perhaps my calf is fully fixed.

miles today:6
miles completed:706
Miles to go:389
Shoes: Omni saucony omni 12

Day 212: Under 400 miles to go but still got 153 days to run!

I made a mistake yesterday there was something exciting I went under 400 miles to go, although mileage is irrelevant it is still a good for milestones!! I decided to have a slow run tonight but stay around the 9:15 per mile pace and was actually quite consistent, I am actually really enjoying running again after 2 months of a painful and tight calf muscle, Louise cured this a couple of weeks ago and I am just starting to find my stride again, I still think a sub 2hr for the Vale of Whitehorse half maybe a bit soon but I’ve got a couple of weeks to go so who knows!!

I am a bit shocked that in a world where we seem to be able to do most things that we can find a very large aircraft!! The conspirasy theorists have gone mad and I am loving some of the things people are saying (although at the same time appalled that the families are being rather messed about by the Malay authorities!!) one example is that it is similar to the TV series Lost where a plane crashed on an island populated by polar bears and a smoke monster…. it is also the programmes 10th anniversary this year spooky.

Anyway good run tonight!

Miles today:3
Miles completed:694
Miles to go:395
Shoes: Saucony Omni 12

Day 211: Deeply uninteresting!

Today was as dull as dishwater, not entertaining in fact I can’t think of an exciting or amusing thing that happened! Still I went for a run and quite enjoyed it!! Also my shortest blog ever!

Miles today:3
Miles completed:697
Miles to go:398
Shoes: Saucony Omni 12